Knee Pain Remedy At Home: How To Start Enjoying Life Again

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A good knee is one of those things you never knew you had until its gone. Using a knee pain remedy at home is easier, cheaper and safer than surgery.

US residents collectively spend excesses of $500 million on knee surgeries alone every year.

The real question is, how can you rehabilitate a bad knee without going through expensive intrusive surgeries?

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Need a knee pain remedy so you can get back to enjoying life? Check this out. 

Knee Pain Is A Fact Of Life

The knee joint is actually the largest joint in the body. We use the knee in almost all tasks – gardening, sitting, or squatting to get items on the lowermost shelf at the grocery store -think about it.

When we dunk while playing basketball, the knees absorb that impact. Any sport or activity that repeatedly impacts the knee can create a knee injury and pain.

Inflammation causes knee pain from even minor physical abuse of the knees.

There are various knee pain remedy home treatment options depending on how extensive the damage is.

The cartilage (a soft rubbery tissue coating the joints) is naturally worn out as we age. There’s no medically approved cure for this.

Typically, torn tendons need to be replaced surgically.

Easy Knee Pain Remedy At Home

  • Try the RICE therapy

Rest, ice, compress and elevate (RICE). Let your knee rest for a few days on the onset of pain.

Place an ice pack over it for a few minutes at a time, and the swelling will subside.

Keep the knee elevated by placing a soft pillow under it.

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Knee sleeves  may help by compressing the joint. Get a second knee sleeve so that you have a clean one to support your knee while sleeping.

A knee sleeve was mandatory for sleeping, when I had a torn meniscus.

  • Eat healthy, anti-inflammatory foods

Osteoarthritis is inflammation of the knee. It makes sense to switch to a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods like spinach, nuts, blueberries and cherries – all rich in poly-nutrients.

These anti-oxidants, in fact, help relieve knee pain in the long run, in more than one way as you’ll come to see.

Fatty cold-water fish like tuna, salmon and herring are all rich in omega fatty acids. You need it (the fatty acids) for its anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Bone broth (soup) for knee pain

When you make bone soup , you get collagen, which the body uses to rebuild tissues like the tendons that hold the knee in place.

Also, bone soup does contain hyaluronic acid, that is often given as an oral supplement to osteoarthritis patients. [1]

Hyaluronic acid  has been shown to be anti-inflammatory (reduces pain), and lubricates the knee joint. Which also reduces knee pain.

Modern medicine claims that arthritis cannot be cured, and degenerated joints cannot be restored. That may or may not be the sad truth. But we can slow this process, by giving the body the nutrients its lacking.

Arthritic Knee Pain Is NOT From Old Age

There are more than 100 types of arthritis, and at least one of them (Psoriatic Arthritis) can start when you are a child. [2]

Gout is another type of arthritis that is caused by inflammation, and is not the result of old age. I have written about this extensively and have provided a potential cure for gout.

So, arthritis isn’t always a function of age. There are many older people who do not have arthritis (including me). So, our joints don’t have to wear out with time.

Knee arthritis problems, that doctors say are old age related, I believe to be caused by a the lack of proper nutrition. Such as the bone soup and the hyaluronic acid I mentioned earlier.

Other than physical knee damage (from sports, etc.), knee arthritis, results when knee cartilage is worn out, because we’re lacking vital nutrients.

More Natural Knee Pain Reduction Treatments

  • Lose Weight

Your knees will thank you for it. The link between being overweight and having a bad knee is an obvious one.

By reducing a few pounds, you reduce stress on the knee that would otherwise cause irritation. Maintaining a healthy weight has its other advantages which you’re certainly aware of.

  • Take a long, relaxing warm bath

Doctors recommend taking a long hot bath, especially in a hot tub, where you can stretch, as its soothing your pain away.

The heat promotes fast recovery by relaxing the muscles and tendons on the knee.

It may help speed up recovery by promoting blood circulation in the joint. Blood delivers the required nutrients to the knee to create the healing process.

Relaxing in a tub gets your weight off your knees, giving them the much-needed rest too.

You might also find pain relief from an in-home steam shower whirlpool combination.


  1. Recent advances in hyaluronic acid based therapy for osteoarthritis.

2. 5 Common Types of Arthritis

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Knee Pain Remedy At Home: How To Start Enjoying Life Again
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