Twin Z Pillow Review: 19 Reasons Why Moms Buy It & Love It

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Many, many mothers have said the Twin Z Pillow is the best thing they have bought for their babies.

First, watch the video.

Second, you can use the Twin Z Pillow while pregnant to sit comfortably in bed. Or use it as a body pillow while pregnant.

So, get yours now.

It is easier to use than it looks.

Just put the pillow (standing up) behind your back, and pull the two arms down on either side of you. Then use the buckle to snap the two arms together in front of you.

How to use the Twin Z Pillow

Comfortable For Mom & Twins.

Time Saver & Keeps The Babies On The Same Sleep Schedule.

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19 Reasons To Buy The Twin Z Pillow

Many twins, and parents, are using the pillow for:

  • Used as a body pillow during pregnancy, it can relieve hip pain.
  • Lets pregnant women sit comfortably in bed, without back pain.
  • Permits nursing in the NICU after a C-section.
  • It lets you help one baby to burp, without disturbing the other twin.
  • Helps Dad to do the 2:00 AM feeding while Mom sleeps.
  • Napping after feeding. One Mother said she practically lived in the pillow, because the twins napped in it after feeding.
  • The Twin Z Pillow provides a safe place to keep one baby while the other one gets a diaper change.
  • Tummy time.
  • Providing support for the twins while bottle feeding.
  • Many of your early photos will be taken when the twins are in the pillow close together.
  • Sitting up support.
  • The twins can be watched and controlled while doing laundry or cooking.
  • The babies will be comforted when they are next to their twin inside the pillow. They have been together for nine months, and separation causes anguish.
  • Lounging to watch cartoons, or when Mommy reads them a book.
  • The Twin Z Pillow is perfect for when Mom and Dad need a break.
  • One family found that bouncy seats weren’t needed.
  • At about 6 months the twins will use the Twin Z Pillow for play time on the floor.
  • At 3 years old, some twins are using the Twin Z Pillow for story time.
  • The Twin Z Pillow is a necessity at Grandmas house, or when traveling anywhere.

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How Big Is The Pillow and Where Can It Be Used?

The dimensions of the pillow are 36″ x 24″ x 5″. Which is pretty big and needs to be used on a large surface. That includes the floor, beds, love-seats, gliders, and large recliners .

Most couches are not deep enough to be used. However, the corner section of a couch could be used with the pillow. Also, double wide rockers are probably too small.

At some point you won’t be sitting in the pillow with the babies. So, you could put the pillow on a coffee table and set the twins in the “baby pockets”.

What Are The Measurements Of The Areas The Babies Are Placed In?

When the straps are adjusted to be as short as possible, the inside width of the pillow measures 32 or 33 inches.

So, subtract your waist size from 33 inches, and divide that in half. Which will tell you how wide each “baby pocket” is. A couple of Moms said that it was 5 or 6 inches wide when the pillow wasn’t being used.

Your waist size will change that dimension.

One customer said the length of the “baby pocket” was 12 inches when the pillow was not being used. So, I would expect it to be somewhat shorter when the pillow is at it’s smallest width.

One mother said her 4 pound baby fit very well in the Twin Z Pillow. Two other mothers mentioned that they were able to use the Twin Z with their 5 pound babies.

However, preemies and small babies might need a blanket or pillow to help prop them up, until they get bigger. Yes, that takes a little more effort, but it won’t last very long, and being able to nurse both babies is a lifesaver.

Is There A Weight or Age Limit?

One mother said she used the pillow for 18 months, until her child was 22 pounds. After that, she placed the pillow on the floor, against the sofa, for her children to use.

Various parents mentioned that their twins were still using the pillow at 14 months, 2 years and 3 years.

How To Use The Twin Z Pillow

Set the Twin Z Pillow against a vertical surface (wall, bed headboard, chair back) with the open side of the pillow pointing upwards. Sit in front of it and pull the two “arms” down on either side of you.

Then snap the two “arms” together in front of you and adjust the straps as needed. The snap can be undone with one hand, which is a necessity.

The adjustable straps that are attached to the buckle means that the Twin Z Pillow will fit nearly any size woman. The straps allow the pillow to be adjusted as the babies grow.

If you are petite and your preemies are small, you may need to use a small pillow or blanket to properly support your babies inside the Twin Z. As the babies grow, the Twin Z Pillow will support your twins perfectly.

Dad should use the Twin Z the same way when bottle feeding.

As the babies get bigger you will be placing them in the “baby pockets” for bottle feeding or while you are doing house chores.

When the twins are small you may need a blanket under the babies to help support them in the “baby pockets”.

Also when bottle feeding, you may need another blanket or pillow to keep the bottle in place. This way you can bottle feed both twins at the same time.

Twin Z Pillow Reviews – What Customers Are Saying

  • At about seven months pregnant, one woman was using the pillow to support her hip while sleeping.
  • The pillow permits tandem breast feeding by using the football hold position. Also, both babies can be latched with just one hand.
  • Just after birth, the Twin Z pillow was the only place the twins were comforted when not in Mom’s arms.
  • Another Mom mentioned that the boys instantly calmed down when placed in the pillow.
  • Other Moms said that the twins are comforted when they are next to each other in the pillow. Especially if they can hold hands.
  • One Mom said the ten month old twins would ONLY nap in the Twin Z.
  • The pillow is essential for play time when the twins still need help sitting up.
  • Nursing or bottle feeding both twins at the same time is a HUGE time saver, and it keeps them on the same sleep schedule.
  • It helps prevent spit-ups by keeping them elevated.
  • One parent found that the babies wouldn’t sleep in their crib without the Twin Z.

Choose The Best Twin Z Pillow Options

The TWIN Z PILLOW - Waterproof Birdies Pillow - The only 6 in 1 Twin Pillow Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding, Tummy Time & Support! A Must Have for Twins! - No Extra Cover

This pillow is waterproof and does not need a cover. However, you can still buy covers for it. See it at Amazon 

Waterproof BIRDIES Pillow

There is NO cover provided or needed for this pillow.

However, it isn’t as soft as the covers, and it feels hotter.

So, many Moms also buy covers.

Other mothers prefer to use receiving blankets   to cover the pillow. That’s because they are easy to wash, and there is no time spent putting covers back onto the pillow.

What Is The Pillow Made Of? Can It Be Washed? How Much Does It Weigh?

The original pillow is made of polyester fiberfill inside of a 100% cotton shell. It can be spot cleaned with a soapy damp cloth.

The covers are made of a very soft polyester fabric. You can machine wash and dry the covers

The Twin Z only weighs 6 pounds.

Shipping Weight and Box Dimensions

The box is 28″ x 18″ x 10″ and weighs between 7 and 8 pounds.

Twin Z Pillow vs. My Brest Friend vs. Boppy

A couple of mothers said that they had tried the Boppy and My Brest Friend pillows, but they were not up to the job of caring for twins.

The major complaint for the My Brest Friend pillow was that it was too firm and didn’t have any back support.

One mother tried using two Boppy pillows, but couldn’t get it to work.

Also, the zippers on the Boppy sometimes break. Whereas the Twin Z uses Velcro to hold the pillow inside of the pillow cover.

One mother said the Velcro made it more difficult to put the pillow into the pillow cover, as compared to the Boppy.

However, another Mother said it was more difficult to put the pillow cover on the My Brest Friend pillow, than on the Twin Z.

Is The Twin Z Pillow A Good Pregnancy Pillow?

Not in my opinion. It isn’t the right shape or size to be a “C” shaped or “U” shaped pregnancy pillow.

However, you can use it as a body pillow, which can be of benefit during pregnancy.

Also, as mentioned, the Twin Z can be used for supporting the back while sitting.


  • It’s the only way to tandem feed after a c-section.
  • Although it is a big pillow, a small pillow will not let you tandem feed.
  • Tandem feeding saves time and keeps the babies on the same sleep schedule.
  • Comfortable for Mom and babies.
  • Provides back support for Mom after an abdominal separation (diastasis recti).
  • Can be used during pregnancy for comfortable sitting and sleeping.
  • Will be used everyday for 2 years or more.
  • Permits Dad to bottle feed both twins at the same time.
  • The travel bag keeps the pillow clean and is easy to use.
  • Made in the USA
  • No chemicals or fire retardants.


  • It is too big for some petite women.
  • Tall women may need to put a folded blanket under the pillow to raise it up. However, that would be true for any pillow.
  • For convenience, some people have separate pillows for up-stairs, down-stairs, and at Grandmas house.
  • Expensive compared to single baby pillows.

Which Twin Z Pillow Should You Buy?

Honestly, any of them are a great choice.

However, if you are going to have a dedicated pillow at Grandma’s house, then get three of the original pillows .

Also, if your house has an upstairs and a downstairs, you will really appreciate having a pillow on each floor.

Personally, I would get the original pillow with an extra cover and a pile of receiving blankets. That way you always have a clean cover for when the unexpected happens, but the Simple Joys by Carter's Unisex Babies' Muslin burp cloths, Pack of 7, Mint Green/Blue/White, One Size  are taking care of the daily messes.

Need a pregnancy pillow? Here is the best one.

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