Torn Meniscus: Fast Natural Home Cure For Knee Injuries

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Suddenly I had pain in my left knee (it was a torn meniscus). 

It came without warning and without reason. 

There was too much pain to keep walking around the 2015 Minnesota State Fair. 

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get back to my car without help.  It was Friday afternoon, and I wouldn’t see a doctor until Monday.  I needed a solution and I needed it NOW.

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This is what I used to heal my torn meniscus.

This is the best brand, and ONLY brand to use.

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A couple hours earlier I had listened to a salesman talking about the [amazon link=”B00CIC0WWO” title=”Incrediwear Calf Sleeve” /].  The sales spiel was interesting, but I didn’t need one then.  Now I did need one, but I wasn’t sure I could even walk the three blocks to get to the booth.

Can I Walk With A Torn Meniscus?

I didn’t have time to think about it, because I was already limping my way towards the far end of the MN State Fair grounds.

There was a crowd of people around the Incrediwear booth.  I yelled out “I’ll take Two!”  The people standing in my way let me get into the booth.  I paid for them, sat down, pulled my pants leg up and pulled one over my left knee.

One of the other potential customers asked if both knees hurt.  I said “No, but I want a clean one to sleep in”.

I had never worn a compression sleeve, so I didn’t really know what to expect.  After I had walked half a block towards my car, I felt like I could spend a couple more hours limping around the fair.  Since I didn’t know what happened, I played it safe and went home.

Best Sleeping Position For Torn Meniscus

Just as I had figured, I wasn’t able to sleep without the Incrediwear Calf Sleeve.  I had to keep the knee at least slightly bent to minimize the pain.  So I put a pillow under the knee. Twisting the knee was out of the question, and so was sleeping on my side.

On Monday the doctor said he was pretty sure I had a torn meniscus.  He sent me for an MRI, which I was to take with me when I saw a knee specialist.  The knee doctor said I had a radial meniscus tear.

Standard Medical Treatment For Torn Meniscus In Knee

I asked about treatment options.  He said he could give me a cortisone shot, that might work.  He said the cortisone shot is painful, and usually doesn’t work, and there are possible complications.  Also, the reduction of pain and inflammation would be temporary (several months), and my problem would last a lifetime.  That last part got me worried.

So, I asked about surgery, and he said he didn’t recommend it.  He indicated that my condition would have to be very severe before he would consider it.  His reasoning was the possible complications, and the low success rate of surgery.

I asked him what I could do about it.  His exact words were, “Suck it up and live with it”.

Well, that wasn’t going to happen – not in my world it wasn’t.

How To Naturally Heal A Torn Meniscus: Non Surgical Options For Torn Meniscus Injuries

So, I pulled out my book on herbal medicine and found the cure for a torn meniscus.

Let me see…seven cloves raw garlic, two teaspoons of grasshopper knees… just kidding!

I went to Amazon and bought Christopher’s (original formula) Complete Tissue And Bone ointment, and a bottle of the Capsules, and a bottle of the Bone Syrup.

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This one is the most effective but must be kept refrigerated.

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Less effective than the ointment because it has one fewer ingrdients.

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Less effective than the ointment because it has one fewer ingrdients. Contains alcohol.

Note: There are other companies that sell poor quality versions of Dr. Christopher’s herbal formulas. Dr. Christopher never copyright protected his products, formulas, or product names. So, now the only way to get the properly made products is from the company that Dr. Christopher’s family has authorized. Just click on any of the 3 products shown above.

I rubbed the ointment into the entire kneecap area twice a day.  I took the Bone Syrup once or twice a day until empty.  Then I started taking the capsules once or twice a day until they were used up.

The most important part is the ointment.  It has an ingredient that cannot be taken orally.  Which means the Bone Syrup and the capsules don’t contain: Comfrey.

Right on the container there is a warning about Comfrey.  It says: “Comfrey contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which may cause serious illness or death.”  Having said that, pyrrolizidine alkaloids are already in foods that you eat.

Don’t Let Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids Scare You Too Much

You are already eating foods that contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids: [1]

  • Honey, and other bee products such as royal jelly, bee pollen, bee propolis
  • Fennel
  • Anise
  • Caraway
  • Milk.  Only sometimes occurs in milk, and only in very low concentrations. [1]
  • Green Tea
  • Black Tea
  • Chamomile Tea
  • Rooibos Tea
  • Peppermint Tea
  • Various Herbal Medicines:  Such as Christopher’s Complete Tissue And Bone ointment.

I drink lots of green tea and peppermint tea, and I’m not worried.

If you already have a liver or kidney disease or cancer, it would be better to use the capsules or syrup instead of the ointment.

Torn Meniscus Recovery Time

It took about a month to use a 2-ounce jar of Christopher’s Complete Tissue And Bone Ointment.  At first, I just rubbed it into the area that hurt.  After a couple of weeks, I was rubbing it into the whole kneecap.

After about a week I was barely limping, and after the second week I wasn’t limping at all (still wearing the Incrediwear Calf Sleeve).  Also, I never took a day off of work, even though I was on my feet all day.

The ointment ran out after 3 or 4 weeks, and I felt so much better that I didn’t buy any more of it.  Although I really should have, because I would have completely healed much faster.

It was about two more months before I could twist my knee (a little) without fear of re-injury.  Probably took a total of six months before it felt normally strong.

However, I no longer sit to meditate in a full lotus posture.  Meaning that I don’t put one foot on top of the other leg’s thigh.  Twenty years of doing that probably led to the torn meniscus.

I continued to sleep with the Incrediwear Calf Sleeve for a total of about six months.  At some point (probably a couple of weeks) I was able to sleep on my side if I put a small pillow between my knees.

I still sleep with a pillow between my knees when I roll over onto my side.  That’s because I learned just how much stress that puts on your knees if you don’t use a pillow.  I suggest you do the same, as an once of prevention from injuring your OTHER knee.

Having A Torn Meniscus At Over 50 Years Old.

Your body is like a car. As it gets older, it needs more repairs due to wear and tear. I was over 50 years old when I had my knee injury. Since I wasn’t doing any sports, my injury was probably degenerative in nature.

Almost all of my working life I spent all day on my feet, and kneeling on my knees. I figured that I walked at least 8 miles every day I worked. That’s a lot of wear and tear.

So, as your youth is running out, and as old age creeps in, you should consider getting some injury prevention.

Prevention Of Future Meniscus Tears

The standard advice would be to strengthen the muscles around the knee. Which is pretty good advice, but to do so you have exercise (move) the knee. That could lead to overusing the knee joint, and premature wear and tear. Which is the way a degenerative meniscus tear occurs (in addition to poor nutrition).

So, when I had my radial meniscus injury, I used Dr. Christopher’s Ointment on my other knee also. I figured if the left knee was injured, then the right knee was needing help too.

As I write this, it’s been a few years since my meniscus injury. So, I am going to get a jar of Dr. Christopher’s Complete Tissue And Bone Ointment, and rub it on both knees for a couple weeks.

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This proven remedy will promote the healing of the meniscus cartilage, and the surrounding muscles and bones.

Well, that’s it for my non surgical options for torn meniscus injuries. I haven’t said much about the [amazon link=”B00CIC0WWO” title=”Incrediwear Calf Sleeve.” /]

Although it is a compression sleeve, that is just a side benefit. The compression provides support to keep you comfortable – especially while sleeping.

The real magic of the Incrediwear calf sleeve comes from the negative ions that are released in response to your body heat. The negative ions create vibrations at a molecular level. The end result is increased blood flow and therefore faster healing.

You need the blood flow to bring nutrients to the damaged area so that the cells can repair themselves. Then the blood also removes the cell waste products, which would otherwise slow the healing process. In fact, not getting the wastes out can cause complications.

My brother is using similar technology in his inventions. So, I know that the Incrediwear calf sleeve technology works. The theory is complicated and you don’t need to know how it works, anymore than you know how a car works. But you can take my word for it – I’ve used it, and it works.

When A Calf Sleeve Won’t Work For You, Get A Brace

The Modvel Premium Supportive Knee Brace has nearly perfect customer reviews.

Which means it will support you at work, in the gym, or during your favorite sport.

Just wrap it around your knee and secure it with the Velcro straps for a perfect fit.

It’s made of breathable, hypoallergenic neoprene, and can be worn under your clothes or over them.

Several customers have tried other brands, but they prefer the Modvel knee brace for it’s comfort.

Modvel knee brace worn by a girl playing basketball.
[amazon link=”B08FZVNRY4″ title=”Modvel Knee Brace for Meniscus Tears and other knee injuries.” /]

You will want to get several knee braces for different uses. One for work, another for use in the gym or sports, another for regular activities, and a fourth brace for sleeping comfortably.

Update: Torn Meniscus: Fast Natural Home Cure For Knee Injuries

Several years after my first injury, my other knee started to have some very minor pain. So, I applied Dr Christopher’s Formula Complete Tissue and Bone Ointment to that knee. The pain went away in a couple days but I continued to use the ointment for another week just to make sure. I havent had any trouble with either knee since.

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[1] Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids: Chemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology and Food Safety.

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  1. I had the same thing, also after 20+ years of sitting in the lotus :) I also started using comfrey ointments (and shilajit), it helped too, but I have to be careful. Now I know how crucial in life are legs and especially knees …

    • Hi Jurek, There is comfrey root in Christopher’s (original formula) Complete Tissue And Bone ointment, but it is the combination of the other ingredients that makes the ointment really work wonders. Let us know how you progress with your healing.


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