5 Ways to Add Soy to Your Kid’s Meal

Bowl of soy beans and a mug of soy milk.

In the past few years, soy has become a more common protein in school lunches. It’s also become the go-to source of protein for parents looking to add it to their kids’ meals. This nutritious food can help kids grow stronger bones and teeth, prevent anemia, and even reduce the risk of developing cancer later …

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Vegetarian Keto Diet: Basic Guide,1-day Sample Menu, Benefits

Vegetarian keto diet. Bowl of oatmeal, nuts and fruit. FullStrideHealth.com

The vegetarian keto diet consists of a nutritional plan where the nutritional aspects of vegetarianism and the ketogenic diet are combined. It should be noted that most vegetarians consume food of animal origin, such as eggs and dairy products, but avoid eating meat and fish. On the other hand, the ketogenic diet limits carbohydrate intake …

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Ovarian Cancer Home Remedies: Keto Diet, Fasting, Ketones

ovarian cancer surgery scar

Richard says: These ovarian cancer home remedies are from scientific studies you can trust. In fact, studies show that you can stop the weight loss that chemo therapy causes, by using the keto diet meal plan. Although, if you want to lose weight, that’s O.K. too. Don’t End Up Like This. Get This Keto Meal …

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Keto Not Working For You? Here’s Why and What To Do Now

Potato head is shocked that the keto diet is not working.

Richard says: Are you wondering “Does keto work for everyone, but me?” Well, there are several reasons for the “keto not working” problem. First, it is easy to fall out of ketosis without even knowing it. It happens to everyone. Dr. Ferreira will talk about the common mistakes everyone makes. Pictured above are the Healthy …

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Ketogenic Supplements For Keto Weight Loss Diet Benefits

Ketogenic Supplements For Keto Weight Loss Diet

Richard says: Ketogenic supplements for weight loss are effective and can stop the so-called keto flu. Which makes the keto diet much easier to do. They can keep you in the “ketosis zone” even if you aren’t following a strict keto diet plan. These keto supplements are critical for losing weight while feeling energized and …

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High Fat Diet Benefits and Risks: Keto vs Paleo vs Atkins

High fat fish keto meal

Richard says: My current way of eating makes sure I get all of the high fat diet benefits of the keto diet and the Atkins diet, but without the risks. Essentially I have combined the keto, paleo and Atkins diets with intermittent fasting. I’m not interested in losing a lot of weight – just staying …

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Keto Diet Fights Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s. Prevents It Too?

Keto diet food includes high fat and moderate amounts of carbohydrates and protein.

Richard says: Since the keto diet fights Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, it seems obvious to me that it can help prevent those diseases also. The secret is in preventing oxidative stress to the mitochondria in the brain cells. As you will see, the ketones produced by the keto diet fights Alzheimer’s, because the ketones are …

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Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil For Skin, Face, Hair, & Cancer

Nutiva cold pressed organoc hemp seed oil. Full Stride Health

The health benefits of cold pressed hemp seed oil for skin and hair have been known for centuries. However, science researchers and the American public are just starting to see what they have been missing. Cold pressed hemp seed oil for skin health is getting confused with the health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil. …

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