Pur Water Pitcher: Ultimate, Classic, 11 Cup, 7 Cup Reviews

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The 4 Pur water pitcher filters all look the same. However, there are two different sizes. Each size has one version that removes lead while the other does not.

Also, the lead reducing filters are slower at filtering and will filter 30 gallons instead of 40 gallons of water.

I will discuss most of the important features that are common to all the filters as I present the Classic 11 Cup Pur Water Pitcher. So, be sure to read that (coming up next).

Classic 11 Cup PUR Water Pitcher CR1100CV

Although this BPA free pitcher is the best selling Pur water pitcher, it isn’t perfect either. It does not remove lead.

Starting about 2017 there were many complaints that it cracked and leaked. There were still a few cracking complaints in late 2019. However, I didn’t see any such complaints in 2020. So, this problem seems to have been fixed.

This 11 cup classic Pur water pitcher is loved for its larger size vs. the 7 cup pitcher. However, it is also rather heavy at just over 8 pounds when filled with water.

[amazon fields=”B00IK5A68I” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”PUR CR1100CV Classic Water Filter Pitcher Filtration System, 11 Cup”]

11 Cup Classic PUR Water Pitcher CR1100CV. Buy The Most Popular Pitcher – [amazon link=”B00IK5A68I” title=”Check the price at Amazon.” /]


What’s Cracking?

Which brings us back to the cracking problem. Apparently the plastic handle wasn’t strong enough to withstand the weight of the water. That was in addition to the the plastic being brittle. Which was evident from the plastic cracking in places other than the handle. As I have said, these problems seem to have been resolved.

When the handle cracking problem was occurring, one customers said he didn’t have any problems if he used both hands to pour water. The right hand holding the pitcher bottom under the handle and the left hand on the front of the pitcher under the spout.

This way the weight of the water wasn’t causing any stress on the plastic. Do you still need to do that? Might be a good idea.

Also, at the eight pounds of weight, older people or children will have difficulty lifting this pitcher out of the top shelf of the refrigerator.

Leaking While Pouring Problem Solved

The blue water reservoir has an indentation on one end that must be placed next to the pouring spout. This solves many of the complaints about spilling water while pouring. This is true for all of the pitchers sold by Pur.

Will The 11 Cup Classic Pur Water Pitcher Fit In My Refrigerator?

Yes, but with exceptions. In a mini-fridge you will have to take out the shelf. Also, some smaller apartment refrigerators might require the use of the top shelf. Where the pitcher could be a tight fit.

So, measure the space you want to use in your refrigerator to see if the 11 cup Pur classic will fit. The classic Pur water pitcher measures 11.2 long x 6.8 wide x 10.6 inches tall.

Does The Reservoir Leak While Pouring Water?

When less than half full, the top reservoir tends not to leak. However, if the reservoir is more than half full, you can expect to spill water. Also, as mentioned above, make sure the indented end of the reservoir is next to the spout to prevent spills.

Customers Love The Filling Lid Cover

Unlike the older style smaller 7 cup pitcher, you don’t have to remove the top to fill with water. Just flip open the lid and fill ‘er up. It will take two fillings of the reservoir to fill the filtered water tank.

Can I Clean It In The Dishwasher?

It has been done, but isn’t encouraged.

First if you put the electric timer in the dishwasher, don’t expect it to work afterwards. Secondly, the hot water might weaken the plastic over time (just a guess on my part).

The approved method of washing the classic Pur water pitcher is to use dish soap, rinse well and dry by hand.

The dishwasher is not recommended for cleaning the Pur water pitcher. FullStrideHealth.com

Where Is The Classic Pitcher Made?

The actual replaceable filter PPF900Z is made in Mexico. Whereas, the lid is made in China, and the body of the classic pitcher is U.S.A. made.

What Are Customers Saying About The Classic 11 Cup Pur Water Pitcher?

Mostly, customers love the larger size and the improvement in the water’s taste.

At least one customer remarked about how it changed very hard water with lots of chlorine in it to tasty fresh enjoyable water.

Another customer said their coffee pot no longer had those white crusty mineral deposits on it.

However, a third customer said that it only lessened the amount of mineral deposits on his coffeemaker.

Which brings up an important point. None of the Pur water filters are going to remove the calcium and magnesium minerals from the water that create those white crusty spots on you coffee pot. It does remove some of the minor minerals that would add to that white crusty stuff.

What Filters Does The Classic Pur Water Pitcher Take?

Older versions of the Classic pitcher came with one CRF-950Z filter, which has been discontinued.

The newer Classic comes with the PPF900Z Fast Flow Filter.

Also, you can use the PPF951K PUR Lead Reduction Pitcher Filter .

How Does The Filter Work? What’s In It?

The main filtering media is Granulated Activated Carbon, called GAC for short.

The GAC has sharp ridges that trap and then hold numerous contaminants. As those ridges get filled with toxins the filter takes longer to work, until finally all those ridges are plugged up.

Also, Pur uses an ion-exchange resin that selectively exchanges electrical ions with certain toxic chemicals which either binds the toxins or makes them non-toxic and potentially caught by the GAC.

The [amazon link=”B06WVDVDXB” title=”Lead Removing Filter” /] also has a special paper filter that also exchanges electrical ions to remove the lead.

What Does The 11 Cup Classic Pitcher Filter Remove?

Pur doesn’t really say. So, I went to the NSF website and got the information.

Update: Further down the page I have provided the NSF Performance Data Sheet of how well this filter and the lead removal filter actual work. You can find that under the Ultimate PUR Water Filter Pitcher section.

Under the NSF/ANSI 42 Testing Standard for the PUR PPF900Z filter

  • Chlorine Reduction
  • Nominal Particulate Reduction, Class VI
  • Taste and Odor Reduction
  • Zinc Reduction

Under the NSF 53 for the PUR PPF900Z filter

  • Benzene Reduction
  • Cadmium Reduction
  • Copper Reduction
  • Ethylbenzene Reduction
  • Mercury Reduction
  • Methoxychlor Reduction
  • Tetrachloroethylene Reduction
  • Toluene Reduction
  • Xylenes Reduction

NSF/ANSI 401 Emerging Compounds/Incidental Contaminants

  • Linuron Reduction
  • Trimethoprim Reduction

Does Not Filter Out Any Lead. [amazon link=”B06WVDVDXB” title=”To remove lead buy this filter” /] to use with the Classic pitcher.

How Often Do I Change The Filter?

Officially after using 40 gallons of water. Which will be a month or two depending upon water quality and how many people are using the pitcher. Customers have mention from 2-3 weeks to 1.5 months.

How Long Does It Take For The Water To Be Filtered?

About 3-5 minutes when the filter is new. A little slower as the filter get more use. It takes two fillings of the reservoir to fill the filtered water tank.

Some of the customers have said that this is faster than the Zero and Britta filters.

Does The LED Filter Change Light Really Work?

Often times it never works, but most people don’t care. It is a timer only, so it doesn’t have any actual relevance to how well the filter is working or how much use it has had.

When the filter change light does work, it will flash green, yellow or red when the the pitcher is tilted. After you change the filter, just hold the button down to reset the light.

Eventually, after some years, the battery will die and since you can’t replace the battery you won’t be able to rely upon it thereafter. So, knowing this, Pur includes a small calendar sticker you can use instead of the LED light.

Have The Filter Clogging Problem Been Fixed?

Apparently, yes they have.

The standard basic filter that is now discontinued would trap air and prevent the water from filtering through. This was a problem for Britta also. Both companies have added internal air vents to solve this problem.

Also, I am assuming that the problem was solved when Pur came out with the new fast flow filter that replaced the basic filter.

Extending The Life Of The Filters

Essentially the filters are filled with GAC (granulated activated carbon) and ion resins. The GAC tends to form channels between the particles which (in my opinion) can trap air and slow filtration.

So, these types of filters (including the competitors) can be helped by soaking them for about 15 minutes, which helps remove the air.

Also, you can shake them which will also remove air by breaking up the channels.

Pur water pitcher in a stainless steel sink. FullStrideHealth.com

How To Install The Pur Water Filters

Soak the filter for 15 minutes and then flush it out for 10 seconds, and then slide it in and give it a slight turn, and you’ll here it “click” into place. Presumably, the soaking removes the air from the carbon granules, and the rinse flushes out any really fine carbon granules.

How Long Can I Store The Filters Before Using Them?

So long as they stay in the wrapper they come in and are not kept in a really hot location, they should be good for years. Heat and old age tends to make plastic turn to goo.

Ultimate 11 Cup PUR Water Pitcher Lead Reduction Filter PPT111W

The Pur water pitcher is selling so fast that they keep running out of stock, and for good reason.

The (now standard) fast flow filter does not remove lead. In case you didn’t know it, lead is a very big problem for millions of Americans.

Also, this filter is good for 30 gallons of water, instead of 40 gallons like the Classic pitcher.

Other than the lead removing filter, the other differences from the classic pitcher is the narrower shape, and the cover over the spout.

The newer current model has a flip up lid for pouring in water. That lid replaced the need for removing the entire top in order to fill with water. However, this also makes it easy to somewhat overfill the reservoir. Which then makes it leak sometimes when moving it into the refrigerator.

Some customers complained that water spilled on the floor when pouring. Even when the reservoir was empty. Apparently this happens when you have too much filtered water in the pitcher. The water should be one inch below the blue reservoir.

Other customers said that the lid would fall off when pouring. This can easily be prevented by resting your thumb on the lid as you pour.

What Does The Ultimate PUR Water Filter Pitcher Remove?

Note: Pur is a trade mark of the Helen Of Troy Company

Pur Filter Performance Data Sheet part 1
Pur Filter Performance Data Sheet part 2

So, clearly the Pur PPF951K lead reducing filter does reduce lead. Also, it removes Bisphenol A which is commonly referred to as BPA. Pur says their products are made with BPA free plastics.

Also, the filter removes the zinc, chlorine, cadmium, copper, and mercury as claimed.

This lead removing filter takes 20 minutes to filter the water each time you fill the reservoir. Your health is worth the wait. So, [amazon link=”B06XJ4XLCQ” title=”Click Here To Remove Lead” /]

7 Cup Ultimate Pur Water Filter Pitcher PPT711W

This 7 cup Ultimate Pur pitcher is identical to the larger 11 cup pitcher except for the size.

Many people find this 7 cup pitcher easier to put into the refrigerator. Also, the smaller size doesn’t weigh so much. Which makes it easier for children and those with less strength.

However, many people have also praised the larger 11 cup pitcher, because the larger size was more convenient for them.

Personally I would buy two of these so that one of them was filtering while I drank from the other one.

[amazon fields=”B06XGN8LXK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”PUR Ultimate Filtration Water Filter Pitcher, 7 Cup, Clear/Blue”]

7 Cup Ultimate Pur Water Filter Pitcher PPT711W. Get This Smaller Size Lead Removinf Pitcher – [amazon link=”B06XGN8LXK” title=”See it at Amazon” /]

The biggest complaint about this pitcher is that the lid comes off while pouring. So, plan on using your other hand to hold it in place. Also, like the other pitchers, don’t overfill the filtered water tank, which also prevents spills.

This 7 cup pitcher and the filter are made in Mexico.

[amazon link=”B013FQ8RFA” title=”7 Cup Pur Water Pitcher PPT700WAM” /]

This is just like the 11 cup Classic Pur water pitcher, except smaller. It does not remove lead as the pitcher above does.

Also, this pitcher does not have the filter change LED reminder light.

This pitcher is made in Mexico for the American market and to U.S. EPA filter standards. Removes chlorine smell and tastes. Also removes copper, cadmium, zinc.

If you wan’t this same size, but also want to remove lead, then order the 7 cup Ultimate Pur pitcher listed just above this one.

Just like the other pitchers some people are putting the blue reservoir in backwards, which causes the water to spill when pouring. Just make sure the end with the “curve” in it is at the spout end.

Conclusions On The Pur Water Pitcher

Personally, I would get two of the 11 cup Ultra Pitchers that removes lead. That way I could have one full in the refrigerator and the second one filtering.

Although, the 7 cup Ultimate is lighter and easier to use with one hand or for people with carpel tunnel that have weak wrists.

However, it sells out fast. So, get the[amazon link=”B013FQ8RFA” title=”7 cup basic pitcher” /] and the lead removing replacement filters.

Despite the lids not fitting tightly and not being able to pur when the reservior is full these Pur water pitchers are very popular.

Many people think the Pur filters are better than the competitor’s, and so they have bought these as their best option.

Other pitchers are available. Such as the Biocera Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher that not only removes lead, but adds healthy alkalinity to the water.

Some people want to remove lead from their water, but hate waiting for it to filter through. In that case, take a look at the Aquasana clean water machine.

Others would like to keep more water available in the refigerator. So, let me suggest the 18 Cup UltraMax Water Dispenser.

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