Linenspa Shredded Memory Foam Reading Pillow Review

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The Linenspa Reading Pillow will have you doing more in bed than just sleeping. 

Sitting up in bed can be down right uncomfortable. 

Especially if you don’t have the right kind of pillows to support your back. 

The Linenspa reading pillow will have you turning pages or flipping channels in pure comfort.

The Linenspa Reading Pillow is an attractive, velour covered shredded memory foam pillow that’s ideal for people of all ages and sizes. It’s well made and comes with a three-year warranty.

The fact that the standar size is budget-priced at less than $50 is an added bonus.

The Marketplace Responds

Clearly this is a popular choice in the market.  With nearly 2200 customer reviews, the Linenspa pillow rates a respectable number of stars. With this kind of feedback, it’s pretty clear that a lot of people are buying this pillow. It’s worth further investigation to see what this level of interest is all about.

Soft Plush Comfort

What Linenspa delivers is a plush and durable velour cover on their reading pillows that feels remarkably soft to the touch and luxurious.

It’s also breathable, so you won’t notice it getting excessively warm as it absorbs heat from the body.

Inside, it’s filled with shredded foam to promote better airflow and a more personalized comfort level – since you can easily reach inside to adjust the foam and get the feel of this support pillow just right for you.

What you’ll notice is that the Linenspa pillow plumps up nicely providing comfortable support to the back and arms too.

And there’s a handle sewn onto the top, making it easy to pick up your pillow and take it with you to another room in your home.

Stabilize Your Cushion For Maximum Benefit

Like most backrest reading pillows of this sort, you’ll need to prop it up against the wall, headboard or sofa backrest. Otherwise, you won’t be able to lean back and place your weight on the pillow.

It’s definitely comfortable to use in the sitting position on a firm bed. And since the cover is so soft – it provides a soothing level of plush comfort you just don’t get from other fabrics.

Available In Two Sizes, Plus One With A Neck Support

This reading pillow is available in two noticeably different sizes which are distinguished by color.

The smaller option is a navy blue or a stone gray pillow design for children and teens and petite adults.

The extra large sized reading pillow is designed for average size adults and above. By the way, this larger pillow is considerably larger and more supportive than its smaller counterpart.

Prepare Properly Prior To Use

Like all memory foam products, this one arrives in compressed form.

You need to open the package and allow it time to expand, Which also releases the odor from the gases inside. This is best done outdoors on a sunny day. Or just throw it in the clothes dry for 5 minutes.

You Can Use This Pillow In A Number Of Ways

Get creative and you’ll likely find your favorite way to use your reading support pillow.

Typically, it’s used to sit up quite straight on your bed, or deep sofa.

The more flexible among us often use their support pillows on the floor. It can be an excellent aid to more comfortably watch television, take in a movie, read a book or the newspaper, use a laptop or tablet – and more.

This support pillow is also the perfect accessory to help mothers who are breast-feeding to do so in a more comfortable position.  With better support than using a standard chair, couch, or bed – even with additional pillows stacked up.

One thing that’s lacking here on the standard size is that there’s no built-in or separate neck support. So you may have to add a neck pillow.  The [amazon link=”B073WKJ67W” title=”husband pillow” /] is a good option that has a neck pillow.

It’s also going to be a slightly different experience depending on your body height and torso length. Therefore, it’s important to get the right size and play with it a bit – until you’ve made it as comfy as can be.

An Unusual Twist: Memory Foam or Non-Memory Foam

Important to note is that the smaller model is not actually manufactured with memory foam. According to the manufacturer, they use regular foam that’s shredded and designed to keep its loft longer and is less likely to move around or to clump in one spot.

But for most people who’ve compared regular foam to memory foam for sheer comfort – memory foam wins, hands down. To me, it seems odd for the manufacturer to offer what is essentially the same pillow with distinctly different core materials.

What is the same is that with either model, you can move the foam around to adjust it to your comfort level. And that’s a big plus, particularly when you’re using this pillow for an extended period of time.

If Possible – Take It With You When You Go

Like any quality backrest support pillow, this one would be great comfort to have in your hotel room. But it’s a bit large and awkward to be able to fit in the luggage.

When traveling, it’s best to take it with you in the car, then simply carry it inside from the parking lot of the hotel or motel.

It’s not the kind of item you can carry with you easily on a plane or train. But it sure is nice to be able to have it with you – wherever your travels take you.

After a long day of traveling, there’s nothing better than to be able to experience the comforts of home. And nothing provides this level of comfort like your favorite backrest support cushion.

Just like at home, you can use it anywhere – on a hotel bed, sitting area couch or loveseat – even while sitting on the floor.

Wherever you can find comfort, support and relief for your tired and aching back and shoulder area – you’ll want to do so. If you can take it on the road with you, your body will thank you later.

Make It Just Right

Wherever you need more support, simply pack the memory foam in greater volume in that particular area and then try it out again. You’ll find that it feels significantly different as you move the foam inside around.

When you’re pampering an injury, or you simply feel more pain in one location than another – this adjustability can be a huge help.

The Right Fit Is Vital

There are two sizes available (Standard and Extra Large).  It’s important to choose the best one for your body size and type, since the available sizes are dramatically different.

I’m convinced that that the Linenspa reading pillow would score an even higher rating in reviews if more buyers simply chose the right size from the start.

The standard size of Linenspa backrest pillow is 18 inches high and 10 inches wide at its most narrow point. Since it’s not very big, the standard size is best suited for children, teens and petite adults.

The extra-large reading pillow measures 24 inches high with 14 inches between the arms on the inside (before the arms flare out to the sides) instead of the standard 10 inches.

For most adults, the extra-large would be the size you’d probably want to choose. If it’s too small, you can’t possibly find the right comfort zone. So if you’re in doubt, I recommend the larger size in most cases.

On the standard reading pillow, the height of the arms measures about 5 inches, while the extra-large has an arm height closer to 8 inches. Arm length for the standard size is 11 inches and the extra large arms measure approximately 14 inches in length.

Approximate overall sizes for the standard version backrest measures 15″ x 18″ x 26″ and the extra large size comes in at a monstrous 15″ x 24″ x 42″ overall.

You May Have To Get Physical

Even after leaving it outside in the sun, you may need to need to rough up the pillow vigorously to break up its foam clusters. 10 minutes of punching or kneading it on the floor can work wonders in this backrest support pillow’s ability to fluff up and be extra comfortable.

Why You Shouldn’t Use It The Same Day Your Pillow Arrives

Memory foam stinks. That’s just the way it is. So you’ll need to air it out thoroughly before using. It also ships out in compressed form and needs time to expand. Thankfully, you can address both issues (off-gassing and expansion) at the same time – safely and effectively.

Here’s the solution. Unbox and unseal your Linenspa pillow, then place it outside for a day or two in the bright sunshine. That’s the best way to get rid of the chemical smell. The heat and the UV rays from the sun really help dissipate that odor faster.

At the same time, you will allow the memory foam to expand naturally by reabsorbing the air that was sucked out of it during the vacuum packaging process, which makes it more convenient and less expensive to ship.

Be Careful When Adding Heat

Are you using this backrest support pillow to recover from surgery or for some other therapeutic purpose?  You may want to use your support pillow in conjunction with a [amazon link=”B01KVYTV86″ title=”heating pad” /]. But you should do so with caution – to prevent damaging your pillow.

Though it’s not dangerous to you, it can shorten the life of your memory foam. When you expose the memory foam to heat for an extended period of time, it can become distorted.

If you must add electric heat, you’re probably best to keep it to a maximum of twenty to thirty minutes at a time. And don’t use a heating pad repeatedly, or you’ll risk damaging the foam and rendering the pillow useless.

What Buyers Like Most About The Linenspa Reading Pillow

  • Good for laptop support. If you work from home a lot and you do so on a laptop computer, this product could be just what you need. If you like to get comfortable on a sofa or bed to get a couple more hours of work done before nodding off for the night, this is a good option for you.
  • It’s affordable. [amazon link=”B07QF5X7R7″ title=”Check the price at Amazon.” /] and compare it to other leading backrest pillows and you’ll see that buying a Linenspa support pillow can save you money.
  • Strong design features. The design of the arm supports is better on this pillow than many competing models. They feel tighter toward the body and therefore create a more comfortable and snug feel, adding to your comfort levels.
  • It’s soft and comfortable. You want to have the extra support – that’s a major reason for buying a backrest support pillow in the first place. But if it’s not comfortable – you just won’t use it much – and that defeats the purpose. Thankfully, this is one comfortable support pillow.
  • Looks good anywhere. With its stylish design and choice of fabric, the Linenspa reading pillow doesn’t look out of place on a bed or sofa. And the colors are fairly neutral, making this one a good fit for any room.
  • The XL size is spacious. It’s large and roomy and it gives you plenty of space to be comfortable.

Stable support for a bad back. For anyone with a bad back problem, this pillow option is much better than stacking separate pillows against the wall for added support. It helps you sit more upright while keeping your back straight where you can often find relief from back related problems.

  • Does the job. This pillow is both firm and sturdy as well as comfortable. So you get the support you need from a backrest support pillow, without sacrificing comfort. And that’s exactly as it should be.

What Buyers Didn’t Like

  • Cleaning is limited. The cover surface of this pillow can only be spot cleaned, since the cover is not removable.
  • Can be cumbersome. The extra large size takes up considerable space. While in use, it certainly does it’s job. But when you’re not using it, that’s when you notice how difficult it can be to put it away until the next time.
  • Lacks neck support. There’s no separate neck roll on the Linenpsa backrest.  So in most cases, you may want to add a regular pillow up top for added comfort and support.
  • No storage pockets. Though not a game-changer for most, the manufacturer could have added these at very little cost and made the user’s experience that much more complete.

Should You Buy The Linenspa Reading Pillow?

Overall, while it sounds like it could be too big, the extra large Linenspa memory foam reading pillow provides a nice mix of support and plush comfort that most adults are likely to appreciate and enjoy.

The smaller size is a better option for kids, though it doesn’t seem to be as comfortable as the larger version.

We found the Linenspa reading pillow to be soft and comfortable, yet stable and firm enough to deliver much needed back support.

This one continues to be a popular model in the marketplace, consistently scoring a solid rating in reviews.

If you need a reading pillow with neck support and storage pockets, I recommend the Husband Pillow.

Still need more choices? Check out this reading pillow from Milliard

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