Husband Pillow Review: Best Backrest For Bed, Sofa, Floor

The Husband Pillow is more comfortable than your Hubby.

To comfortably read or work from bed requires more than a stack of standard pillows propped up behind your back.

You need something substantial for better support; something designed to prop you up and ease the strain you place on your back. 

Dare I say…”The Husband Pillow has got your back.”

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For a supportive backrest to use in bed for sleeping, resting, lounging, watching TV, or reading – the Husband Pillow is worth checking out in greater detail. It is a large support pillow that makes life more enjoyable.

If you need bed rest after surgery or illness, this could be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s also useful for those if us who like to use a laptop, tablet, or cell phone while relaxing in bed or on the sofa.

Which Original Husband Pillow Color Do Like Best?

Choose Your Aspen Edition Husband Pillow Color

The Husband pillow is a large, dark gray (or 15 other colors) reading pillow with support arms designed to help you sit up tall and straight in bed. Doing so is not only good for your spine, but the support and soft comfort it provides actually feels good.

It features a built-in back pocket to hold a book or magazine, as well as a side pocket that’s an ideal place for your phone, remote control, or tablet.

This pillow features premium grade shredded memory foam and a detachable neck pillow on a bungee cord for making adjustments more easily.

It also has a zippered cover that’s removable for easy cleaning in any washer.

An Impressive Rating From A Significant Number of Reviews

One factor that caught my attention was this: the husband pillow scores very well from 463 customer reviews (as of this writing).

With such a quantity of actual buyer feedback, it’s clear that this model of backrest pillow is a market favorite. One fact that makes this support pillow more appealing is that it’s made right here in the United States.

While some manufacturers offer only a single fabric and color, the Husband Pillow is available in 16 different original colors including: black, white, pink, sky blue, red, chocolate, maroon, tan, purple, dark blue, dark green, light gray, Carolina blue, dark gray, desert sage, and light purple.

Also, available in 9 Aspen Edition colors: Iron Grey, Cowboy Taupe, Arizona Maroon, Stable Black, Saddle Brown, Rodeo Blue, Ramona Green, Mauve Purple, and Sliding Raspberry.

Somewhere on this list is a color that will meet your needs, and is at least compatible with your decor.

The Old Way Just Doesn’t Compare

Standard pillows might be okay for a little added comfort. But this is a cushioned backrest pillow designed to provide critical support for your back.

Combine this support feature with the premium shredded memory foam core supplied and you’ve got a solid combination that alleviates pain and helps you sit up in bed longer.

The Husband Pillow is versatile and somewhat portable. You can pick it up off the bed and take it to the couch. But if you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, or you don’t have full mobility, it can be somewhat cumbersome to relocate frequently.

Since the inner foam is held in place with a zippered shell, you can simply open the zipper and add or remove foam to adjust this cushion for your individual comfort.

The Husband pillow is taller at 31 inches in height and wider (39 inches total from the outside of one armrest to the other) than most backrest pillows on the market today.

It’s a well-made product that’s backed by 100 day money-back guarantee as well as a three-year warranty direct from the manufacturer.

The range of colored covers (see above) is also better than you’ll find from virtually any other source. You can even change the color by just getting a separate cover.

The design of the husband pillow permits it to cradle your body even as it cushions not only your head and neck, but also your back and arms.

Dimensions Of The Husband Pillow

31 inches tall
33 inches wide to 39 inches wide
7 inch high neck roll support pillow
7 inch high by 12 inch length arm supports

You can customize this pillow to get the exact feel of comfort you want. Adjustments can also be made to increase the support provided in any area that you may require.

For example, let’s say you’ve injured yourself and your arm is in a sling.

Since additional shredded memory foam can be purchased separately, you can add extra foam to one armrest.

This increases its height and density, while also providing additional relief and comfort.

Cleaning Is As Easy As It Gets

The cover material is a high-quality micro suede fabric that’s soft, smooth and inviting to the touch.

Both covers – the one housing the main support pillow as well as the neck roll – are fully detachable and machine washable. This makes it easy to keep even the lighter colors clean and fresh.

When your pillow is showing more wear and tear than you like, it’s good to know these covers are replaceable.

Individual covers can be purchased as a extra add-on when you buy your Husband pillow, or at a later date. Either way, you should get plenty of use out of it.

You May Be Surprised By The Number Of Ways It Can Be Used

There are many ways you can use your husband pillow. It was designed to help people sit up straighter in bed. But it also can work on the couch, or even the floor (at least for those nimble enough to find comfort there).

Wherever you choose to deploy the Husband Pillow, it provides excellent support for reading, watching TV, playing board games, using a laptop, tablet, or phone, or taking in a full-length movie – without hurting your back.

It even works well for mothers who are breast-feeding.

When lounging, reading, resting, and sleeping – a well made support pillow like this can make a difference.

When bed rest is required and you can’t quite lie flat on your back, the Husband cushion provides more than enough comfort and support.

If you’re traveling on the road, you can take it with you. It can make your hotel stay more comfortable by having a support pillow to place on the bed to watch TV, read, or to check your notes on your laptop or tablet, prior to that important business presentation.

Fresh Air and Sunshine Gets Rid Of The Smell

As with all products that contain memory foam, this one needs to be aired out before use. It’s this strong, chemical odor that you want to get rid of before using the pillow in your bedroom or living room.

The fastest and easiest way is to get your brand new Husband pillow into usable condition is to place the whole thing in the dryer on low heat and let it run for 20 to 30 minutes. That’s the quick method.

But placing it out in the sunshine and letting the pillow “air out” completely is a better option. Leave it out for a day or two if you can. This will virtually ensure that the smell has dissipated completely by the time you go to use it.

Is This Freestanding?

While the claims made state that this is a freestanding unit, there are limits to what you can do with this type of a pillow in a freestanding mode.

If you want to lean against the backrest and get full support, it’s best to be propped up against a wall or headboard – or the backrest of the sofa. The neck roll, because it is so flexible, also needs to be supported by something solid.

The Husband pillow was primarily designed to be used on a bed. It can also be used on a couch or on the floor. But it’s not recommended for something like an office chair because of its large size and bulky construction. There simply wouldn’t be much room for the cushion and your body on most office chairs.

Where The Husband Pillow Really Shines

Do you struggle to pile one pillow on top of another pillow, just to get comfortable on your bed, so you can watch a movie or to read? 

The Husband will put an end to the need for additional pillows and it will provide comfy support for your back and shoulders. 

Just sit back and relax, to watch TV or play a game on your tablet.

It’s a far better option than standard pillows due to the much better support you’ll have for your back, neck, and arms.

The trick seems to be selecting the best size and adjusting it to suit. While the fabric itself does not stretch, there is a detachable neck roll that can help extend the range of support which is particularly important for larger adults.

Keep in mind that this and any other backrest support pillow is best used when you have a wall, tall headboard or high-back sofa behind you. This helps provide a solid foundation for your back and neck.

It’s a little bit of home comfort you can take with you when you’re on the road. If you’re driving to the cottage, cabin, or lake house, don’t forget to take your Husband Pillow cushion along.

If you’re travelling in an RV, this is the perfect accompaniment.

Just remember that it’s a large and somewhat bulky item to carry. So you won’t be able to package it inside your luggage. But if you are traveling by car or camper, you can certainly take it with you and then carry it into your hotel or motel room.

Be sure to use the husband pillow as it was designed. While its freestanding design allows you to place it anywhere, for maximum support and enjoyment you’ll want to lean back into it. Therefore, it requires some sort of support behind it.

Finding Your Comfort Zone Just Got Easier

Some find this pillow delivers perfect form right out-of-the-box. But you can adjust the level of firmness by adding or removing foam.

In this way the husband pillow is totally customizable. Making it fit your body and comfort level can take some adjusting. But it’s totally worth it to get this just right. If you follow the enclosed instructions, you can’t go wrong.

Some buyers have complained that the backrest they received didn’t fluff up and fill out the way it supposed to. Not to worry. There are a couple of options here. First of all make sure you follow the instructions as given.

Break up the foam and allow it to fully expand. This can take a day or more and is best done outside in bright sunshine, where the chemical odors can dissipate without any negative effect on you or your family.

Don’t be in too much of a rush to use it. Set it up correctly and it will provide you with years of reliable service. Not only are you getting a stable backrest and just the right amount of support, you’re also getting a memory foam cushion that cradles you with comforting warmth.

For anyone prone to slouching on the couch, this pillow helps correct this issue by taking pressure off the spine and relieving your frame by helping you maintain a more upright position.

Help Yourself and The Environment

For those of us who are conscious about the delicate nature of our environment and want to do something about it, here’s a great opportunity, without it costing you any extra. Husband donates a portion of each sale to the Ocean Cleanup Project – a foundation that develops technologies for removing plastic pollution from the world’s oceans.

What Buyers Like Most

  • Soft, comfortable cover. Smooth micro suede fabric means it’s soft to the touch.
  • Memory foam interior. Fluffy and adjustable premium shredded memory foam core enables you to customize the cushion and enjoy the unmatched comfort of memory foam.
  • Removable cover. Simply unzip the cover as needed. This makes it very easy to machine clean.
  • Built-in pockets. It’s a small thing, but handy at the same time. You’ll find yourself using them more often than you thought you would.
  • Useful sofa accessory. It can convert any deep or large couch into a comfortable, supportive seat for any purpose.

What Some Buyers Didn’t Like

  • Its large and cumbersome. The Husband Pillow is bigger than most people expect and quite heavy at 9.1 pounds. This can make it a little more challenging to move around – or to store.
  • Neck support often falls forward or backward. This is to be expected since it’s a separate pillow attached by a bungee cord. To keep the neck support in place, use the cord to loop around the buttons and then put the last loop through the buttonhole. Lean against a stable surface like a wall or headboard and it should work just fine.
  • It can take a little time to break in. Some people have to rough it up physically in order to get the form to expand and provide the comfort level they require.

What’s The Verdict On The Husband Pillow?

When I’m sitting in bed, I need someplace to put things instead of losing them in the bed. 

So, for me the pockets are a necessity. 

The cheaper competitors don’t have pockets – that’s why they are cheaper.

The Husband pillow is quite firm and well made.

The cover is soft to the touch and available in such a wide variety of colors that you’re bound to find one that suits your decor.

An added plus is that the cover is also zippered and it’s machine washable.

If you find that your cushion softens too much, loses it shape, or becomes uncomfortably lumpy, you can order additional memory foam to fluff it up, and provide that perfect level of soft comfort again.

If you’re looking for a reliable backrest pillow to use on your bed or couch, this Husband makes an excellent choice.

Cowboy Taupe Husband Pillow.
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The Original Tan Husband Pillow

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Although some mothers use the husband pillow for nursing their baby, we have collected the best nursing pillows for your personal needs.

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