Whirlpool Whole House Water Filter: No Mess Filter Change

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Confused? Both products pictured to the right are a Whirlpool whole house water filter.

However, the one on the far right, Whirlpool calls a central water filtration system.

So, this review is about the Whirlpool UltraEase™ carbon block filter WHA-WH90 pictured nearest right.

[amazon fields=”B07QHGSRCS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Whirlpool Single-Stage 9-GPM Carbon Block Whole House Water Filtration System”]

UltraEase™ Whole House Water Filter [amazon link=”B07QHGSRCS” title=”See it at Amazon” /]

12 wide x 7 1/2 deep x 16 inches tall

Central Water Filtration System. Read my review.

13 7/16 wide x 10 1/8 deep x 33 3/4 inches tall

Where Do You Put The Whirlpool Whole House Water Filter WHA-WH90?

Got city tap water? Put it after the water meter and before anything else. Unless you have a lot of sediment and/or large sediment particles (sand, rust). In that case, use a [amazon link=”B075ZDWVP9″ title=”sediment prefilter” /] and then this Whirlpool whole house water filter.

Well water? You are best off with a sediment prefilter, a water softener and then this Whirlpool whole house water filter. An alternative to this filter would be the same prefilter, water softener and the [amazon link=”B003WKVAFO” title=”Whirlpool central water filtration system.” /]

Below I have provided the installation diagram provided by Whirlpool in their installation and operation manual for the WHA-WH90 water filter. It shows two generic options that may, or may not, fit your situation.

Whirlpool whole house water filter WHA-WH90. FullStrideHealth.com
Whirlpool whole house water filter WHA-WH90 installation location.

What Does The UltraEase™ WHA-WH90 Remove?

The Whirlpool whole house water filter removes dirt, sand, iron rust and other sediments, and also chlorine (taste and smell).

You obviously don’t want sand and dirt in your water, especially when cooking.

Also, chlorine not only tastes bad, but smells bad and is bad for your health too.

Iron rust isn’t as common as dissolved iron. Dissolved iron is what turns your sink, tub, and toilet ugly colors.

Do I Need Other Kinds Of Filters?

NO – If you have better quality city provided tap water, the WHA-WH90 is all you need. However, many cities provide lower quality water. Or there may be other contaminants that are not adequately removed by a carbon block filter.

MAYBE – This whole house filter is designed to last for six months. However, if you are replacing it at four months or less, then you most likely need a prefilter of some sort. What kind depends upon what is plugging up your filter.

YES – If the screen on your faucet is getting clogged with rust, sand or dirt, you need a sediment prefilter.

Are your sinks and shower discolored by iron? Then you need a prefilter that is specifically made to remove iron. Alternatively, get a water softener for really rusty water. Or, get the [amazon link=”B003WKVAFO” title=”Whirlpool Central Water Filtration System” /] if you have low amounts of dissolved iron in the water.

Got That Old Rotten Egg Smell?

This carbon block filter isn’t designed to remove that specific smell (hydrogen sulfide). It will help a little, but don’t count on it. What you really need is an [amazon link=”B077TG2ZSD” title=”Air Injection Iron Eater Filter” /]. It will also remove the dissolved iron that is staining your sink and bath.

Unique, Easy, and No Mess, Pivoting Filter Changing Method

Whirlpool whole house water filter WHA-WH90 dimensions. FullStrideHealth.com

The UltraEase™ pivotal whole home water filtration system has a unique pivoting mechanism. You just slowly swing the bottom of the canister upwards towards you and then twist it off.

Then release a simple catch that releases the filter, and replace the filter.

When you swing/pivot the canister upwards, it automatically shuts off the water. So, you don’t have to worry about spilling water or needing a bucket.

Also, you don’t need any tools or special wrenches.

Plus, the filter is sealed, so you never get your hands dirty.

Original Whirlpool EcoPure EPWHEF Whole House Replacement Filter

This is the same 5 micron (Whirlpool WHA-RF90) filter cartridge that comes with the UltraEase™ filter system.

EcoPure manufactures this replacement filter under a contract for Whirlpool. So, this is the approved filter for the UltraEase™ WHA-WH90.

If you are happy with how long this filter lasted and performed – then get another one.

Need Better Sediment Filtration?

This next replacement filter is a 30 micron filter. That means it removes sediment particles that are much bigger than the 5 micron filter.

Which means that it doesn’t plug up as fast. Nor does it remove the finer sediment particles. Which then still end up in your water and food.

Doesn’t that defeat part of the reason for filtering? Yes, but here is another option.

Buy two of the UltraEase™ Whirlpool whole house water filter systems. Say what?

Buy two of the UltraEase™ WHA-WH90 systems and a high sediment replacement filter (EcoPure WHARF30). Use one system with the high sediment filter and the other with the original 5 micron filter.

That way the high sediment 30 micron filter will catch the big stuff that quickly overloads the 5 micron filter. The original 5 micron filter will last much longer and you may not need to buy a more expensive system. Such as the [amazon link=”B003WKVAFO” title=”Whirlpool Central Water Filtration System” /]

Buying the two systems will also help prevent reduced water pressure. Which is really important if you already have low water pressure.

Final Thoughts On The Whirlpool Whole House Water Filter UltraEase™ System

It can be difficult to know what filter system is best for your situation. Often times people buy the cheaper system and hope for the best. If they still have problems, at least they have a much better idea of what the next filter system needs to be.

However, filtering ALL of the water flowing into your house IS the best choice.

If you have decent city water, with low sediment and low dissolved iron content, then [amazon link=”B07QHGSRCS” title=”buy the UltraEase™” /].

Got well water or high sediment and iron content? Then you might consider the [amazon link=”B003WKVAFO” title=”Whirlpool Central Water Filtration System” /] in addition to the UltraEase™. However, you would be better off with a water softener instead of the central water system.

Also, if you have high sediments and dissolved iron, AND hard water, you definitely also need a [amazon link=”B07WBW42S7″ title=”water softener.” /]

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Whirlpool Whole House Water Filter: No Mess Filter Change
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