This Calm, Cool, And Seductive Mattress Topper Is Sure2Sleep

Everybody wants to be “hot” in bed, but being hot and sweaty… not so much.  If you own a foam bed or foam mattress topper that leaves pools of sweat in your bed, then let me introduce you to the Sure2Sleep 3 pound memory foam mattress topper.

BEST Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress Topper is Sure2Sleep

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Is Your Bed Hotter Than Death Valley And Wetter Than A Rain Forest?

Some beds made with foam are too hot and sweaty for comfort.

Likewise, any traditional foam mattress topper or memory foam topper without infused gel are a lot like hot ovens that never shut off.

Gel memory foam was invented to cool things off. It is quite an improvement, but many gel infused toppers are still much too warm.

Sure2Sleep claims to have fixed that problem. This topper is claimed to be “temperature neutral”. That means that your bed will not be any warmer, because of the topper, and it can reduce the amount of heat that your hot foam mattress retains.

Three customers said that their old memory foam mattress was too warm or too hot, and that this 2 inch thick gel infused topper solved that problem.

Seventeen other customers said that this Sure2Sleep topper wasn’t too hot, wasn’t too warm, it was just right. That includes 3 “hot sleepers” and two people who live in the southern USA.

However, 18 customers said it was too warm, or too hot and sweaty.  Which just proves once again, that you can’t please everyone.  (They should be using the Tencel bed sheets.)

Over 400 customers think this 3 LB gel memory foam mattress topper was a great investment in their sleeping enjoyment.

One hot sleeper said he put on a cotton mattress pad, and was very comfortable with the bed temperature.

I always recommend a Tencel waterproof mattress protector and Tencel sheets to help keep your cool.  The Tencel fiber helps to pull heat and moisture away from your body.

6 Cool Customers Improve Their Tempurpedic Beds

HIGH DENSITY MEMORY FOAM TOPPER adjusts to your shape and sleeping position while reducing motion transfer and uncomfortable pressure points.

Cool off your hot Tempurpedic bed, and make that stiff hard bed soft as a cloud so you can get more ZZZZs per night.

The very dense Tempurpedic foam traps much more body heat than the less dense Sure2Sleep memory foam mattress topper. Less density permits better air flow within the foam and is able to keep you cooler.

On top of that, the Sure2Sleep topper has gel infused into it to pull heat away from your body so that most sleepers are very comfortable.

The Sure2Sleep memory foam is also softer to lay upon. That can permit your body to be perfectly aligned while you sleep. Which will prevent you from waking up with the aches and pains caused by the very firm Tempurpedic bed.

Sleep Like A Baby Floating On A Cloud

Virtually all mattress topper buyers want to:

• Make a very firm mattress feel softer.

• Get a few more years of use out of an older mattress.

• Stop aches and pains in the back, hips and shoulders.

If that describes you, then keep reading.

Goldilocks And The Sure2Sleep® 3 LB High Density Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

To be honest, the Sure2Sleep company is over selling their mattress density. At 3 pounds per cubic foot it would be considered to be in the low-density range for memory foam.

Having said that, I suspect that they are trying to (very) simply describe the combined effect of density and firmness provided by this topper.

Medium density is from 4 pounds per cubic foot to 5 or 5.4 pounds per cubic foot.

High density would be 5.5 pounds and higher.

The term “plush” means soft and squishy. So, “plush” is a more accurate description of a 3 pound density memory foam.

Having said that, the 3 pound memory foam will generally feel quite different (less sinkng in) as compared to the common 2 pound foam toppers.

Nerd Alert!   Nerd Alert!   Nerd Alert!

Foam Density Is Not The Same As Firmness.

A higher foam density simply means that there is more foam material stuffed into a cubic foot of space.

Greater foam density will increase the firmness of the foam somewhat, but it isn’t the main contributor to firmness.

Foam density relates directly to how long your mattress topper will last.

For an analogy, let’s compare Cheesecloth Fabric that has a thread count of 22 threads per square inch, to a good bed sheet at 200 threads per square inch.

Which one do you think would last longer on your bed?

22 thread count cheesecloth vs 200 count bed sheet
22 thread count cheesecloth vs 200 count bed sheet. The magnification levels are not the same, but you get the point I think.

In this analogy, the cheesecloth has a much lower thread density than the bed sheet. The fact that the bed sheet has more threads for your body to rub against, as compared to the cheesecloth, means that it will last longer before it wears out.

The same thing is true with a denser memory foam mattress topper. This denser foam has more foam to resist the abrasion of your body while getting in and out of bed.

Therefore, a greater memory foam density will last longer, but there are other things to consider.

Firmness Is All About How The Mattress Topper Feels

Most people like to sink into the memory foam a bit, but not too far.  That is exactly what this Sure2Sleep 3 LB memory foam topper promises to do.

The right combination of foam density and firmness will gently cuddle you to sleep.

The manufacturing process greatly influences the firmness of the foam.

Very slight changes in the chemicals, heat, humidity, and equipment used to make the foam will determine the firmness of the foam.

Therefore, a 3 pound density foam from one manufacturer could be firmer than a 3 pound density foam from a different manufacturer.

Indentation Force Deflection (IFD) Is A Firmness Rating

Firmness is measured by a scientific testing procedure. The test results are called the Indentation Force Deflection (IFD) rating or Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) rating. They are the same thing.

Simply put, they press on the foam and see how many pounds of pressure the memory foam will support. A higher number equals greater firmness.

An IFD10 would be 10 pounds per square inch, and IFD16 would be 16 pounds per square inch.

However, differences in humidity and temperature etc. while testing, will influence the results.

Therefore, one manufacturer’s IFD14 could be the same as some other manufactures IFD16.

Also, you could not physically tell the difference in firmness between an IFD15 and IFD16. However, you could easily tell the difference between an IFD16 and IFD12.

So, don’t get your pajamas all bunched up over Indentation Force Deflection numbers.

That’s because it’s like comparing red delicious apples to granny smith apples. They are both apples, but there are other things to consider. Such as: color, taste, firmness and how they will be used.

Getting back to mattress toppers, this Sure2Sleep 3 LB Density Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper has a range of IFD10-12 which is on the low end of the scale. They describe this as a medium firm topper.

There are reasons why manufacturers give an IFD range like IFD10-12, but it’s pretty boring and not very important.

Ultimately, you must compare foam density and firmness together for each product. That’s along with memory foam thickness, solid or convoluted, your body weight, and your personal preferences.

Personal Preferences Play A Big Part In Mattress Topper Selection

Some people like firm and some like soft. If you like soft, but have medical back problems, you would be better off with firmer.

If your back pain is caused by a brand-new mattress that is too firm and not by a medical condition, then you want a mattress topper that is softer than the mattress. This Sure2Sleep 3 LB topper would be a good choice.

Some people like to sink deep into the foam and others don’t. You won’t sink in as far on a denser or firmer topper.

Hot sleepers are generally better off with a thinner gel infused topper that has ventilation holes or is convoluted.  Many of the people who bought this mattress topper would say that that wasn’t necessary.

Lighter weight side sleepers (under 140 pounds) generally want thinner (2 inch), less dense/less firm toppers. Heavier side sleepers will want thicker (3inch) and probably denser/firmer toppers.

Once you get over about 250 pounds in weight you might need a thicker (3 inches, maybe 4 inches) or denser/firmer topper to not “bottom out”.

This list of preferences could be a lot longer, but that will have to wait for another article.

Note: At least 9 side sleeping customers found this topper to be comfortable and/or pain relieving.

Upgrade Your New Sleep Number Bed, Or Make An Old One Soft And Cozy Again

One customer had a 7 year old sleep number bed and another customer had a 15 year old sleep number bed that just weren’t comfortable any more. Well, Sure2Sleep came to the rescue. They are very happy now.

Another sleep number owner replaced the worn-out foam in the bed with the Sure2Sleep memory foam mattress topper.

Still another customer added the Sure2Sleep topper to a new sleep number bed. That effectively “upgraded” his bed to the equivalent bed that costs $1,500.00 more. How’s that for saving a wad of cash!

Use The Sure2Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Topper On Futons And Adjustable Beds.

Two customers and the Sure2Sleep company recommend it for use on futons. So long as the futon frame doesn’t have any wide air gaps, it will make the futon very comfy. The topper will last for a longer period of time if it is fully supported.

Sofa Bed Use

The manufacturer says you can use it on a sofa bed, but not to store it inside of the sofa bed. Rather, you should remove it from the sofa, fold it and roll it up for storage.

Don’t compress it too much as you fold and roll, because that could damage the topper.

This Gel Topper Ain’t No Skunk In A Box

Pepé Le Pew would be mighty disappointed at the lack of smell from this Sure2Sleep mattress topper.

Pepé_Le_Pew Image from Looney Tunes
Pepé_Le_Pew Image from Looney Tunes

17 customers detected no odor or smell.

• 12 reviews from customers said there was very little odor or just a bit of odor.

• One customer who has what they called ”Multiple Chemical Sensitivities” didn’t think the smell was very strong. That person didn’t mention how long it took for the smell to go away. So, I am assuming that it didn’t last very long.

• 2 customers stated that there was a strong chemical smell that went away over 1-7 days, Another person was offered a replacement or refund by the seller, because of the strong smell.

Fibromyalgia Sufferers Get PainRelief

Two Fibromyalgia sufferers stated that they have benefited greatly from using this 3 LB gel memory foam.

A Heated Mattress Pad Is Safe To Use

Be sure that it is UL rated for your safety, but practically everything is UL rated nowadays or it couldn’t be sold.

Likewise, a heated blanket can be used with your other blankets, but since this topper tends to be warm for many people, you might not need it.

FAQ About The Sure2Sleep 3 LB Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Will I Sink In So Far That It’s Hard To Change Positions?

Many customers are very happy with the feel of this mattress topper. They like that they don’t sink in too deep, and yet their body is well supported. One person said it was easy to get out of bed, and another said it was easy to move around on the bed.

Will My Partner Wake Me Up When They Toss And Turn?

Several people said that they don’t notice their partners movements or that it was greatly reduced.

Mattress Topper Sizes

All of the toppers are cut one inch shorter and narrower to create a ½ inch gap on all sides of the mattress. This is the perfect size for use on your bed. It makes putting sheets on the bed easier and the topper will last longer too.

Full size measures 74 x 53 x 2 inches

Queen size measures 79 x 59 x 2 inches

King size measures 79 x 75 x 2 inches

Cal King size measures 83 x 71 x 2 inches.

Shipping Box Size

The shipping box for all of the toppers is 19″ x 11.5 x 11.5 inches.

Shipping Weight

The Full Size is 16.9 pounds,  Queen Size is 18.6 pounds, and the King size is 21.3 pounds.

What Is The Weight Of The Topper Only?

16 pounds for the Full Size topper, 18.4 pounds for the Queen size, and 20 pounds for the Cal King size.

Need A Special Size? Cut it to the size and shape you want.

The seller recommends a straight edge and a sharp blade. Customers have used a serrated bread knife and scissors.
No gel will ooze out – no worries!

How Long Until It Is Fully Expanded?

Sure2Sleep® says it should be 15 minutes. Some customers have said it takes 30-60 minutes. Most customers said it expanded quickly. If it was shipped during cold winter conditions it may take a little longer to expand.

Will My Bed Sheets Still Fit?

Probably all newer fitted sheets will fit, because they are usually made with deeper pockets. Usually the older fitted sheets also work. If your current sheet isn’t already a really tight fit now, then it should fit just fine.

Does This Topper Make My Mattress Softer Or Firmer?

This will add more softness or “plush” as they call it, but it will NOT make it firmer.

Does It Meet California Dorm Room Fire Code?

The manufacturer has stated that all of their mattresses comply with the federal flammability open flame standard for mattress sets. Which is known as 16CFR part 1633. Since the toppers are made of the same material as the mattresses, that would be a “yes” in my opinion.

How Do I Clean The Mattress Topper?

It’s best not to let it get dirty to begin with by using a mattress protector. Sure2Sleep says to use a damp soap cloth (not wet!). Do not rub or scrub – just blot or lightly wipe.

Do I Have To Flip This Or Turn It For Even Wear?

The short answer is “no”. The manufacture said to use a mattress protector, and that flipping isn’t needed.

All memory foam toppers are not very durable. Which means that they tear fairly easily. So, the less you move it around the better.
The mattress protector will not only protect it from dirt and liquid spills, but it also helps to protect the topper from abrasion due to body movements.

Can I Leave It In A Cold House During The Winter?

Yes! The topper will get hard when it gets cold, but as soon as it warms up it will be soft again.

Why Is It Turning Yellow?

That is caused by oxidation, which is a normal thing to expect. It happens to all memory foam mattress toppers.

30 Day Trial Period – If You Think This Topper “Stinks” Or You Are Unhappy For Any Reason – Return It For A Full Refund

Just contact Amazon and you will get a full refund. After the first 30 days you can no longer get a refund, but you can get a replacement mattress topper.

3 Year Replacement Warranty From Sure2Sleep®

I called the Sure2Sleep® company and asked about the warranty, because details were not available on the Amazon website.

If your mattress topper is defective in any way, they will replace the topper at no cost to you.

So, if the memory foam has Alzheimer’s and loses it memory, they will send you a new one. Likewise, for any other manufacturer defects.

This is NOT a prorated warranty. They will give you a new mattress anytime during the first 3 years of owning it.

Should You Sleep On This?

Are you tired of sleeping in a sauna? Well, then it’s time you took a cool dip in the bed, so to speak. There is no perfect mattress topper for hot sleepers, or for ordinary people either. However, most people will be seduced into blissful dreams by this mattress topper.

Check it out now at Amazon.

If your mattress is firmer than your concrete driveway, or you wake up with back aches, this 3LB Sure2Sleep topper was made for you.

Side sleepers should buy now and sleep pain free throughout the night.

If you weigh 300 pounds or more this may not be for you. Chances are pretty good that your hips and shoulders will bottom out on the top of your mattress. You may find this to be O.K. for you, depending upon your personal preferences and the condition of your mattress. I suspect a firmer latex mattress topper would work for you.


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