Benefits Of Inversion Tables: Neck, Back, Sciatic & Hip Pain

Woman using an inversion table. Benefits Of Inversion Tables.

Richard Says: Every adult needs at least one of the many benefits of inversion tables. Either to prevent, or to stop, the pains caused by your spine being out of alignment or compressed by gravity. “Not me!” you say? Do you sit at a desk all day? How is your posture while you sit? I …

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Knee Pain Remedy At Home: How To Start Enjoying Life Again

Young woman sitting on a mountain top enjoying life.

A good knee is one of those things you never knew you had until its gone. Using a knee pain remedy at home is easier, cheaper and safer than surgery. US residents collectively spend excesses of $500 million on knee surgeries alone every year. The real question is, how can you rehabilitate a bad knee …

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