Steampure Water Distiller Machine & Filter Review: 120V-240V

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Get more than 5 gallons of distilled water every day with the Steampure water distiller machine.

It can be quite annoying to lug the store bought water home every day.

Not only is it simply a hassle to drag those bottles from the store to the car and then from the car to your store, but they are also quite expensive.

Not to mention the gas money you end up spending every day.

If you can skip all of that by installing a simple machine at home, why wouldn’t you? Water distillers are perfect for getting access to pure water. It easily fits in hospitals, offices, and your home.

Today, we will take a look at two water distillers from steampure.

What Is A Water Distiller Machine?

What exactly is a water distiller, you might wonder? It’s a relatively simple machine. The contaminated water you get through the tap is filled into the machine — the water distiller then purifies it by heating the water, after which condensation takes place.

As for the impurities such as bacteria, heavy metals, that can’t be purified; the water distiller keeps them in the boiler chamber.

When the rest of the water is purified by evaporation, the minerals and other such particles are separated from the water. The user cleans the boiling chamber once the process is completed.

On the other hand, the evaporated water then cools down. From the high heat, it is now regular water. Except, this time, it is free of all impurities. The water is entirely safe, germ-free, and can be drunk without any worry. It also tastes great.

U.S.A. 120Volt Steampure Countertop Water Distiller Machine 

This Steampure countertop water distiller machine is capable of producing 3.3 liters (.87 gallons) of water on every 4-hour cycle.

It comes with automatic shut off so a customer could go to sleep with ease without worrying about the distiller running all night.

Every part of the Steampure distiller is made of stainless steel. There is no chance of the water to be contaminated once it is out of the distiller. The package also comes with two glass jars.

Once the distillation process is completed, the residue left from the distillation can be cleaned with the help of the manual drain. It makes the cleaning process way easier than any other countertop water distiller.

The water distiller also comes with a steam sterilizing feature. This feature cleanses the condensing coil and storage tank, which would otherwise have been hard for you to get to except when you are doing the deep cleanup.

It is for US citizens and works on 120 volts. The manufacturer is confident enough to provide 5 years of warranty on the product.

What Did The Steampure Customers Like?

Manual Cleaning Drain – Almost all customers agree that this is an excellent feature. The remaining impurities can be cleaned out with the manual draining process. As any water distiller machine requires regular cleanup, the drain is quite useful.

Tastes Good – The water tastes excellent. No one had any complaints about the quality of the distilled water.

Auto Shut Off – The water distiller shuts off by itself after each cycle. Even if you aren’t home or going to sleep after turning it off, you don’t have to worry about the distiller running all this time.

Capacity – The 3.3 liter (.87 gallon) capacity for each cycle is amazing. Customers who particularly use a lot of water in a day were quite happy with the specifications of the product.

What Didn’t The Customers Like?

The Noise – Some customers complained about the noise. Compared to other countertop distillers, this one has a noisier process because of the inside mechanics.

Manual Loading – This countertop distiller has a more manual usage design in general. Even for loading the water, you will have to do so with a container instead of directly connecting it to a tap.

Filling the distiller with water can be hard to do without some spillage. As such, some customers were a little peeved.

Warmer Room Atmosphere – While it isn’t necessarily a bad thing for most customers, some do think that the water distiller makes the atmosphere very warm.

Manual DrainQuite noisy
5 Years of WarrantyWater has to be loaded manually
Steam sterilizing facility 
Glass jars included 
Auto shuts off 

Steampure 240V Countertop Water Distiller Machine

SteamPure 240 V Countertop Water Distiller Machine
  • SteamPure Counter Top Distiller 240 V
  • All Stainless Steel, Made in the USA
  • Steam Sterilizing Option, Countertop Water Distiller
  • If Power Outage Occurs Distiller Will Complete Cycle Once Power Is Restored
  • Comes with a Glass Jar and VOC Filter

NOT for use in the U.S.A.

This Steampure water distiller works on 240 volts, 50 hertz. You can’t use it in countries that can’t load such a high amount of power.

The material used for the distiller is 304 stainless steel. Nothing plastic has been used for the product.

The distiller comes with a steam sterilizing option. The condensing coil gets a good clean up this way without much effort on your part.

The distiller is also smart enough to begin distillation from where it left off in case of a power outage when the power is back on.

The water distiller is provided along with a glass jar and VOC filter. It is capable of distilling 3 liters of water in 4.5 hours.

What Did The Customers Like?

VOC filter – A Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) filter is quite essential for a water distiller. The VOC filter is located a little before the start of the condenser coil, available in the form of a small pinhole. Customers were happy that the VOC gas could escape on its own.

Power failure mechanism – The countertop water distiller is designed such that even if a power failure occurs and your distiller is in the middle of a cycle, it will simply resume the cycle from where it left off once the power is back. Customers admit this is an excellent feature they were particularly satisfied with.

Steam sterilizing option – As the water distiller cleanses the condensing coil and storage tank by steaming it, customers don’t have to spend more effort cleaning it. It was certainly a feature that highly appealed to them.

Easy clean up – They found the countertop water distiller to be quite easy to clean up. It is something that is a must for water distiller machine, because it requires a bit of regular cleaning.

What Did The Customers Not Like?

Warm – The room atmosphere gets a little on the hot side when the water distiller is running. That is especially so when it is in a kitchen, which is a hot place in general.

While it is not that much of a problem for most customers, those who live in warm areas did wish that wasn’t the case.

Noise – The countertop Steampure water distiller is indeed a little noisy. However, customers agree that excellent water quality makes up for the noise.

Manual Loading – Customers found the act of manually loading the water distiller to be something of a hassle. Mostly, they were concerned that some water spills each time while you are transferring from the container to the distiller.

VOC FilterCan get a little warm
Steam Sterilizing optionProduces lots of noise
304 Stainless steel 
1 year of warranty 
Automatic restart mechanisms after power failure 

Steampure Water Distiller Filter Review

We have also taken the time to review their filter, which can be additionally ordered along with the water distiller.

SteamPure Water Distiller Maintenance Kit

SteamPure Water Distiller Maintenance Kit
  • 1 Lb. Container of Descaler
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Change filters every 3-6 months
  • Clean boiling chamber monthly

From Steampure, you can also get a pack of 2 additional filters for the countertop water distillers.

These charcoal filters are what makes the distilled water taste so good. Distilled water doesn’t have any minerals in it to give it a “spring water” taste.

However, the water can pick up a “metallic” taste from the stainless steel, and the charcoal removes that taste.

Eventually, they need to be replaced, so there are two options. Either the 2 pack filter set or the 2 pack filter set and the cleaner.

Save time, hassle, and shipping costs, and buy these with the water distiller machine

Each filter is capable of distilling 180 gallons of water. You should alternate them every 90 days at most.

Specifically for steampure distillerMight have to change in 90 days for each
A pack of twoNot for a mini classic distiller
Replacement filters 
Can filter 180 gallons 

Final Thoughts

Are you tired of going to the store every single day to get pure water? Have you had enough of constantly running out of gas due to those trips? Well, the Steampure water distiller is the perfect solution you are looking for.

The countertop distiller will purify your water in a way that is both easy and economical. You will be amazed that even with the electricity cost, it still ends up being way less than the store bought water cost.

Depending on the kind of plug you have, you can either use the 120 volt one or the 240 volt one.

Unlike most countertop distillers, your big concern of the power going off and destroying the cycle is unfounded with the 240 volt one.

The pack of 2 filters will help you save some cost as well.

Well, stop wasting time and money buying water at the store. Order the Steampure water distiller machine now.

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