Pure Water Distiller Review: 120v Mini-Classic CT Counter Top

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Just to be clear, the popular Pure Water mini-classic ct counter top distiller is sold by the Pure Water distiller brand name.

You can skip out on the tiring task of dragging water bottles from the store every day if you make a single change in your lifestyle.

A home water distiller will finally allow you to save up on some gas money.

Distilled water has a rate of 99.9 percent purity, making it perfect for use in hospitals and your household.

It’s a relatively old method but also the safest one, allowing users of water distillers to access completely sterile water.

Distilled water is beneficial and safe for consumption. However, it can be a tricky business to get it, without possessing the right equipment.

Thankfully, the world has seen a considerable leap in technological advancements over the years. Even the method of distilling water has been perfected over time.

The distilled water you get today is as safe as it could get.

If you have a water distiller at home, you won’t need to worry about having a continuous supply of contamination-free water.

You won’t need to plan trips to the store when you are going out, and you can stay home for days without worrying about pure yourwater supply.

We will talk about one particular water distiller today, which is quite ideal for home use.

Pure Water Mini-Classic CT 120v Counter Top Distiller
  • Produces .8 gallons (approx. 3 liters) of 99.9+% pure vapor-distilled water in 3.5 hours
  • Uses a removable boiling tank for easy filling and cleaning
  • Made-In-The-USA Stainless Steel construction with a Glass jar for water storage
  • Double-clad to increase safety and prevent burns
  • 15-year warranty on stainless steel and a 2-year warranty on electric components

The Pure Water Distiller- How Does It Work?

For one, this water distiller has an electric heating coil inside of a water tank.

This type of distiller is used in households and hospitals to produce water that’s pure and free of germs.

Actually, it’s wrong to say that all distillers are a piece of electric equipment. Some distillers don’t rely on electricity at all. However, the most advanced ones usually rely on power.

The process is quite simple. First, the water is heated to a boil, so it can turn into vapor before condensation takes place. After that, the water turns back to its liquid form.

There are impurities like bacteria, and arsenic, which can’t be boiled and turned into steam. In this case, the water distiller gets rid of them while evaporation is taking place.

While the transition of water is happening from liquid to gas, the bacteria and other such impurities are separated and left behind in the boiling chamber.

That is why you will have to clean the boiling chamber from time to time to make sure the impurities don’t make a home inside the boiling chamber.

So, that means that you will have to clean the boiling chamber from time to time to make sure the impurities don’t cake-up inside the boiling chamber.

What Impurities Does The Pure Water Mini-Classic CT Counter Top Distiller Gets Rid Of?           

Using the method of turning water into vapor, a water distiller is capable of getting rid of about 99.9 percent of the impurities in regular water. The Pure Water distiller helps its user get rid of solids, leads, heavy metals, dissolved salts, fluoride, and various organic compounds.

During the distillation process, the distiller neutralizes the viruses, thus rendering them ineffective of causing any harm to a human being. Quite simply, pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms can’t survive under the high temperature.

Other contaminants like copper, iron, and nitrates are separated from water with the water distiller’s help.

Among such water distillers available today, one of the best is the Mini Classic CT from Pure Water.

Pure Water Mini-Classic CT 120v Countertop Distiller  

This Pure Water distiller is capable of producing 3 liters of water in 3.5 hours. The distiller works on 120 volts, so it is compatible in the U.S.

One of the perks of this one is the removable boiling tank. It makes the water distiller easier to clean and fill the water back again.

The boiling chamber collects the highest amount of impurities, so it’s important that you can clean it at least once a week.

The main construction for the water distiller is stainless steel. It’s high-quality steel whose sturdiness is further guaranteed by the company’s (Pure Water)  willingness to place a 15-year warranty on the steel product.

The electric components have a 2-year warranty as well, while most companies would give a year at the most.

The water distiller has also been double metal clad to prevent accidental burns. This means that the stainless boiling pot is behind the front door. So, it can’t be touched while distilling.

This way, safety is further insured, and no one gets burns if they accidentally touch any part of the water distiller while it’s running.

Of course, we can’t forget the pure glass jar that accompanies the water distiller so you can store water. Other than that, an extra storage jar can be brought to compliment this one.

What Did The Customers Like?

Easy Clean Up – As we have mentioned, the removable boiling tank makes the method of cleanup particularly easier. The filling procedure is also easier this way. Customers, of course, were greatly impressed by this particular quality.

Long Warranty – It’s rare for companies to provide 15 years warranty on its construction and two years on electricity. This fact assured customers that the company is quite proud of its product quality.

Water Taste – The water tastes particularly good. It kind of beats the point of drinking pure distilled water if you can’t enjoy the taste.

Thankfully, most customers were happy with how the water tasted. They were also impressed that the distiller could produce 3-liters of water in that short amount of time cycle.

Extra Water Storage Jar – Instead of having to store the water in little bottles after each cycle, customers liked that they got a second glass water jar along with the Pure Water mini-classic ct counter top distiller.

In general, it’s best not to let the water touch the plastic parts, so it’s even better that the jar is of glass.

What Didn’t The Customers Like?

The Weight – While customers really like the sturdiness of the product and the steel construction, they noted that it has made the pure water distiller quite heavy.

This means the customers can’t move the distiller around once they have set it up in one particular place, or if they do, they have to do so with difficulty.

No automatic shut off – Some customers prefer the automatic shut off option as it lets them go about their business without worrying about the distiller getting too heated up. While it’s not a significant inconvenience, they do wish that it was there.

Noise – The water distiller is quite noisy to some customers and not so much for others. While it does its job and does it particularly well by producing 99.9 percent clean water, customers were a little disappointed with the loud proof of its work.

Comes with a second glass jar so you can store waterHeavy, can’t be easily moved
Removable Boiling TankQuite loud to some customers
Safety measures are taken 
Produces a large amount of water in one cycle 
Long time warranty 

How Do You Clean The Pure Water Distiller?

While it’s true that most water distillers require regular maintenance, cleaning the equipment isn’t a difficult task by any means.

First, fill the boiling chamber of the distiller with water. Use hot water in this case and fill it up using a scale buildup level sign you will find inside the tank as measurement.

Pure Water recommends a cleaner known as a Water Distiller Descaler . Add two tablespoons of it each gallon. Close the lid and let it rest for 8 hours.

After hours have passed, throw away the dirty water. Don’t pour it out via the steam hole.

Instead, remove the boiling chamber and dump the water into the sink. Now, rinse the boiling chamber before your distiller is ready to be of use again.

Citric Acid Powder Cleaning for Water Distillers - Bulk 2 LBS Universal Descaler for Distilling Machines, Kettles & More - Remove Limescale & Mineral Buildup Fast - For Waterwise & Other Brands

Works with any water distiller – See it at Amazon 

You don’t necessarily have to buy the lumen cleaner from Pure Water. While this is their company’s official product, if you don’t buy it or run out of it, you can make a homemade cleaner.

Just pour white vinegar in hot water and stir it properly before dumping it in the boiling chamber.

If, even after you go through this procedure and still notice manual buildup in your tank, just repeat the cleaning cycle all over again. It is generally recommended that you clean the water distiller at least once a month.

On the off chance you can do it more regularly, it’s even better to do it at two weeks interval. The more frequently you clean up, the less chance there will be of impurities building up. And lesser the impurities, lower the need for you to repeat the cleaning cycle.

Another thing to keep in mind is not to scrub the heating element. It’s actually a piece of pretty sensitive equipment and scrubbing it could cause some severe damage.

If you are experiencing any problem other than that or require more details on the cleaning process, it’s best to contact pure water directly.

We have noted that they have an excellent customer service team who are more than happy to answer all questions of their customers. They are well trained and patient and will happily walk you through the cleaning process.

Replacement/Additional Glass Storage Container for Mini Classic and Steam Pure Water Distillers

This glass storage container is an extra jar to contain water along with the one that already comes with Mini Classic Pure Water distiller.

The glass container is capable of holding one gallon of water.

The lid has a handle that makes it easy to move the jar. Also, the lid/handle of the water distiller is made of food grade plastic.

As for the lid, it’s pour-through. As such, you don’t necessarily need to remove the lid to pour water from the glass jar. The plastic handle lessens the weight of the glass jar, allowing you to carry it around with ease.

The glass jar is 10 inches in height and 6 inches in diameter.

What Did The Glass Jar Customers Like?

Pour-through lid – It’s a given that customers would prefer this option. The pour-through lid allows the customer to fill the glass jar with water without removing the lid.

The lid is not used during the distilling process. So, the water never touches the plastic as it is being made.

Capacity – Combined with the already available glass jar from pure water distiller, customers were happy with the total water capacity. One glass jar contains one gallon. This allows them to store a total of two gallons of water with ease.

Lead-free Glass – Lead can be harmful to humans. It doesn’t make sense to pour distilled water back into a container that contains lead. When customers saw that this water container is lead-free, they were quite happy with the thoughtfulness of the product.

What Didn’t Customers Like?

The Price – Some customers were a little annoyed about the price. They believe the company could have lessened it. However, they also noted that the glass jar is made explicitly for the Pure Water Mini classic and Steampure water distiller models, so it is expected.

Plastic Twist Lid – While the lid is lead and BPA free, the customers still wished the twist lid wasn’t made of plastic.

You can pour water without removing the lidThe plastic composition of the twist on the lid isn’t preferred
Plastic handleA little expensive
Contains one gallon 
Compatible with Mini Classic and Steampure water distillers 
Lead-free glass and BPA free plastic 

Final Thoughts

The Pure Water Distiller is an excellent choice if you are looking for easy access to pure water. It certainly does help you save up on gas and the cost of expensive bottled water in general.

The electricity bill you will rack up by using the water distiller daily won’t even come close to the total you usually end up spending going to, and back from, the store for distilled water.

This Pure Water distiller is particularly a sturdy one. It will last for several years and requires the most basic maintenance. It also comes with a second glass jar. Further, if you require more storage space, you have the option of buying the additional glass jars.

The Mini classic water distiller has a body made entirely of stainless steel.

The jar is also glass, so you never have to worry about the water coming in contact with plastic at any point.

The additional assurance of knowing the water would taste wonderful- way better than store bought water- and is free of all toxic substances certainly makes Mini Classic the perfect choice to bring home.

Pure Water Mini-Classic CT 120v Counter Top Distiller
  • Produces .8 gallons (approx. 3 liters) of 99.9+% pure vapor-distilled water in 3.5 hours
  • Uses a removable boiling tank for easy filling and cleaning
  • Made-In-The-USA Stainless Steel construction with a Glass jar for water storage
  • Double-clad to increase safety and prevent burns
  • 15-year warranty on stainless steel and a 2-year warranty on electric components

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