13 Infrared Radiant Saunas Reviewed: Relaxing, Rejuvenating

Radiant Saunas. FullStrideHealth.com

Can you imagine a world that didn’t require you to get dressed up, hop in your car, and take a long drive to a gym or spa where you have to pay a hefty membership fee just to stay healthy… Radiant Saunas can make that a reality. Well, it’s more possible than ever to get …

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11 Infrared Dynamic Saunas Reviewed: Healthy Relaxing Bliss

Dynamic saunas. FullStrideHealth.com

There’s nothing quite like coming home and stepping into any of the infrared Dynamic saunas to unwind after a long day. Besides the fact that saunas are incredibly relaxing, using them on a regular basis can offer a wide array of health benefits. Some of the most impressive therapeutic advantages include reduced blood pressure, aid …

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Top 3 Outdoor Infrared Sauna Reviews: 3+4 Person Sauna Kits

SunRay Cayenne outdoor infrared sauna. FullStrideHealth.com

Not everyone has room inside the house for a sauna. That’s where an outdoor infrared sauna is just what you needed. These 3 and 4 person outdoor sauna kits are just what the doctor ordered. Gentle, healthy, heat therapy to relax in and enjoy. Soothe aches and pains, detoxify, and speed healing in luxury. Start …

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Allwood Barrel Sauna Kits Review: Relaxing Steamy Delight

Allwood Barrel Sauna Kit. FullStrideHealth.com

Just the mere sight of an Allwood barrel sauna, creates a primal urge to enter, relax, and dare I say “chill out”? I know you want one. So, here is what you need to know, to buy the best barrel sauna for your home. Barrel saunas have a simple, minimalistic design, but don’t let that …

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Aleko Barrel Sauna Kits Review: Indoor or Outdoor Luxury

Aleko barrel sauna kits. FullStrideHealth.com

Aah…relief at last. Let the stress, blood pressure, and arthritis pain melt away in this Aleko barrel sauna. Did you know barrel saunas have been around for nearly 30 years? Before they were invented in Canada, traditional saunas were made popular by Finnish people. The practice of basking in a hot sauna dates back thousands …

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Health Benefits of Steam Room Shower Combo vs. Saunas

Woman enjoying the health benefits of a steam room.

Richard says: A steam room shower combo combines the steam room, a water shower, and other features. Such as a Whirlpool Bathtub, Acupressure Massage, Aromatherapy, Foot Massage, Handheld Adjustable Shower heads, and a Rainfall Ceiling Shower. Many people don’t have the room for a steam sauna, and don’t want to use a public steam room. …

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Far Infrared Sauna Health Benefits: Better Than Traditional?

Far infrared sauna health benefits are numerous and can provide many of the benefits of physical exercise.

Far infrared sauna health benefits include improvements to these illnesses: [1, 2] Removes obesogen toxins Cardiovascular diseases Rheumatoid arthritis Depression Tension headaches Dementia and Alzheimer’s Chronic kidney disease Diabetes mellitus Anxiety Fibromyalgia Chronic fatigue Ankylosing spondylitis: arthritis in the spine or large joints. Chronic pain Cholesterol levels: Reduce bad LDL and increased good HDL Vascular …

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