Talalay Latex Foam Mattress Topper: cool, comfortable sleeping

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Stuck on talalay? You aren’t alone! There is a whole following behind the talalay latex foam mattress toppers for a good reason. They really form to you and your body. The [amazon link=”B01KYDKU20″ title=”Original Talalay Latex Foam Mattress Topper” /] by Latex Sleep Therapy is another quality talalay mattress topper choice that will leave you feeling satisfied.

Not sure if you like talalay? Read on, this mattress topper might just surprise you. The benefits go beyond just being a talalay fan. Although, I might just convert you yet. There are multiple other properties that I think you will fall in love with plenty.

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Queen Size Original Talalay Latex Mattress Pad Toppers: 2″, 3″, Many Densities. [amazon link=”B01KYDKTZS” title=”See it at Amazon” /]


The Original Talalay Latex Foam Mattress Topper by Latex Sleep Therapy has a lot of strong positive ratings. There is a reason why so many people feel compelled to do this.

There are many positive attributes that I really like about this mattress topper, and I’m betting you will too.

Pin Core Perforated

  • What in the world does that mean? It sounds like some kind of golf lingo. Reading further into it, it’s pretty basic.
  • Basically, there are a lot of holes in the mattress topper to increase the airflow. This will keep you cool and comfortable.
  • The keeping cool and comfortable is partially because of the pin core perforation, but talalay latex is also notorious for keeping you from overheating in the night.


  • A signature way to describe this latex foam mattress topper is springy. It seems to rebound easily and keeps you from sinking in.
  • Now, in saying that, you do sink in a little bit. After all, you aren’t laying on a cement bed, thank God. The thing about the talalay latex is that it forms to your body.
  • If you are thinking it’s like memory foam, you are wrong. Memory foam you really sink in quite a bit. This latex foam mattress topper is so much more supportive while still allowing you to be comfortable.


  • Raise your hand if this is one of the first things you were wondering about. Me too. If I have to buy one more product that has crazy cleaning rules and makes me buy additional products to do it, count me out.
  • Talalay is one of the cleanest things you can sleep on. I love that about it. It’s antimicrobial which means you don’t have to worry about decontamination after an illness. I can’t say the same for your sheets though, so wash those up pronto.
  • It’s also hypoallergenic. This is such great news for all you allergy sufferers out there. No more puffy eyes in the morning. Well, at least not from your bed.
  • It’s also resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites. Can you imagine the things in your mattress if you didn’t have this on top of it? I’ll bet you are really looking forward to sleeping on this now.

Excellent Ratings

  • There is an overwhelming amount of positive ratings on this topper! In fact, I had to search high and low for any negative ones. That’s a really good sign.
  • Think long and hard about the last time you purchased something and actually went back to write a positive review. I hardly ever do it. The only time I do is if I REALLY like something. Let that sink in about the number and quality of these positive reviews.

Talalay Latex

Talalay latex mattress topper close up view. Full Stride Health
Talalay latex foam mattress topper close up view.
  • If you are in the team talalay camp, this mattress topper is right for you. Talalay is made differently than the dunlop latex mattress toppers. It has a highly consistent makeup.
  • What does that mean for you? Well, with a dunlop latex mattress topper, the sediment or heavier parts of the latex, shift to the bottom. This leaves a softer top and firmer bottom. With talalay the product is flash frozen and then baked.
  • This leaves the latex super consistent throughout the whole mattress topper. That leaves no random hard or soft parts. That means, you can flip it over and use either side. You don’t have to worry about it having
    patches that are too soft where you need it to be firmer. Consistency is key here.


There are always a few drawbacks to any mattress topper. The Original Talalay Latex Foam Mattress Topper is no different. I wish it was, that would make my job a hell of a lot easier, but that’s okay. You need all the information to make the best decision and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


  • The sticker shock is a little tough to get around. At $500+ for the [amazon link=”B01KYDKTZI” title=”3 inch thick extra firm queen size” /], you are probably wondering why someone would still buy this thing.   Hot sleepers can’t stand the heat retained by memory foam toppers.  However, this latex foam mattress topper has numerous pin core holes to keep your bed temperature normal.  Also, if you have chronic pain or even just need a firmer mattress, you are with me in paying this amount.
  • The firmness level affects the price.  A softer firmness level will be less expensive.
  • [amazon link=”B01KYDKTZS” title=”The 2 inch thickness topper is also considerably less expensive.” /]
  • Talalay latex has a different process. That process has more steps, has more equipment, and takes longer. That adds up to a higher price. The company isn’t out there to gouge your pocketbook. They just have to be able to cover their costs and feed their families too.


  • Unfortunately, this mattress topper seems to be softer than desired if you are looking for a very firm mattress. If that’s the case you could double up (price gouge!) or go with a different mattress topper all together.

Not 100% Natural

  • This is one of those things that is pretty black and white for most people. Either you care if it’s 100% natural or you don’t. It’s a matter of preference here. It does seem harder to want to buy something that isn’t labeled organic or 100% natural now though. I’m right there with you in that.  So, if you really want all natural, check out this 100% Natural Latex Topper.

The Verdict On The Talalay Latex Foam Mattress Topper 

The Original Talalay Latex Foam Mattress Topper by Latex Sleep Therapy is a quality choice for a mattress topper. While it isn’t 100% natural and has a high sticker shock, it is 100% comfortable and a high quality product at that. Talalay fans will love this mattress topper. If you aren’t a talalay fan, you may just be now.

The cool, comfortable, clean, and ergonomic topper will have you forgetting about counting sheep. You can just lay down with a big smile on your face and fall asleep peacefully. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the bed bugs biting. Let’s get rid of that saying forever, shall we?

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