Zip Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter: AlcaPure OnliPure

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What on earth is a zip countertop reverse osmosis water filter?

Well, ZIP stands for Zero Installation Purifier.

There are two models sold by the RKIN company, which are called: AlcaPure and OnliPure

Zero Installation Purifier Water Filter - Alcapure Edition, Reverse Osmosis Countertop Water Filter, Purified Alkaline Water, Certified by IAPMO R&T, Patented 4 Stage Technology, Superior Taste, No Assembly Required

AlcaPure adds calcium and magnesium to improve taste and alklinity – Check the price at Amazon. 

Zero Installation Purifier Water Filter - Onlipure Edition, Reverse Osmosis Countertop Water Filter, 0 TDS, Certified by IAPMO R&T, Patented 4 Stage Technology, Superior Taste, No Assembly Required

OnliPure has zero total disolved solids – See it at Amazon 

What are the Benefits of a Zip Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter?

Drinking water is an important part of our day to day living. It is how we keep our body and mind healthy and fighting fit, improving our overall health.

The benefits of drinking water include flushing the body from toxins, regulating your body temperature, maintaining a healthy blood pressure and boosting skin health.

Not getting enough water can make us sluggish and cause health issues.

How can we ensure we drink enough water, then?

Having a good supply of clean water is ideal, as not drinking well-filtered water can be difficult to stomach and cause health problems.

While bottled water may seem a better option than drinking from the tap, the cost of doing this will eventually have an impact on your finances. While also negatively impacting the environment.

The best way to drink enough fresh water is to invest in a water filter. Here are the benefits of doing just this.

1.   Removes Chlorine

Water is treated by chlorine before it is pumped into houses and our taps, and while this chemical is required to remove dangerous bacteria and diseases, the tiny bit of chlorine that remains can cause an odor. This smell can be very off-putting and make drinking tap water unbearable.

Furthermore, there is a link between chlorine and an increased risk of bladder cancer amongst those who drink chlorinated water. The World Health Organization underwent a study to find these statistics. 

While chlorine is needed to help make your drinking water safer to drink, you can help eliminate any further issues that may happen from any exposure to chlorine.

Investing in a water filter is an easy and simple means of having filtered water. The OnliPure and AlcaPure Zero Installation Purifier Reverse Osmosis Countertop Water Filter  is BPA free and removes up to 99% of contaminants.

2.   Save Money

Rather than spend money on bottled water, investing in a water filter and having a reusable bottle to carry around with you is not only more environmentally friendly but also cheaper.

Bottled water can be 30x more expensive than getting water from a filter.

3.   Keep Hydrated More Easily

Having easily accessible water makes staying hydrated much easier. So, rather than risking running out of bottled water, get the OnliPure countertop reverse osmosis water filter. 

Not having the stomach for your tap water, is another good reason for having a countertop reverse osmosis water filter. Which means there will always be clean and refreshing water readily available.

What’s more, using a water filter with alkaline filters means an improved pH level. Because of this, the water you are drinking will offer a higher level of hydration than the standard level, keeping you more hydrated for longer.

4.   Reduce Your Plastic Footprint

By investing in a water filter, you are also investing in the future of our planet, especially with the rise in people buying more bottled water.

Firstly, you should invest in a reusable water bottle. Then, you should refill it by using the water from your water filter. Not only are you drinking healthier, better tasting water, but you are also saving the planet!

Water filters are a wonderful way to get access to pure water by simply purifying the tap water one already gets at home. We don’t have to drive every day to the store for bottled water this way.

The purified water from a reverse osmosis filter also tends to taste better than store-bought water. Let’s take a look at two of them from the same brand.

OnliPure ZIP Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter 

The OnliPure Zero Installation Purifier leaves no Total Dissolves Solids (TDS) behind. Total Dissolved Solids includes beneficial minerals and other TDS substances are chemical toxins.

The other product called, Alcapure, does add some minerals back into the water (see farther below).

The water tastes completely pure and delicious. No contaminants such as fluoride or chlorine stay in the water once purification is completed.

Typically, reverse osmosis systems waste 3-4 gallons of water producing one gallon of purified water. However, the OnliPure only wastes 1 gallon of water for every gallon it produces. In industry terms, that’s called a 50% recovery rate.

Which is the highest you can get right now when it comes to a zip countertop reverse osmosis water filter.

Also, the OnliPure reverse osmosis purifier is a BPA free product.

The overall size of the water purifier is 9.5 inches in width, 14.5 inches in length, and 16.25 inches in height. If we compare it to most reverse osmosis water filters in the market, it can be called small without a doubt.

You can fit it into any part of your kitchen and  it doesn’t take much away from the total kitchen space.

The design is also made such that the product is overall efficient. It has a smooth draining system and you can purify one gallon of water in 15 minutes. It also has an automatic shut off so you can focus on other tasks while the filter is working.

What Did Customers Like About The OnliPure?

Easy To Use: For customers who haven’t used a countertop water filter before, they were especially happy that the instructions were easy to figure out.

The setup involved just setting it up and plugging it in.

It also comes with a detailed guidebook. Customers noted that if they did have any confusion, customer service did a great job of clearing it.

The Design – A lot of customers liked the design. It’s a blue osmosis filter that barely takes up any space in the kitchen. They were impressed with the sleek design, making it perfect for a modern kitchen.

Electricity – Those who have a large family or have to drive to a store every day, particularly found the zip countertop reverse osmosis water filter to be very useful.

It barely uses 30 watts of energy and produces pure TDS free water in 20 minutes. As such, the electricity bill would be way less than the cost of store-bought water for a month.

No Leaks – This is in part thanks to the design. Customers noted that the filter was made in such a way that water didn’t leak and damage the floor or the countertop.

What Did Customers Not Like?

Plastic Divider – Some customers commented that they think a little more thought should have been put towards making the plastic divider steadier.

Noise – At the end of a cycle, the noise increases a little, amplifying the low, rumbling sound of the motor. Customers wished it could be turned off.

The Reservoir – Customers who have a large family were disappointed with the size of the reservoir. They wished it had more space to store water. 

Uses only 30 wattsThe Plastic divider seems a bit flimsy
BPA FreeReservoir is a little small for large families.
Compact Design 
Assembly isn’t required 
Easy to use 

AlcaPure ZIP Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter 

The Alcapure zero installation purifier adds a little alkaline solution after the water is purified.

It includes a modest amount of calcium and magnesium. However, it significantly changes the taste of the water, making it way more delicious.

The additional beneficial minerals will also show up as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and will raise the pH level to a healthy 7-8 pH. Which is why the water tastes so good.

Zero Installation Purifier Water Filter - Alcapure Edition, Reverse Osmosis Countertop Water Filter, Purified Alkaline Water, Certified by IAPMO R&T, Patented 4 Stage Technology, Superior Taste, No Assembly Required

Fast, Easy, Safe Water – See it at Amazon 

On the unit, it’s at the front that the water dispenser is placed. It’s also where you can fill up water. As such, the design makes it suitable for any kind of tight space. Not only in your kitchen but also in small condos and even RVs, the AlcaPure Zero Installation Purifier should fit right in.

It works on 30 watts, thus saving its user a lot of money on electricity bills.

What Did Customers Like About The Alcapure?

Water tastes excellent – The customers absolutely love the taste of the water. As the water is at Alkaline 7-8 Ph, it has an amazing flavor to it. They mentioned it feels smoother.

Fast – The AlcaPure zip countertop reverse osmosis water filter is quite fast. It barely takes 20 minutes to complete the whole cycle. They loved that they can get such high-quality water in such a short amount of time.

Customer Service – For those who used the purifier for the first time or experienced some problems with it later on, they noted that the customer service was prompt with answering all their queries.

They really liked how ready they were to find a solution and readily offered their services if the customers requested.

The Design – Again, the design is really impressive according to the customers. Not only do they like the blue color and the overall compactness of the filter, they also really liked how efficient the installation process is. That is, it actually doesn’t require any installation. You just have to plug it in.

What Did The Customers Not Like?

Expensive – Customers noted that they would have liked it if the price was lower. At the same time, they admit it’s expected, given the functions and ease of using the filter.

Clean Up – Some customers complained about the cleaning process as well as how it is a little hard to refill the water tank every time. They wished the clean up didn’t take this long or that they didn’t have to clean up at least twice a week.

Dispenser/Tap Control Piece – Some customers found the control piece not up to the mark. They noted it seemed to be barely held together. One customer said there was no harm done when it moved out of place, but it was inconvenient.

Water tastes greatDispenser control piece is a little loose fitting
Easy installationA little expensive
Filters the water in 20 minutes 
Great customer service 
Design makes it perfect for any kind of kitchen 

Conclusions On The AlcaPure & OnliPure Zip Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems

It doesn’t get any easier than zero installation – just plug it in. Its perfect for use in a small kitchen, the RV or to take with you to the cabin.

If you have read Dr. Ferreira’s article on the health benefits of alkaline water, then you would logically pick the AlcaPure  product. That’s, because it adds some minerals to the water to make the water alkaline instead of being slightly acidic.

However, with the Zero Installation Purifier Water Filter - Onlipure Edition, Reverse Osmosis Countertop Water Filter, 0 TDS, Certified by IAPMO R&T, Patented 4 Stage Technology, Superior Taste, No Assembly Required product you can check the water’s purity with a (Total Dissolved Solids) TDS meter. Then add some Alkazone mineral drops  to make alkaline water, and get its health benefits.

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