Nestled Organic Latex Mattress Topper: Sleep Perfection

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The Nestled organic latex mattress topper is a rarity. 

Last year I was not able to find any organic latex toppers, but now there are limited quantities available.

Is the Nestled Organic Latex Mattress Topper Better Than Their All-Natural Topper?

To be sold as organic the rubber tree plantation must be enrolled in a certification program.  Such as the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) [1] and the  Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) [2] organizations.

Those organizations have set standards that the plantations must meet, as well as the manufacturing facility and the retailer.  However, it all starts with what organic really means.

The organic label means that the rubber trees were grown without the use of chemical pesticides, insecticides, or fertilizers.  That is a simple explanation.  The whole organic growing process can be complicated.

The end result is that the trees do not absorb anything that is potentially harmful.  Therefore, the rubber sap that is collected from the trees would also be safe.

The all-natural latex mattress toppers are from trees that are grown the same way, but they are not certified as being safe.  Which they are not – yet.

Generally, the rubber trees must be grown as all natural for several years, before they can be certified as being organic.  This is to ensure that the previously applied chemicals have been used up by the trees or otherwise removed.

The Nestled company is offering both all-natural and organic latex mattress toppers.  The organic toppers are in limited supply.

Sri Lanka is where the organic latex is collected.  Sri Lanka is an island country off the south end of India

The medium firmness, 2-inch-thick, queen size mattress topper is $30 more than the all-natural topper (as I write this).

For this article I have read 72 customer reviews, and 102 customer questions about this product.  That will help me, to help you, to decide if it’s the best organic latex mattress topper on earth.

The Best Dunlop Latex Mattress Toppers?

For those of you who don’t already know, there are three different latex manufacturing processes.

The Talalay process includes fillers and chemicals, the Dunlop process does not.

The third process is Vytex.  It is virtually allergy free, and specifically made for latex sensitive people.  If that’s you, click here now.

The Nestled organic latex topper provides an additional layer of purity in addition to the normal Dunlop process.  Dunlop latex doesn’t get better than that.

9 Reasons Why Customers Love the Nestled Organic Latex Topper

  • Softens a too firm mattress.  Out of 72 customer reviews, 14 of them said they bought the “soft” topper to make their mattress softer.
  • Firms up an old saggy mattress.  That is what I did.  I bought a different brand that is no longer available.  I got the 3-inch-thick “firm” topper.  Made that old mattress feel better than new.
  • Back pain relief.  There are many reasons for different types of back pain.  For some people a firmer topper is better than a softer one, or just the opposite can be true.  If your mattress is too firm, get a “soft” topper.
  • Relieves joint Pain.  Two customers used the “soft” topper to relieve shoulder and hip pain.  A thicker pad is better than a thin pad for these problems.
  • Side Sleepers.  Everyone is different.  Some side sleepers will be happy with a “medium” topper, but “soft” is usually better.  If you have bad shoulders, the “soft” topper would be best.  In all cases, get the 3-inch-thick topper.
  • Pressure Point Pain Relief.  The main pressure point areas are the butt, hips, upper back, and shoulders.  If you have pain in any of these areas, get the “soft” latex topper.
  • Cool off a hot mattress.  Put a 2-inch-thick latex topper on top of a polyurethane or memory foam topper to stop the puddles of sweat.
  • Healthy.  Latex naturally repels dust mites.
  • No chemical fire retardants.  Latex is fire resistant.

Comes with An Organic Cotton Cover

This is a knit cotton cover that will drastically shrink if you’re not careful.

Wash it by hand in cold water only.  Then hang it up to dry.

In my opinion, you should put a waterproof mattress protector on top of the cotton cover.  That way you’ll never have to wash the cover.

The Nestled, Soft, Medium & Firm Toppers Are Not the Same As…

The Talalay processed latex foam is a little softer than the Dunlop processed Nestled organic latex mattress topper.  Even though the Talalay and Dunlop toppers have the same ILD rating, the Talalay will “sink in” more.

Let me remind you that the Talalay latex is made with fillers and chemicals.

Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) consists of a two-number designation.  The first number is how many pounds it takes to depress a standardized area of the topper by 25%.  The second number is how much weight it takes to depress the foam by 40%.

The “soft” Nestled latex topper is rated at ILD 20/65, the “medium” is 26/75 and the “firm” is 34/85

All latex mattress toppers are firmer than the polyurethane and memory foam toppers.

A 240 pound side sleeper customer didn’t bottom out on the “soft” Nestled topper, like they would on memory foam.

Is the Nestled Organic Latex Mattress Topper Hot or Smelly?

6 customers mentioned that the topper was NOT hot.  That is my experience on my latex topper also.  Latex doesn’t add any heat to your bed like memory foam does.

In comparison, gel infused memory foam toppers say they are “cool”, but what that really means is that you don’t sweat as much.  However, memory foam is still hot.

The smell test:

2 people said it smelled bad.

3 customers said there was a faint smell.

19 people didn’t smell anything.

2 more customers said they aired it out.

1 chemically sensitive person said it was odorless.

Who This Nestled Latex Topper Isn’t For

The first thing that struck me was the “Hypoallergenic” designation.  Although this is accurate by definition, some people do need to be cautious.

Obviously, anyone with a latex sensitivity or a general chemical sensitivity should be cautious. 

There was one person with chemical sensitivities that had a serious reaction.  However, there was one other chemically sensitive person who was happy with their purchase.

I was going to suggest for chemically sensitive people to test the product before using it at home.  Something like opening the box and just placing a hand on the topper for a period of time.

However, the seller says that ALL returns are donated to charities instead of being resold.  So, my testing idea seams to be unfair to the seller, if you are pretty sure to be returning the product.

Manufacturing, Shipping & Unpacking

The factory is in Chicago, IL and the toppers are shipped from there.

They come in a much smaller box than you may be expecting.  That’s because the topper is folded in half and then rolled up.  It is kept rolled up, because it is wrapped in plastic.

So, take I out of the box, and put it on your bed.  Then cut off the plastic and it will practically unroll itself.

Warranty and Returns

There is a 30-Day Trial period where undamaged toppers can be returned for free.

However, it is a little hard to understand.  So, let me explain. 

You start the return process with Amazon.  Choose the reason for return as: no longer needed.  Amazon then automatically sends you a notice of how much the shipping is going to be.  Don’t worry!  The seller will refund those charges.

There is a 5 Year Warranty.  I haven’t seen any details about that. If you haven’t returned it in 30 days, it will outlast the 5 year warranty. Besides, you’ll never want to let go of it.

The seller has stated that all returned toppers are donated to a charity, and never resold.

Should You Buy This Nestled Organic Latex Mattress Topper?


  • Is your mattress too firm?
  • Need to firm up an old sagging mattress?
  • Organic Supporters should jump into bed with this topper.
  • Anyone who is tired of sweating in bed.
  • Side Sleepers and Back Sleepers
  • Anyone with a joint injury or recovering from surgery.


  • Anyone with latex allergies.


  • People with chemical sensitivities.

Choose Your Firmness Level Of Comfort


[1] Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)

[2] Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

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Nestled Organic Latex Mattress Topper: Sleep Perfection
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Nestled Organic Latex Mattress Topper: Sleep Perfection
This latex mattress topper is a favorite, because of its comfort, quality, durability and the fact that it is organically sourced. There is a very limited amount of organically grown latex mattress toppers, so get yours now.
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7 thoughts on “Nestled Organic Latex Mattress Topper: Sleep Perfection”

  1. Thanks for the great review Richard! I am a side sleeper and unfortunately suffer from shoulder pain because of it. I’ve tried traditional mattress toppers before but doesn’t seem to help. I’ll have to try one of these. What firmness would you recommend? I generally prefer a softer mattress, it I wonder if a firmer topper would help with the pain.
    Thanks Again

    • Generally for side sleepers, you are better off with a soft latex topper, because your current mattress is too firm.

      However, if you also spend much time sleeping on your back, a 3 inch thick soft topper may be too soft for back sleeping.
      In that case you would probably want a thinner 2 inch soft latex topper so that you don’t “soften” your mattress too much.

      It is possible that your current mattress and topper are too soft already, but I would think that would cause back pain instead of shoulder pain.

      Sorry about making this more complicated, but you might first try a thicker and firmer pillow that doesn’t let your head sag down when side sleeping.

      You want your head elevated from 4.5 inches to 5.5 or even 6 inches while side sleeping. The right height depends mostly on your body frame size, and somewhat on your comfort preference. Here are two pillows to consider: Cervical PIllow, and this pillow that I think would be good for any side sleeper, it’s J- Shaped.

  2. I can vouch for latex. Used to be a memory foam sleeper, but now i switched to latex after listening to a physio. Much firmer and holds it’s shape better. Also find it breathes more than memory foam. Just make sure it’s properly certified before you order.

  3. Very informative article. Thanks! Until now I never realized that latex could be organic. I always assumed it was a plasticky material. We’re going to upgrade the size of our bed after we’ve had some works done to our house so it’s not worth buying a new mattress at the present time. However, this mattress topper seems like a great interim solution on top of our old mattress.

  4. Great article – I;ve been trying to decide between a memory foam or a latex topper – I;ve plans to redo the bedroom, new bed etc but my current mattress is starting to bug me as its a bit saggy – this latex looks like it could be the solution to a better nights sleep. For a back sleeper (most of the time) with occasional back ache, what firmness would you recommend? Thanks.

    • A firm firmness is probably the best choice for fixing a sagging mattress. That is what I did. I Bought practically the firmest latex topper that was available (different brand that is no long available). I Got the 3 inch thick one. A thinner or softer latex topper isn’t going to be able to overcome the sagging. On the other hand, a firm topper isn’t the best for side sleeping. Although a firm mattress is what the doctors recommend for back troubles, many new mattresses are too firm and cause back aches. Which is the biggest reason why people buy mattress toppers.
      Personally I found the memory foam to be much too hot for me. Also, since memory foam conforms so well to body weight, you will still have those spots that sag.


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