Megahome Countertop Water Distiller Review: 3 Smart Choices

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Stop lugging gallons of water home from the store, and save money, with the Megahome countertop water distiller.

Distilled water is pure enough to use in hospitals – and in your home.

One of the oldest, as well as extremely effective, methods of getting safe and sterile water for drinking is water distillation.

Megahome Countertop Water Distiller Stainless, Glass Collection
2,893 Reviews
Megahome Countertop Water Distiller Stainless, Glass Collection
  • YOUR SAFETY COMES FIRST: This Megahome distiller is UL (Underwriters Laboratory) approved. UL is the trusted independent global safety science company for US products, and determines product compliance with stringent safety standards. PLEASE NOTE: For fire safety, many home insurance policies require that electrical products installed in the home be UL certified. Megahome distillers are one of the only UL approved water distillers available.
  • BEST QUALITY: Full 304 stainless steel interior and exterior, including the boil chamber, upper steam dome, and stainless condensing coils. Water does not touch plastic.
  • PUREST WATER: Distills 1 gallon every 5.5 hours. Distills the water at 212 degrees Fahrenheit which is the proper temperature for removing unwanted toxins and contaminants. It also includes 6 (optional use) high quality activated charcoal filters. The optional filters are used when VOCs like chlorine or other toxins that can form into a vapor are present. The filters capture and remove these toxins during the distillation process.
  • GLASS COLLECTION: This distiller includes a durable and easy to use porcelain lined nozzle, and a glass collection bottle. This ensures the purest and safest distilled water for all of your needs.
  • BEST SERVICE INCLUDED: Every Megahome distiller is backed by a 1 year warranty. The service and support is what you would expect from a top quality appliance and company. No need to worry about warranty, customer service, or parts, Megahome distillers have been on the market for over 22 years and are the top selling distiller in the world.

Distilled water can be used for many other things along with drinking. But getting access to safe drinking water can be very tricky, especially if you don’t have the right equipment and tools.

Fortunately, due to technological advancements, many types of water distillers have come and gone over the years. The process of distillation is one of the best methods to get safe water even today.

Having a water distiller of your own will give you a continuous supply of pure distilled water which will be free from pollutants and contaminants. All without having to leave your home.

And in the long run, it will also help you to save a lot of money. No more driving to the store to lug around heavy bottles of expensive water.

What Is A Home Water Distiller?

It is basically household equipment used to generate safe and contaminant-free water. This is done by converting water into vapor before the process of condensation, and then finally returning it into a liquid state.

Some impurities are unable to turn into steam such as bacteria, heavy metals, and arsenic and are thus eliminated during the process of evaporation.

When the water transitions from liquid to gaseous state, these contaminants are left behind in the boiling chamber. The evaporated water is then cooled in the distiller, returning it to its liquid state as highly pure water.

What Does a Water Distiller Remove?

A water distiller can remove organic compounds, fluoride, dissolved salts and solids, lead, and other heavy metals.

With the process of turning water into vapor, a water distiller has the ability to discard 99.9% contaminants from the water.

While viruses are neutralized during the process, pathogenic bacteria and potentially dangerous microorganisms are unable to withstand such high temperatures.

Many other contaminants such as nitrates, copper, pharmaceuticals, and iron get separated from water with the use of a water distiller.

One of the best water distillers to try is the Megahome countertop water distiller.

Megahome Water Distiller, White Enamel, BPA-free Plastic Collection

Only the White Enamel Distiller is available with the polypropylene (BPA free) carafe. Check the price at Amazon. 

Why Megahome Countertop Water Distiller?

Since 1992, Megahome has been producing water distillers. It is the only product they have made for the past 27 years. Which means that they have perfected the design and manufacturing process of their water distillers.

The brand has a close working relationship with their parts suppliers. Which ensures that they receive precisely what Megahome has designed.

Every distiller is built, checked, and tested by hand which ensures consistent quality for each unit. Due to this, customers can count on receiving a high quality product every time.

Water distillers by Megahome pass all the safety standards and voltage requirements for the U.S. and the other countries they sell to.

Underwriter Laboartory (UL) in United States is the top safety standard and Megahome passes it every year.

This is not the case with all water distillers as most of them do not pass UL (Underwriters Laboratory). Nor have they been tested to pass other U.S. safety standards.

In addition to this, Megahome always listens to its customers abut how to improve their product. Then they make those improvements, and that has resulted in this beloved countertop distiller.

Lastly, water distillers by Megahome have been carefully designed to create the purest possible steam distilled water.

All distilled water is not the same.

The process of water distillation is easy and straightforward but choosing the right temperature, correct size of condensing oils, and proper cooling are quite important for producing safe and drinkable distilled water.

Many other water distillers take pride in their quick distilling time but fail miserably at providing clean water. The water produced is inferior distilled water with many types of impurities. This is because such distillers boil the water too hard which leads to improper condensing of steam.

On the other hand, Megahome countertop water distiller takes a good 5.5 hours but removes 99.9% of impurities.

Megahome Countertop Water Distiller Features

There are not many UL certified water distillers available in the market. Megahome countertop water distiller is one of the few that is approved by Underwriters Laboratory (UL).

The distiller is capable of providing the whole family with quality drinking water. It is capable of distilling 1 gallon of water in 5.5 hours.

Megahome countertop makes water reach 212 degrees Fahrenheit which is the apt temperature for removing unwanted toxins and contaminants.

The unit also includes six high quality activated charcoal filters which, for some people, are optional to use.

They can be used when VOCs (volatile organic compounds) like chlorine and other toxins that can form into vapor are present in water.

The charcoal filters capture and remove these toxins during the distillation process.

Megahome Distiller Charcoal Filters (3 12-packs) 36 filters total

Here are the charcoal filters for the Megahome distillers. See it at Amazon 

The unit is made up of a 304 stainless steel exterior and interior, including the upper steam dome, boil chamber, and stainless condensing coils. This makes the distiller both durable and attractive.

The steel design ensures that water does not come in contact with plastic. It also includes 1 gallon glass collection bottle and a porcelain lined nozzle to ensure the safest and purest distilled water.

The glass collection bottle that comes along features a large sturdy handle and a removable lid.

The best part about Megahome countertop water distiller is that it comes with a 1 year warranty. Plus, the service and support that you get from the brand is premium quality.  It is easy to obtain product support, spare parts, and accessories.

How Does Distillation Work in Megahome Countertop Water Distiller?

Using the unit is very easy. You simply need to pour the water into the distiller and press the reset button.

The distiller will bring the water to a temperature of 212 degrees fahrenheit which will kill bacteria, parasites, etc.

As the steam will rise, the water will leave behind the impurities and enter the stainless steel cooling coil where the steam is cooled and condensed into pure and safe water.

The distiller will automatically shut off when the distilling process is finished.

What Customers Liked?

Lightweight – Customers liked that the Megahome distiller is lightweight and easy to take with you while travelling.

Easy to Clean – The unit is quite easy to clean without requiring much effort.

Good Taste of Water – Many customers noticed that the water looked clean and tasted good after the distillation process.

Warranty – The unit is backed by a 1 year warranty which is another thing that customers really liked about the Megahome distiller.

What Customers Didn’t Like

Requires Time – The unit takes up to 5.5 hours to distill 1 gallon of water which disappoints some customers.

However, that is the correct amount of time needed to remove impurities.

Fragile Glass Jug – The glass jug that comes along does not seem very durable and needs to be handled with care.

Limited Capacity – The water distiller can distill just 1 gallon of water in 5.5 hours. Customers expected increased capacity.

Megahome Glass Collection Bottle 1 Gallon White

Glass replacement carafes are available here. 

MegaHome Collection Bottle

Above is the optional or replacement BPA free plastic collection carafe. See it at Amazon 

Water tastes greatGlass jug is fragile. Glass and plastic replacement jugs are available. The Enamel model comes with a plastic jug.
Distiller is lightweight and portableTakes a bit longer to distill water compared to lower quality distillers.
Megahome distiller is UL certified for safetyHas limited capacity
It is easy to clean Requires electricity
Comes with activated charcoal sachets and carbon filters 
Water does not come in contact with plastic. 
Choice of Glass or BPA free plastic carafe.

How Much Electricity Does the Megahome Countertop Distiller Use?

The Megahome countertop water distiller takes upto 5-6 hours for distilling a gallon of water and is rated at 580 watts.

So, if we use an online electricity bill calculator and your electric billing rate is 12 cents per kilowatt-hour, then it will cost you around $0.38 to make one gallon.

If you use 1 gallon per day, then distilled water will cost you $11.65 per month and $139.82 per year. This will still cost much less than buying bottled distilled water.

What all Comes in the Box?

When you order Megahome countertop water distiller, you will get everything you need to start distilling water.

The box includes distiller body, top condensing unit, glass collection bottle and porcelain nozzle insert. Also, six activated charcoal sachets (approximately six month supply), a cleaner for boil chamber residue , and the main power cord.

Why Does the Megahome Distiller Have Activated Charcoal?

Some pesticides and some Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) will vaporize at just about the same temperature as water. Which means that they can be trapped in the distilled water. Fortunately the charcoal filters will remove those.

However, some people just boil the water on the stove for a few minutes, and then put it into the distiller.

Not only does that remove the VOCs, but it saves money and time by reducing the amount of time the distiller has to work.

It is also possible that your water does not have VOCs. and you don’t even require charcoal filter. Although if your water has chlorine in it, you should use the filters.

How Often Should the Charcoal Filter Be Changed?

The filter must be changed after 30 gallons of water. The unit comes with six charcoal filters which can be used for almost 6 months.

How to Easily Clean the Distiller?

Cleaning the Megahome countertop water distiller isn’t difficult at all.

All you need to do is to fill the boiling chamber with water and a spoon or two of citric acid cleaner that comes with the unit.

Turn the unit on and let it heat for around 20 minutes. Then, unplug it and let the water cool down. Pour the water out and wipe any residue that is left.

You can also add one tablespoon of citric acid with ¼ cup white vinegar to the water. Or you can just add ½ cup white vinegar.

Talking about how often you need to clean it, that purely depends on how much you use the distiller and and also the condition of tap water.

If you use the distiller daily, you might have to wash it at least once a week to avoid a lot of buildup.

Does a Water Distiller Take Out All Essential Minerals?

It is not deniable that distilled water leaves you with no minerals in it at all.

While some people believe that the minerals we need comes from the food we eat, they are sadly mistaken. In the 1940’s the U.S. Government found that the soil was depleted of minerals.

So, unless you are eating organic food, where minerals have been purposely added to the soil, the mineral content of food is minimal.

Some people who think all the minerals they need come from food, aren’t concerned that distilled water doesn’t have any minerals.

Others are concerned that they are getting no minerals at all from distilled water.

In my personal opinion, it’s a good idea to add minerals back into the water. Here is What Dr. Helcio Ferreira has to say about alkaline water.

If you are concerned about the lack of minerals, there are some remedies that you can try.

You can add a small amount of Himalayan salt or Celtic Sea salt  to the distilled water.

You can also squeeze a lemon into the water to give it a boost of essential minerals.

Another option to remineralize distilled water is to use a product like Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops .

The Spice Lab Himalayan Salt - Fine 2 Lb Bag - Pink Himalayan Salt is Nutrient and Mineral Dense for Health - Gourmet Pure Crystal - Kosher & Natural Certified

Adds 84 minerals to distilled water, or any meal. Get it now at Amazon 

Trace Minerals ConcenTrace Drops | Full Spectrum Minerals | Ionic Liquid Magnesium, Chloride, Potassium | Low Sodium | Energy, Electrolytes, Hydration | 96 Day Supply, 8 fl oz (Pack of 1)

No more flat tasting water, plus the minerals you need. Get it now at Amazon 

Who Should Use The Megahome Countertop Water Distiller?

A distiller is a must buy for people who want safe and clean drinking water without spending money every now and then on packaged water.

Since distilled water removes 99.9% of the impurities in water, a water distiller becomes essential in every household.

Apart from drinking, distilled water can also be used on your car to cool down the engine and to clean or to top-off lead acid batteries.

Distilled water, known as sterile water in the medical industry, is used to sterilize all the instruments that come into human contact.

Surgeons use this water to wash their hands, and disinfect them before performing an operation.

Distilled water can also be used for cooking.

Anyone who wants to engage in any of these activities apart from drinking impurity-free water should buy the Megahome countertop water distiller.

Final Thoughts

The Megahome countertop water distiller is a great option if you are looking for an easy and economical way to purify your water at home. The unit is built to last and looks very attractive.

The major drawback of the unit is that it relies on electricity, which means if the power goes off, you cannot use it. If this is a major concern, then this might not be the ideal choice for you. Here is an alternative.

The good part about the Megahome distiller is that it is made of stainless steel (or the enamel version) so the water never comes in contact with plastic.

Also, you can be sure that the water is toxin-free, tastes great, and does not have any impurities.

Since the unit is UL certified, you can rely on it for safety. The unit also comes with a 1 year warranty and you get good customer support in case of any issues.

If this sounds good, then get your Megahome countertop water distiller and start making your own pure distilled water.

The Megahome Distiller in White Enamel and BPA Free Plastic Collection Carafe.

Both the 304 and 316 stainless steel distillers and the white enamel distiller are available with the glass carafe.

However, only the white enamel distiller comes with the polyproplene (BPA free) carafe.

You will be happy with any of the Megahome countertop water distiller models – just pick one!

MH943SBS Megahome Heavy Duty Distiller, Glass Collection - 316 Stainless Steel

Pictured above is the newest 316 stainless steel model that won’t eventually rust like the older 304 stainless steel model does. Get it now at Amazon 

Megahome Water Distiller, White Enamel, BPA-free Plastic Collection

Choose the enamel distiller with the plastic carafe – Get it now at Amazon 

Megahome Countertop Water Distiller, White, Glass Collection

Pick this enamel distiller and glass carafe – Check the price at Amazon. 

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