Waterwise Distiller Reviews: 9000 vs 4000 vs 3200 & 1600

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A lot of people look at a Waterwise distiller (or any distiller) and assume the entire process requires too much effort. However…

Ask any regular water distiller user though, and you will see that they would gladly clean their water, and fill it every day, rather than drag yourself to the store for bottled distilled water.

These days, it’s extremely risky to rely on non-distilled water. Tap water simply doesn’t have the purity it used to have once.

More than anything, the hospitals have proven the effectiveness of using distilled water by making it their preferred source.

Shown below is the Waterwise 3200 water distiller it was added to this article at the last minute: The compact design is popular in small kitchens and motor-homes.

Tuttnauer Water Distiller,White
  • Tuttnauer 9000 Water Distiller
  • Tuttnauer 9000 Water Distiller
  • Each

It’s actually an old method of getting pure and safe water and still as popular as ever. 

Over the years, water distillers have changed in shapes and sizes. Technological advancements have allowed companies to use newer methods for water distillation.

You can produce completely pure and safe water, free from any kind of germs and contaminants at the comfort of your home.

The best thing about water distillers? You might have to spend some money installing the distiller and some on electricity, but the amount you save on gas money for your car and expensive water bottles from the store, by far outweighs it.

What exactly Is A Water Distiller In Your Home?

Ultimately, a water distiller is an equipment used in our homes so we could gain access to water free of contamination. An owner of the equipment usually fills the distiller tank with the usual water supply they have from their tap, waiting for the machine to do its work of taking away all the impurities.

The process involves heating of the water so it can turn into vapor right before condensation takes place. After that, it  turns back to its liquid form again.

There are impurities such as arsenic, bacteria and heavy metals that cannot be converted to steam. Instead, these germs stay behind inside the boiler while the evaporation process takes place.

On the other hand, the evaporated water is transferred to the distiller, where it returns as cooled and extremely pure and safe water.

What Are The Impurities Removed By A Water Distiller?

A water distiller practically gets rid of everything in the water that isn’t, well, pure water. Solid, metals, lids, certain compounds, everything is separated from the water. Even  dissolves salts, fluoride and minerals gets lost in the process.  There is nothing truly that’s left behind.

In fact, a water distiller is capable of eliminating 99.9% of all germs and contaminants and separating the pure water.

During the process, viruses become useless. As for dangerous microorganisms and pathogenic bacteria, they don’t really stand a chance against high temperatures and simply wilt away.

Along with these, a water distiller is capable of getting rid of pharmaceuticals, iron, copper and many such other contaminants you wouldn’t be able to normally separate.

Among the water distillers available in the market, Waterwise Distillers are quite famous. We have chosen two of their electric distillers which work as advertised by the company and have received an amazing amount of praise from their customers.

We have also set our sight on their non-electric distiller, which is excellent for people who want to save up on electricity or plan on traveling often.

Let’s take a look at these three.

Comparison Of The Water Distillers

FeaturesWaterwise 9000Waterwise 4000Waterwise 3200Waterwise 1600
Buy on AmazonBuy on AmazonBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon
Connection TypeElectricElectricElectricNon-Electric
Capacity per day5 gallons6 gallons6 gallons16 gallon
Plug TypeStandard U.S PlugStandard U.S PlugStandard U.S PlugN/A

Waterwise 9000 Countertop Water Distiller 

The Waterwise distiller 9000 works on 120 volts. It also has a 240-volt international version that can be ordered from the site.

It has a unique design that makes ease of operation possible.

The item weighs about 11.79 pounds, making it the perfect countertop water distiller.

While the boiler itself is made of plastic, the bottom is of metal. The company makes use of a Non-leaching polymer which is completely BPA free.

Waterwise 9000 Countertop Distiller

Unique compact design with spigot. Great for motor-homes. See it at Amazon 

Why Did Customers Like The Waterwise 9000?

Design – For the Waterwise distiller 9000, the design has been highly praised by the customers.

As the heating tank is way in the back, users were relieved that they couldn’t get accidentally hurt by it.

It also made the distiller safe for use around kids.

The bottle is on the front, inside the unit, instead of sitting next to the distiller. This way, no one would knock the bottle over accidentally and spill water all over the countertop.

Model 9000 Waterwise distiller parts. FullStrideHealth.com

Time effective – While the official data says the Waterwise 9000 can produce 5 gallons in a day, it actually makes less than that. Most customers noticed that it produces 1 gallon in under 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Maintenance – It doesn’t take long to clean the boiling tank. It’s an easy process and customers have said that they didn’t have a problem doing it once a day.

Taste Of The Water – Of course, a water distiller never feels worth it if the water ultimately doesn’t tastes good. Thankfully, customers were quite satisfied with the taste of the pure water.

What Customers Didn’t Like?

Loud fan – The noise isn’t exactly that bad. However, some customers warned that if you have a cat or such pets at home, they might get easily spooked.

Heating – While customers noted that it’s a necessity in a way, the water distiller does heat up a little. In winter, it doesn’t bother people much. In summer though, it can cause other electrical systems in the house to overload.

Regular Cleanup – The boiler has to be cleaned regularly. If not on a regular daily basis, then at least every couple of days. However, cleaning is very easy.

Fast processThe fan is a little loud
Excellent customer supportProduces a little heat
Easy maintenance 
Water tastes amazing 

Waterwise 4000 Countertop Electric Distiller

The Waterwise distiller 4000 comes with a BPA free glass water jug. The condenser is also made with stainless steel.

As for its capability, it produces 1 gallon in 4 hours.

When the one-gallon cycle is finished, the distiller shuts off automatically. You can put it on a cycle and go to sleep free of any worry at night.

The distiller also has a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

What Did The Customers Like?

Automatic Shut off – Customers don’t have to go and unplug the water distiller when the distillation process is at its end. Instead, the distiller shuts off automatically. Customers liked that they can go to sleep peacefully without worrying about the distiller.

Visual appearance – A lot of customers like the white color of the distiller. It looks beautiful in contrast to a dark-colored kitchen countertop.

Price – Considering its features and gallons of water it can produce in a day, customers have admitted the price is quite low.

Among the other water distillers on this list from Waterwise, we have noted this one has the lowest price. Yet, it continues to work at 120 volts and saves tons of gasoline money for its users.

Easy to clean –  Most water distillers require frequent cleanup, and this one is no different. If you don’t clean it up for a long period of time, the boiler can get clogged. As such, customers liked how easy it was to clean.

What The Customers Didn’t Like?

Lack of Main power switch – Some customers have expressed interest in having a separate power switch along with the reset button. This is in case the temperature cut off malfunctions. As some customers have pointed out, this is a situation they have faced and would have appreciated the power switch.

Reset switch – Customers had some complaints about the reset switch as well. They would have liked it if it came with a cancellation button because the switch doesn’t turn off until the temperature of the distiller has exceeded the water boiling point.

While the situation is unlikely for the most part, they have expressed concern that in case the customers wanted to interrupt the cycle, they can’t.

Unfiltered water – Customers have expressed disappointment with the result of unfiltered water. Distilled water has what some people call a “flat” or “metallic” taste. That’s because the minerals have been removed. It takes a little getting used to. Or add 84 minerals to your distilled water with Himalayan Salt .

Here is an easy way to add minerals to your distilled water. 

Automatic shut offCustomers would have preferred more than one year warranty
Beautiful white color makes it aesthetically pleasingFrequent cleaning required
The price is quite low 
Easy to clean 
Easy to operate 

Waterwise 3200 Electric Water Distiller 

Designed to make 6 gallons per day. However, it shuts off automatically after each gallon is completed.

The heating element is not exposed to the water which makes for easy cleaning.

Comes with carbon filter that captures any remaining volatile chemicals, resulting in optimum water purity. ETL listed in the USA and Canada.

Customers give this a 4.2 star rating. At least one customer mentioned that it makes less noise than other brands do.

The only minor drawback, is that it is very easy to spill a couple tablespoons of water when pouring from a full carafe.

Cleaning: Just rinse it out and give it a light scrub everyday for about 4 or 5 days. Then give it a good vinegar soak.

Tuttnauer Water Distiller,White

Get it now at Amazon 

Interior of the Waterwise 3200 electric distiller
Interior of the Waterwise 3200 electric distiller showing that the heating element is enclosed for easy cleaning.

Start drinking really clean water the easy wayGet it now at Amazon 

Waterwise 1600 Non-Electric Water Distiller

The Waterwise distiller 1600 claims to be able to produce 16 gallons of distilled water in a day.

The distiller isn’t electricity based. Instead, you place the distiller over any kind of fire to heat the water.

It can be gas, stovetop or charcoal grill. Water has to be added to the cooling plates on the very top.

In case you have an unfortunate power outage at home, this can be very useful. As such, a lot of people use it as a backup distiller.

While it can appear complex for people who are used to the electric distiller, a few reads of the instructions should clear all confusion.

Video: Distilling seawater using solar power to run a small electric hotplate.

Waterwise WW1600 Non-Electric Water Distiller

Waterwise ww1600 non-electric water distiller – See it at Amazon 

What Did Customers Like?

Travel Companion – For people who travel frequently and would rather drink distilled water that isn’t store-bought, they found this one to be an absolute blessing.

We know you can end up in places where electricity isn’t always available if you are traveling. It’s also a wonderful choice for those who go camping quite frequently in a year.

Capacity – Most water distillers are capable of producing 5 gallons in a day at most. So, when this one showed its ability to produce 16 gallons, customers were beyond impressed.

Lightweight – This is a result of it being non-electric. As it can be used for traveling, the distiller is quite light. Customers were satisfied with how easily they could carry it around.

Guidebook – Using new machinery can always be a big risk. Customers who read the guide book thoroughly found it quite helpful. They were also happy with the customers’ service when they had to clear some confusion.

What Customers Didn’t Like?

The Price – As it isn’t an electric water distiller, customers found it confusing as to why the price was as high as an electric one. Though, some acknowledged that it is probably the case because the distiller has to be made with different features to replace the electric ones.

Environmental Conditions – Certain customers noted that the water distiller has to have certain environmental conditions met for it to work properly. It seems to work best in cool conditions. Otherwise, the condensation process is hampered.

Others pointed out it’s probably because the customer didn’t know how to place the cooling plates properly that they faced this situation.

Material Craftsmanship – Customers in 2013 weren’t exactly happy with the quality of the welding of the parts, and were unsure that it was really stainless steel. Customers from 2105 said that it was good quality stainless. If you haven’t already, watch the video (above).

Can be used as a backup distillerCooler environmental conditions permit the most effective condensation.
Electricity isn’t needed to operate itA little expensive for the features provided.
Travel effective 
It has a larger capacity than any electric distiller 

Final Thoughts On The Waterwise Distiller

Either of the Waterwise distiller 9000 or 4000 are excellent choices if you are in search of a distiller that will produce pure water that tastes good.

Both operate on 120 volts and don’t require much maintenance, although a cleaning every day (depending upon use) would be a good idea.

The drawback in both cases is that both of them are reliant on electricity. If you live in an area where a power outage is a frequent reality, both of these distillers wouldn’t be of much help.

Instead, you can opt for the Waterwise 1600 stove-top distiller. You can also keep the 1600 as a backup distiller and buy the 9000 or 4000 one for regular use.

The materials used for the distiller are all BPA free. So, ultimately, these are all free of toxins, and contaminants and the water is amazing in terms of taste.

Not having to buy bottled distilled water every day would certainly save you on household expenses.

If all those conditions sound good, you should order one of these!

Waterwise 4000 Water Distiller
  • Includes Borosilicate glass collector bottle

Other water distiller options include the H2o Labs distiller, and the Megahome distiller.

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