I’m So Tired But I Can’t Sleep – Dr. Oz & Quotes About Sleep

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I’m so tired but I can’t sleep.  That is what doctors hear every day.  So, Dr. Oz has some advice about sleeping better from his T.V. show that was aired on 9/10/2014 which was titled: Dr Oz Sleep Solutions Revealed

Dr Oz said:

“If you can’t fall asleep Dr. Breus is recommending an omega rich breakfast.”

Dr. (Michael) Breus said:

“Well, there are a couple of different things that you can eat to increase your omega3s: oatmeal, walnuts, chia seeds , and flaxseeds .

Um, even just one nice scoop of chia seeds in a smoothie, or something like that in the morning can absolutely help, and here’s what we know.

These omega 3s actually help with the production of internal melatonin.  Right.

So, you no longer have to take supplemental melatonin, because if you are eating right, and getting your own omega3s during the day, it can not only help you fall asleep, but to stay asleep.  Which is a big factor.”

Dr. Oz:

“…most people, if they have caffeine after lunch are going to have issues with it at night time.”

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Keep Your Bedroom Cool To Stop The “I’m So Tired But I Can’t Sleep ” Worries

Dr. Breus:

“People with insomnia have higher core temperatures.  So, they’re much more likely to be affected by temperature.

People with insomnia, even mostly women, believe it or not.  That night when we were talking, a lot of women on the phone talking about temperature, and about how it was having a major effect on their sleep.”

Dr. Oz:

“From now on, I want your temperature in your bedroom set like this, 65-67 degrees.”

Dr. Breus:

“So, first of all, sleep aids are a short-term solution.  They’re not a long-term solution.

If you look at any of the package inserts, they all say the same thing.  This is for breaking the cycle of insomnia. It’s not for extended use.

We also know that some of these medications can have pretty significant side effects.  Especially, when mixed with alcohol.

A lot of people may have a glass of wine with dinner.  Not think about it. Have their sleep aid, and then you have an even bigger problem on your hands. Sleep eating, sleep driving.  Things of that nature.

And here’s the kicker, while many of these will help you fall asleep, they only actually extend your sleep by maybe 11 to 15, 18 minutes.”

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The Best Natural Sleep Aid Is Physical Exertion

Hi, this is Richard Quick.  The best way to fall asleep and stay asleep all night is to be physically exhausted from activity.

Yup, after a day of strenuous work, you’ll have no trouble going to sleep.  I proved it when I was a teenager and throughout my adult life.

That’s not to say all of my jobs were hard labor, because most of them were not.

However, some of my pastimes are quite physically demanding.

Get Outdoors, Be Active, And Sleep Like A Rock

Sleeping like a rock. Sleeping Indian at Sheep Mountain Jackson WY
Sleeping Indian at Sheep Mountain, Jackson WY

Anyone who has spent the day canoeing in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) in northern Minnesota, or hiked in Glacier National Park in Montana has never said: “I’m so tired but I can’t sleep” .

Granted, many people are not able to get out in nature as often as they would like.

Nor could they portage a canoe or carry a backpack all day.

So, today many people go to a fitness center to get physically exhausted. 

That’s a good choice, for many reasons, but many people can’t stick to it.

However, many outdoor activities are enjoyable, and you can burn calories and build muscle at the same time. 

So, get outdoors and enjoy life – you’ll smile more, and you’ll sleep better too.

IMHO there is a big difference between a workout at the gym and being out in nature. 

The natural environment is able to refresh you, and heal you, in ways that a gym or fitness center never will.

No matter what your physical abilities are, or what your limitations are, the more movement your body gets the healthier you will be. 

Push yourself to a little higher level of exertion than you are accustomed to.

When you regularly exert your body to a higher level of physical effort, you’ll lose weight, feel better and sleep better.

Smile!  Life is supposed to be happy!

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Hello Insomnia, my old friend. FullStrideHealth.com
Hello Insomnia, my old friend

I’ve come to sleep with you again

because my desire for sleeping

across the ceiling it is creeping

and the desire for sleep, dancing within my brain

still remains

within the fading darkness

Adapted from: The Sound of Silence
by Simon & Garfunkel
“I’ve given up trying to get a good night’s sleep…I'd settle for a cat nap."
“I’ve given up trying to get a good night’s sleep…I’d settle for a cat nap.”
"My alarm clock hates me.  It only rings when it's time to sleep."
“My alarm clock hates me. It only rings when It’s time to sleep.”
"When I go to bed. Why do I remember everything I forgot during the day?" FullStrideHealth.com
“When I go to bed. Why do I remember everything I forgot during the day?”
"I can’t sleep, because my eyes are w-i-d-e open. 
How can you sleep with your eyes open? 
 Just go to work."
“I can’t sleep,
because my eyes are
w-i-d-e open.
How can you sleep with your eyes open?
Just go to work. “
"I wish I could snore like my partner does." 
“I wish I could snore like my partner does.”
"Snoring sounds so inviting. I hope to snore a lot tonight." FullStrideHealth.com.
“Snoring sounds so inviting. I hope to snore a lot tonight.”
"Sleep walking?  I’d settle for walk sleeping."  FullStrideHealth.com
“Sleep walking? I’d settle for walk sleeping.”
Dr. Mehmet Oz.  Dr. Mehmet Oz
“If we can fix your sleep.  We can help you prevent all of these problems that I see every day: Diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks, depression and anxiety, lack of energy.  A whole constellation of issues.  Now, to get rid of these, it all starts with sleep.”
Dr. Mehmet Oz
“If we can fix your sleep.  We can help you prevent all of these problems that I see every day: Diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks, depression and anxiety, lack of energy.  A whole constellation of issues.  Now, to get rid of these, it all starts with sleep.”

Photo by Michael Wuertenberg
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