H2o Labs Water Distiller Reviews: Best Home Water Distiller?

Instead of having to make inconvenient frequent trips to the store, wouldn’t it be a simply better idea to get an H2o Labs water distiller?

You could save up on money and have easy access to freshwater.

The water from a distiller is clean enough that it has found its place in hospitals, and it can easily become a household item.

Distilled water isn’t only useful for drinking. As it is clean water, you can use it for a number of tasks.

However, more than anything, we have a hard time getting hold of  pure drinking water. Either we have to buy pure water from a local store or hope the one from out tap isn’t contaminated.

Not everyone has the right equipment that allows them to produce clean drinking water at home.

Advancements in the field of technology have shown its mark when it comes to water distillers as well.

The process of distilling water has continued to improve over the years, and at this point, it is one of the most effective methods of obtaining clean water.

If you set up a distiller in your house, you won’t have to worry about a source of contamination-free water.

As it is simply processing the usual water supply in your home and turning it into a clean one, you won’t have to run to the store every now and then for bottled water.

And yes, setting up a water distiller and its maintenance might seem costly at the initial stage. But if you calculate the drive to store every day and the amount of expensive bottled water you have to buy, you will see that you are actually saving up on a large amount of expense.

What Exactly Is A Water Distiller?

A water distiller is a type of equipment used in houses, offices, and even hospitals to produce clean and safe water, which is free of any germs or contamination.

It is possible due to the machine’s ability to first heat regular water to turn it into vapor before condensation takes place. Then, it turns into liquid again. 

There are certain impurities in the environment, such as heavy metals, certain bacterias that can’t be boiled. So, the distiller gets rid of them during the evaporation process.

As the transition of the water from liquid to gas occurs, bacterias and arsenic stay behind in the boiling chamber of the distiller while the now hot water is being cooled and returning to its liquid state. The water that now comes out of the distiller is completely pure.

What Are the Impurities Removed By A Water Distiller?

A water distiller is capable of removing several impurities. Certain heavy metals, leads, dissolved salts, and even organic compounds are usually filtered out by a distiller.

As it turns water into a vapor state, a distiller can get rid of about 99 percent of the contaminants during that process.

During the heating process, viruses are killed off. Also, microorganisms that can be dangerous, and pathogenic bacteria don’t hold out long against the high temperatures.

Water distillers also separates the copper, iron, nitrate, and other such contaminants from the water.

Read more about the benefits of distilled water.

Does A Water Distiller Leave Any Minerals Behind In The Water?

It can’t be denied that once a water distiller purifies water, usually, no minerals are left behind.

There is a belief that we can get minerals from the usual food around us. Sadly, it is entirely not true. A 1940 research from the U.S government found out that the soil has long since been depleted of minerals in food.

Only in case of organic food, where the soil is purposely sprinkled with minerals do you get the required mineral content in food. The regular food you are eating is basically absent of minerals or has minimal amounts.

People have varied concerns on this issue. People who live under the mistaken impression that they are already getting minerals from food don’t care about the mineral content in distilled water.

Others who want mineral content in distilled water are hesitant about drinking it.

The perfect remedy is to add minerals back into the water once you have distilled it. The water is now pure, so the only thing it lacks is the mineral content.

Fortunately, adding Himalayan salt or squeezing a bit of lemon into the water adds back the minerals that the distillation process has gotten rid of.

Why Focus On The H2o Labs Water Distiller Brand?

You might be curious as to why we specifically sought out water distillers from H2o Labs for reviewing purposes.

It is because we have been quite impressed with the overall market demand and the quality of the distillers.

Customers appear to be highly impressed with the brand. It’s also important to note that the brand doesn’t engage in false advertising. The machines work exactly as they are supposed to.

Of course, the different H2o Labs water distiller models aren’t perfect for everyone. There is always something appealing to one customer and not the other, but overall, the products seem to be made with the best quality material.

H2o Labs have been around for a long time, and they seem nowhere near interested in ruining their reputation.

H2o Labs distribute their water distiller in mainly two countries. It’s limited within Europe And U.S. However, if someone is willing to pay the shipping fee, they can order from a considerable distance.  

The company provides a standard guarantee on all its products. However, 24 months and 36 months guarantee on models is provided for those willing to pay more and having their product insured for a longer period.

The most impressive part of H2o Labs has to be customer service, though. Not one customer has expressed any offense after talking to a representative. They are all friendly people who are willing to go to great lengths to discuss the water distillers.

There are certain other things about the water distillers that seem to be true for all products. For one, these are all BPA free. Even if the difference in quality and price differs from product to product, it is the one thing that never changes.

Another thing is the material used for the interior. It’s all stainless steel, so the water doesn’t have to touch any plastic parts.

Even for the nozzle, it’s either glass or porcelain to prevent water from leaking into the plastic parts. It helps that the plastic is still BPA free and food grade qualified, so even if a mishap occurs, the water isn’t contaminated.

We will take a look at H2o Labs water distiller variations, one at a time. We have mainly focused on the countertop distiller and the Easy Fill Model 200.

H2o Labs Water Distiller: Stainless Steel With Glass Carafe

Among the water distillers in the market, H2o Labs is leading in terms of production and price. They have their usual classic water distiller, which is available in 6 different variations.

They also have the distinct Easy Fill Model 200, which is quite unique. Let’s take a look at both of them.

Electric PlugStandard US Plug
Material TypeStainless Steel

When making these water distillers, H2o Labs went through great lengths to rigorously test every part of the distiller. It’s function, maintenance, quality, and design have all been put together with great care.

You can see the clear difference in quality from other distillers of its range from the use of Grade 304 Stainless steel. The carafe is of glass.

The nozzle insert is of porcelain, an innovative input that makes sure water doesn’t come in contact with plastic or metal after it has been cleansed.

As for the little plastic used for the distiller, it has been made with food safe and BPA free material.

Easy to useNeeds to be cleaned regularly, like any other distiller.
Solid glass carafeWater sometimes has a certain metallic taste at first. This is caused by a lack of minerals. Add a few drops of Alkazone to replace the minerals.
It takes 2 to 3 minutes to clean and refill 
Friendly customer service 
Good guarantee period 
Electric PlugStandard U.S Plug
Material TypeStainless Steel

This H2o Labs water distiller differs from the previous product mainly on one point. It has a Polypropylene carafe instead of a glass one. As such, the price is lower than other water distillers of the same range.

Polypropylene can be a big relief for those who don’t feel comfortable using a glass carafe. Maybe you have kids at home and don’t want the glass to accidentally break and create a mess or for them to get hurt.

Some customers have pointed out the carafe could also stand to be bigger. Otherwise, though, the level of satisfaction from the water distiller seems to be the same.

The distiller has an automatic shut off, but some have recommended shutting it off manually makes it easier to clean up the mineral deposits.

Despite the drop in price, there doesn’t seem to be any visible difference in the quality. The 304-grade stainless steel and the porcelain nozzle does its job perfectly.

It’s BPA free and food safe as for the plastic parts. Certainly, H2o Labs’ water distillers are the best in the business.

Best quality stainless steelPolypropylene Carafe
Water tastes greatThe carafe is smaller than preferred by some customers.
Quite inexpensive 
BPA free 
Only takes 5 hours to produce one gallon 
Electric PlugStandard US Plug
Material TypeStainless Steel
ColorClassic White

The first thing you are bound to notice about the water distiller is its price. Yes, it’s certainly lower than all the other distillers with similar features from H20 labs. It’s low compared to distillers from other companies in the market as well.

Or is it the classic white color that attracted your attention first? It is still the standard water distiller from H20 labs. Only, the carafe is again, of Polypropylene.

And instead of the standard steel and transparent color for other distillers, this one has been painted pure white. You don’t need to worry about the color coming in contact with the water. It’s only the outside that has been designed differently.

The stainless 304-grade steel graces the bottom, sides, the dome, and the condensing coil. For the few plastic parts, it’s all BPA free.

Despite the significant drop in price, the satisfaction with the distiller continues to be high.

It might also be a  good idea to try the distiller for the white color alone. After all, it just looks pretty on your countertop.

Good durabilityA little noisy
Water tastes greatNeeds to be cleaned frequently
Thoroughly purifies the water 
Visually pleasant to look at 
No need for a timer. Automatic shut off. 
Electric PlugStandard U.S Plug
Material TypeStainless Steel
ColorClassic White

A little pricier from the previous one, the clear difference lies in the glass nozzle and glass carafe.  Customers have previously shown a clear preference for the glass carafe.

The glass nozzle also makes the H2o labs water distiller look classier. The combination of the overall classic white color with the glass carafe and glass nozzle makes it one of the most visually pleasing H2o Labs’ water distiller.

If nothing else, it certainly looks adorable on your kitchen countertop.

The assembling is particularly easy. For those who have never used a water distiller before, reading the instructions should give you a clear idea of how to operate it.

Customers also seem to be highly satisfied with H2o Labs’ customer service. A quick conversation with them should clear all queries.

Excellent customer serviceThe spout is a bit small
Easy cleaningRegular cleaning needed
Ease of operation 
Great design 
Automatic shut off 
Electric PlugStandard Uk Plug
Material TypeStainless Steel

This stainless steel water distiller has a power of 240 volts. This is higher than the U.S standard volts. As such, the plug is also made with European standards.

The H2o Labs water distiller can only be used in European countries or the ones that have European plug and voltage capacity. It is recommended that you do not try to buy it if you live in a North American country.

 The steel grade is 304, which is also referred to as 18/8. It covers the sides, bottom, dome, and condensing coil of the water distiller, giving it maximum durability.

The carafe is glass, and the nozzle is porcelain for this one.

Easy to useCan spill if you’re pouring water when the pitcher is full
Produces water that tastes goodDaily cleaning required when used for very hard water.
Easy maintenance 
Water doesn’t come in contact with plastic parts 
CountryU.K., France, Germany
Electric PlugStandard Uk Plug
Material TypeStainless Steel

For this water distiller from H2o Labs, any and all plastic used for the product has been made food safe. It’s also free of BPA.

The steam chamber of the distiller- all sides, dome, and the bottom- along with the condensing coil, has been made with stainless steel.

It’s a 304-grade stainless steel. That is, usually, the most used and preferred one. This stainless steel grade is also known for its versatility.

The insert is a glass nozzle. This way, once the water is purified, it doesn’t come in contact with metal or plastic.

H2o Labs is especially proud of its carbon pods, which has a longer lasting guarantee than other distillers of similar specifications and price range. The filtering media is also said to be more effective and three times the usual power.

The heating element has been specifically limited to an optimal 565 Watt. This choice is made carefully by H2o labs.

If the heating element is too large, the boiling process of water also becomes too fast.

And no, heating the water faster doesn’t get the work done faster. Instead, the water vapor can get mixed with the VOC vapors and other impurities.

The product comes along with a glass carafe, which is easy to use, and activated carbon pods- the supply of which should last a year.

This model also comes with a big jar that is full of cleaning crystals that are non-toxic. It is for cleaning off the hard water mineral deposits..

It operates on 230 volts and is suited for European countries.

Beautiful glass nozzle insertUses more electricity than some distillers
Pure quality stainless steelCan’t be used in specific countries
Good Price 
Water tastes explicitly good enough for tea, coffee, and other beverages 
Size 11 L x 10 W x 13 H
Unit Weight7 3/4 lbs.
Reservoir CapacityOne Gallon
Collection Tank CapacityOne Gallon  
Power SourceAC 120V/60Hz
Power Consumption600W 5A  

As far as countertop distillers are concerned, this is one of the most advanced ones. It is designed with maximum functionality in mind.

For people who haven’t used H2o Labs water distillers before, the operation for this one is particularly easy, so the customers don’t have to go through a hard time.

There is an LED light that indicates when the distiller is low on water so you could refill it, or know when you should reset it.

It’s also energy-efficient and tries to use as little power as it can, thus saving you some money.

The countertop distiller is also lightweight, so the owner could easily rearrange its designated position.

There is a water feed valve from where water can be sucked into the distiller constantly. The distiller has a water holding tank where it stores water until you’re ready to drink or use it.

In 5 hours, the distiller processes and cleans 1 gallon of water. By that count, it should be able to process at least 4 gallons in a day.

This is designated explicitly for North American countries. The voltage is about 110 to 120 volt. As such, it isn’t suitable for higher voltage countries.

Electric cost is low. Lower than what it would cost for buying a gallon of water from a  store.Prominent plastic odor at first. Just run another gallon of water.
Easy refill. It can directly fill water from the sink faucet.The plastic tray has to be cleaned from time to time.
Inexpensive Purchase. 
Shuts Off Automatically 
Easy cleaning 

Final Review

As you can see, the standard countertop water distiller models are mostly similar in quality and operation. It’s only the price, and sometimes the nozzle and carafe that differs.

Along with stainless steel and advanced functionality, it’s quite useful for those who would otherwise have to run to the store frequently.

However, there might be travelers among us. Those who might even need to carry a water distiller along with them, because they have strict orders to only drink pure water.

In that case, the alternative model, Easy Fill Model 200 is bound to appeal to them more. It’s a light distiller that can be easily packed for long term travel.

It’s also useful if you need to change homes frequently for whatever reasons.

Despite the advanced options, the Easy Fill Model 200 is still priced lower than the standard countertop models. We assume many would become a fan of it.

Once you have purchased any of these products, you can ensure further durability by prolonging the guarantee. The overall extra cost for guarantee isn’t much.

In the end, both these models have their pros and cons.

What we can assure you is that you will get pure, freshwater from both. It will also last for a long time. So, all you need to do is pick one. Don’t wait too long to order!

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    • Hi Debra,
      Thanks for letting us know about your experiences. Unfortunately not everyone is happy with their peurchases.
      I have noticed several other customers have made purchases. They have not commented. Nor have they returned the products. So I can only assume that they are happy customers.
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