Long Distance Pillow “If You Miss Me Hug This Pillow”

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A long-distance pillow bonds two lovers together during those long lonely nights… 

Feeling lonely can be overwhelming, but the heart can leap across the sky when your arms are holding one of these pillows. 

This physical and emotional connection between lovers is always reminding them that your heart and love is with them.

YugTex If You Miss Me Hug This Pillow Embroidered Lumbar Accent Throw Pillow Cover - Gift for Long Distance, Valentine - 14x20 Inches, Offwhite

Embroiderd Pillowcase

Five Sizes Available

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These Long-Distance Pillows & Pillowcases Provide What The Heart Needs To Feel

A long-distance pillow makes a great gift for anyone in a committed relationship. They’re perfect for him or her – or for both. And they help strengthen that bond when couples are apart for whatever reason. For a relatively inexpensive purchase, a long-distance pillow can mean the world to the recipient.

These pillowcases (and actual pillows) can be shipped virtually anywhere.  So, you can shorten the distance between two soul mates – no matter what life circumstances keep them apart at the moment.

It’s important to pay attention to the details when shopping for this kind of item. Some sellers offer single pillows, while others offer designer pillowcases only that are sold as singles, or in pairs.

Trivenee Tex Pillowcase With The Message “If You Miss Me Hug This Pillow”

Here’s a pillowcase that looks like it’s brand new in the marketplace because not a lot of people have seen it yet. The message it conveys is spelled out clearly and artistically “If you miss me hug this pillow”.

The Trivenee Tex is a budget priced throw pillowcase measuring just 18″ x 18″. It’s available in four colors – gray, natural, navy, and ivory – so you have some choices here and should be able to find one to fit your decor.

The fabric on this pillowcase is a blend of cotton and polyester and the result means that its both soft and durable. Featured artwork is needlework or embroidery and definitely adds a degree of quality to the product.

For an excellent yet inexpensive way to convey a message to a loved one – this is it. 

It’s the perfect thing for a guy to give to his wife as he heads out on a fishing trip with his buddies. Giving a small gift like this can mean a lot to your partner and can only strengthen your relationship.

A long distance pillow isn’t just a pillow, it’s a promise that you will return.  Make that promise today…click here. 

Oh Susanna – Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me

Oh, Susannah Gift Ready Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me Pillowcase Gift Kit Card Included – Long Distance Relationship Gift (20″x30″ Fits Standard or Queen Pillows)
  • One (1) luxury White pillowcase with “Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me” in black text. Dress up your bedroom and show your hipster fashion sense with this hot new item!
  • Soft and Breathable, Not screen printed – Oh, Susannah uses top quality, 120 gram, silky soft brushed microfiber fabric in all our pillowcases. We use a permanent fiber dyeing process that leaves the decoration soft and breathable so you can sleep on the decoration and not even feel it. This is not a scratchy screen print on cheap paper thin cotton. You will love sleeping on these pillowcases just as much as looking at them.
  • Super Soft – Oh, Susannah uses top quality material, 120 gram, silky soft microfiber fabric in all our pillowcases. And we use a permanent fiber dyeing process that leaves the decoration soft and breathable so you can sleep on the decoration and not even feel it. This is not a scratchy screen print on cheap paper thin cotton. You will love sleeping on these pillowcases just as much as looking at them.
  • Extremely Durable – Digital dye process means design will never fade. Machine washable, quick drying, and wrinkle resistant

Oh Susanna is a brand that’s a leader in the long distance hug pillow market and a brand worthy of your consideration. Their “HUG This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me” pillow is an excellent example of a terrific long distance pillow that touches the heart and makes a meaningful gift.

Essentially what you’re buying here is a single pillowcase and not an entire long distance pillow. Or you could purchase a set of two here . That’s because the important thing here is what the artwork and/or lettering on the outside mean.

So that’s something you’ll want to keep in mind. The key with a long distance hug pillow is the message conveyed and the comfort and emotional connection your gift recipient is going to feel when they open and use it.

That’s where the value lies with this type of gift. And it’s why manufacturers focus mostly on the message, rather than on what goes inside the shell of a pillow.

Oh Susanna provides a 125 grams of luxury microfiber (comparable to 1200 thread count of Egyptian cotton). This manufacturer has been in the game for years and its clearly the message and the artwork that makes the Oh Susanna long distance pillow a such an attraction.

Their fiber dying process ensures that any lettering and artwork remains soft and breathable and this is huge. It means that you can sleep on the decoration portion as much as on the plain blank pillow.

This is quite different from the cheaper, inferior screen prints that feel distinctly different and rough to the touch. Nobody enjoys lying on those. But people love the Oh Susanna for its comfort, design and quality.

Washable and Fade Proof – A Huge Advantage

No harmful chemicals are used. It’s durable and safe, since the ink used is eco-friendly.

It’s machine washable, quick drying, wrinkle resistant, and you’ll never have to worry about the colors fading (be sure to avoid using chlorine bleach when washing).

This kind of pillow could make an excellent gift for a wedding, anniversary, long distance relationship, engagement, friendship, Valentines, or send it as a girlfriend gift – any day of the week.

While you may not be able to be in each other’s company physically, you can still hold a tight bond with a message that communicates… a message that matters.

And this pillow is one way to communicate in a heartfelt way – without requiring you to write something creative, loving and touching. Let this pillowcase do the talking for you.

You are sure to evoke a smile, a deep feeling of happiness and gratitude, and a sense of connectedness – a feeling of being loved and in love.

It’s perfect romantic gift that’s hand decorated in the United States. It’s ideal for a boyfriend, girlfriend, long-distance relationship, engagement, anniversary, or special occasion.

It can be a touching going away gift  as one partner leaves on business or military deployment.

Designed Here But Made Over There

Designed in North Carolina to the highest standards of quality, Oh Susanna long distance pillows are made in China.

According to the manufacturer, the best quality microfiber in the world comes from China. And that’s one of the reasons they outsource their cut and sew operations there.

The other reason (presumably) is the lower costs of production. And since pillowcases are lightweight, long distance shipping is reasonably cost efficient.

A Long Distance Hug Pillow Makes A Great Gift

When you’re apart for a short time or a long time, something like this can really make a difference. It gives your love interest something to cuddle – something to hold and to hug – when you can’t be there in person.

It’s a special way to say that you’re thinking of them and it’s sure to bring a smile to their face as it helps them get through those lonely nights without you.

Each pillow is shipped in a custom-designed gift box that’s perfect for gifting and also includes a blank gift card.

You can further personalize this gift for your love by spraying it with a little perfume or cologne. If you enjoy making them melt – that ought to do the trick.

What Buyers Love Most About This Long Distance Pillow

  • Solidly made. Material is of substantial quality unlike a lot of low-end pillowcases that have flooded the market recently.
  • Comfy and cozy. It’s soft and comfortable and the high-quality makes it an excellent gift. 
  • Top Ratings. With 69 customers reporting (as of this writing).

What Some Buyers Didn’t Like

  • Product description lacked clarity. More than one buyer didn’t realize it was just a pillowcase and not an entire pillow and therefore, gave it a lower rating than was probably justified.
  • Some claim it’s a little expensive. My guess is that this kind of comment is the result of a higher price previously listed. I can’t imagine anyone balking at the price offered today. 

Impactful Communication When You Can’t Be There

These long distance relationship pillow-cases are shipped in a eco-friendly package in which you can personalize the message. It’s a great way to say “I love you” no matter how far apart you happen to be geographically.

Sending your significant loved one this gift can build an emotional bridge that expands across oceans and continents. It’s sure to enhance your love life and strengthen the unbreakable emotional bond the two of you feel.

What’s most noticeable about this product is that the material quality is top notch and features a well-done, original design. This is very important to have in a personal gift such as this. You want something slightly original that will hold up strong – just like your relationship.

What Buyers Like Most About This Long Distance Relationship Pillow

  • Original, professional artwork. You don’t need a lot of words -especially when the artwork is stellar – as is the case here.
  • Powerful message. It’s simple and heartwarming. A small gift that can make a huge impact. And you don’t need many words – or none at all – to touch a heart and feel the connection, despite the miles that might separate you.
  • Positive reviews. This pillowcase product scores very well with customers.  Though this is from a small number of buyers – just seven reviews – as of this writing.

Tell them you love them... 

BoldLoft’s Say I Love You (Without Words) Set Of 2 Pillowcases

BoldLoft Say I Love You Couples Pillowcases- Girlfriend Gifts for Anniversary Valentines Day Wedding- Romantic Gifts for Her - His and Hers Gifts for Couples

BoldLoft Say I Love You Couples Pillowcases. See it at Amazon 

BoldLoft is another strong player in the long distance pillow market. In addition to those pillows crafted with words, they also have designs created from pure artwork (with no words). This particular design works well and is quite popular because it’s all about the “love” message it sends.

With almost 2,000 very happy customer reviews, this one is clearly a winner among customers.

What BoldLoft is offering here is a set of two pillowcases that are 20″ x 30″ – so it should fit any standard or queen size pillow.

The background color is pure white and the fabric is a mix fabric of cotton and polyester. Like other BoldLoft designs, this one features an envelope enclosure to keep the pillow from coming out, rather than a zipper.

Who says you need to verbalize your feelings or deliver actual words on a product? The truth is, you can spice up your relationship and strengthen your love without any words at all.

Let the image and concept do the talking for you. Then watch what happens. It’s almost certain to make you and your partner, spouse, lover, or significant other, melt and feel the power of your love.

What Buyers Like Most About This Long Distance Relationship Pillow

  • Quality fabric. The top quality blended cotton fabric is strong and longer-lasting than several other competing products and yet is soft to the touch. It’s easy to keep looking nice. There’s less color fading and it’s also wrinkle resistant.
  • Artistic flair. The designs are cute with a compelling yet simple message. Colors used are simple yet bold and they communicate strongly. It’s a beautiful design with a sentimental message that touches the heart.
  • It works anywhere. These covers easily fit standard queen size pillows even though it’s a little bit bigger than one might expect.
  • Well made product. The quality of stitching holds up, and the cover washes well – even after multiple times.

What Some Buyers Didn’t Like

  • Could have been made more versatile. The design is only on one side of the pillow. Therefore, for an exact match, it’s best suited for couples when the male sleeps on the left.
  • Could be a little softer. Some say it’s soft – others that it’s not as soft as they would like.
  • Layout could be more practical. The opening for these pillows is on the side of the characters and it would probably be better if they were on the opposite side.
  • Gets dirty. Because it’s a bright white fabric, it tends to absorb dirt quite easily and the dirt can stand out too.

What we found most interesting about these designs is their color scheme.  First, they use a plain white background and mostly black designs in their stick figure cartoon characters. But what really makes this artwork pop with a powerful “love message” is that little bit of bright red that brings these long distance pillows to life.

When you’re far apart, Click here to get closer.  

BoldLoft Couples Pillowcase – Love Has No Distance

Here’s another BoldLoft design that makes an excellent long distance pillow set. It features one character on each pillow with half the globe. When they’re side-by-side, they form one – a whole – symbolic of a truly loving relationship.

All indications are that this one’s going to be a winner. Although that’s with only nine customers reporting with high praise.

BoldLoft uses a strong fabric that’s a combination of cotton and polyester. It’s a decent quality fabric that should last, while providing less color fading that’s less prone to wrinkling.

When you’re separated by miles and you want to feel closer to your love, this is an excellent way to convey those feelings and feel the love close to your heart.

Like other BoldLoft pillowcases, this ships in a standard eco-friendly gift box that can be personalized with your own message on the outside. That’s a cool feature – a way to tailor your message even more.

Do it now...tell them how you feel.  

Oh Susannah – “Worth The Wait” Set of Two Pillowcases

Oh, Susannah Worth The Wait Pillowcase Set - 2 20x30 Inch Queen/Standard Size Pillow Cases - Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Oh, Susannah Worth The Wait Pillowcase Set of 2 20×30 Inch Queen/Standard Size, or 20 x 40 King Sized Pillow Cases. See it at Amazon 

To round out our selection of long distance hug pillows and pillowcases, here’s another option from Oh Susannah.

This “Worth the wait” design features these words on both pillows, with a bright red heart on each that’s connected to a line leading to the other pillow. Together, they form a single-line – representative of the oneness of your love relationship. It’s the strong bond of two soul mates as one.

This design captures a nearly perfect rating from 35 customer reviews. It’s a two piece pack of pillowcases measuring 20″ x 30″ each, suitable for any standard or queen size pillow.

The fabric used is 120 gram microfiber which is silky soft and smooth. Oh Susannah consistently uses a permanent fiber dying process that embeds the artwork onto the fibers of the fabric.

But it also leaves it soft and breathable – a huge plus – so you can sleep without feeling the roughness of the decoration, like you would on lesser quality products.

What Customers Like Most

  • Quality construction. This pillow is quite durable due to the fabric and stitching used.
  • Luxurious to the touch. These pillows feel soft and elegant, and like you spent a lot more than you actually did for it.
  • Safe to use. No harmful chemicals are used in the printing process.
  • Fade resistant. This should mean that the design should never lose its clarity and fade away.
  • Easy to clean. It’s machine washable, so all you do is remove the covers and toss them into the machine.
  • Hand-decorated in the United States. This is a good option for supporting our own economy and keeping more of what we spend within the country.
  • Can ship apart. You could send one pillow to one address and the other to another, if you want. This makes it perfect as a couples gift.

What Some Buyers Didn’t Like

  • Some people don’t get it. Some people may not clearly understand the message in the way the artwork intended to communicate.
  • A little costly. Some say this was a little higher in price than expected.
  • Maybe larger than wanted. Some buyers have commented that these pillowcases may be a larger size than an actual “standard” pillow requires.

The Verdict

Overall, any of our selected long distance pillows or pillow cases would make a great gift item – but this one is our top choice.  

All these pillows are very well-made. The fabrics are thicker, and stronger blends – yet soft to the touch, with a meaningful message that touches the heart. When you can make someone you really care about feel the love in your heart – it’s worth every penny.

A long distance pillow is a tangible way of protecting your lover’s emotional well being.  While far apart, let your hearts be joined together.

Any Long Distance Hug Pillow Can Make Deployment A Little Easier

Sending your soldier a long distance love pillow can provide the peaceful comfort of your love when they need it most. You will sleep better too.

Are you expecting a new child while he is on deployment? Take a look at the AngQi pregnancy pillow.

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