Distilled Water Benefits: Drinking, Detox, Skin, Hair, Pets

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Often times city water or well water isn’t safe to drink without purification by distillation. Distilled water benefits the body in many ways as Dr. Ferreira explains in this article.

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Even at 9,000 feet in the American Rocky Mountains water needs purification.  Distilled water benefits the body in many ways.

Article written by Dr. Helcio Ferreira. Comments (in green) by Richard Quick.

The Truth About Distilled Water: Benefits, Composition and Possible Uses

Distilled water is the purest form of water because its mineral content, possible contaminants, and microorganisms have been removed.

It differs from tap water or mineral water, because it does not contain mineral salts (such as sodium chloride), chlorine, fluoride, or lead.

The main purposes of the distillation process are to purify water from impurities and toxic agents that can cause health problems.

Various researchers have claimed that tap water could contain pollutants and heavy minerals that could have serious long-term health consequences. [1]

What Is Distilled Water and How Is It Produced?

Distilled water is subjected to distillation procedures to remove all dissolved additives and bring it to a state of maximum purity.

This process can occur in multiple ways. But in general, the distillation consists of selective vaporization and condensation to separate any solid or liquid phase content that is dissolved in water.

Distilled water is a form of treated water free of microorganisms and possible contaminants dissolved in it.

Tap water usually has traces of chlorine, used for treatment and purification, but it can also have physical elements of the material of the pipes.

It was a common construction practice to connect the city waterline to houses using a lead fitting. Lead was then able to contaminate the water as it entered the house.

Where I live, the city is still systematically replacing those connections. That process will take quite a few more years to complete. Many cities haven’t even started to replace those lead connections.

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Composition of Distilled Water

Distilled water is not molecularly different from ordinary water, it is composed of two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen (H2O).

However, the mineral salts that usually accompany it, such as fluorides and other electrolytes, have been removed. [2]

Importance of Consuming Distilled Water

Water is a necessary element for life, and a great effort has been made to fully purify water and provide access to all homes of really pure water.

Providing safe drinking water is a difficult task due to the strict care and high cost of purifying water.

Drinking really pure water free of pollutants, toxins and pathogenic microorganisms (such as bacteria or viruses) can be a privilege in many countries of the world.

That is true, even in highly developed countries that put their effort into actually doing so, due to high costs and rigors of the process.

Many people may think that the consumption of mineral water, gasified or not, really helps provide the necessary minerals for the body. When the reality is that mineral water has a low percentage of minerals.

Even so, several investigations have found that the long-term consumption of untreated water could contaminate the body with heavy metals or be harmful to health. [3]

The consumption of untreated water has been related to chronic skin diseases, allergic reactions, gastrointestinal problems, and even degenerative diseases. Therefore, It is important to know what are the characteristics of the water we are drinking and if it is really healthy.

Consuming Distilled Water Is Beneficial To Health

Controversies have been created about whether distilled water is really healthy due to several factors. Including the absence of minerals and the extensive use of distilled water.

Distilled water is widely used in the chemical industry, in the clinical laboratory area, and the food industry. This begins to give us a clue that distilled water is really fit for human consumption.

The reality is that distilled water is suitable for human consumption. It must be progressively integrated into our daily diet, especially as a replacement for water not treated properly.

Drinking distilled water prevents contamination of chlorine, possible pathogens such as bacteria or viruses, or heavy metal contamination.

Although distilled water is beneficial to health, the consumption of potable water should not be stopped. The objective of knowing the benefits of distilled water and assessing the origin of the potable water we drink regularly, is to learn to choose the right water for our body.

Drinking water is necessary for the organism, it is an indispensable element for life. However, you must be really careful where it comes from and which elements it contains.

Several investigations support the consumption of distilled water as a supplement for its detoxifying therapeutic effect. That is in addition to making sure you can consume really pure and beneficial water.

Importance of Purifying Water

Tap water could be a vector (cause) of preventable diseases. The World Health Organization (WHO) highlights the importance of purification of drinking water to prevent diseases caused by microorganisms or chemicals.

What Are The Benefits of Drinking Distilled Water?

Free of Potentially Toxic Chemical Elements

Its main benefit is that it lacks minerals with potential intoxicating effects, such as excess chlorine, boron or lead.

Chlorine is usually used to disinfect tap water and many heavy elements may be put in the water due to wear of the pipes it runs through.

Chlorine is capable of reacting with numerous substances contained in the water. These disinfection byproducts of chlorine includes: trihalomethanes (THMs), haloacetic acids (HAAs), and haloacetonitriles (HANs).

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Free of Pathogenic Microorganisms

The distillation process totally eliminates the presence of pathogenic microorganisms. Especially bacteria that can reproduce in storage containers or virus contamination.

Drinking distilled water can make sure you’re really drinking water free of microorganisms. [4]

An Ideal Supplement To Detoxify

Including distilled water in your detoxification diet is an effective way to cleanse your body of any impurity. Really pure water can help eliminate any impurity in your body.

Really Clean Your Hair and Purify Your Skin

Not only drinking distilled water can benefit you, but its use can also be beneficial for washing your hair and purifying your skin.

The excess of some minerals, or the presence of some microorganisms in conventional water, may not be the most indicated for the care of your skin.

That is, because they can trigger various allergic reactions or cause chronic long-term skin diseases.

“Really pure water” can also really clean your skin and hair. For this reason, distilled water is used in the manufacture of cosmetics and tonics for skin cleansing.

Suitable For the Consumption Of Your Pets

If you have pets, such as dogs, cats or birds, you can also provide distilled water for consumption. Animals can also obtain significant benefits from distilled water, especially for its detoxifying effect.

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Tap Water and Distilled Water

The tap water is treated in the city treatment facilities, where chlorine is added to kill microorganisms. But during the cleaning process, water passes through pipes that may not be very clean.

The residual chlorine in the water chemically reacts with other substances in the water to form additional toxic chemicals.

Many cities in the U.S. do not remove contaminants such as prescription drugs. Nor are some contaminants even disclosed, because it isn’t required by law to do so. The only way to be safe is to purify your water.

Distilled water is free of a high percentage of contaminants, as it is treated with refined methods to obtain a truly pure product.

If you boil the tap water, you can eliminate a large percentage of microorganisms. However, the chemical elements will still be present, and in some cases, they can alter (increase) their concentration.

How Is the Water Distillation Process?

The water distiller is used to purify common water by controlled processes.

The water distiller allows obtaining water of great purity. Even from drinking water as normally supplied by the aqueduct services of urban centers.

Distilled water is characterized by a lack of suspended solids. It is used in multiple applications in the centers for the provision of health services (hospitals), especially in laboratory, washing, and sterilization.

The distillation process makes it possible to purify the water completely, regardless of its source. That includes the drinking water commonly supplied by urban center aqueduct services. Which typically has several contaminants in it.

Distillation is a natural process of water purification and has been used for centuries as a sterilization method.

In the process, the water is evaporated to remove all microbiological contaminants. Then the steam is condensed to form distilled water of high purity.

Distilled water can be used in any activity of daily life, such as drinking, cooking, or cleaning.

Water distillers for home use are usually constructed with internal surgical stainless steel lining. Thereby, to avoid the accumulation of any impurity or microorganism.

Distillation technology is a method of purification free of ozone, chlorine, or any element that may be harmful to health by the reaction of organic compounds.

There are different levels of stainless steel used in water distillers.

The two most common ones used for cooking utensils are designated 18/8 and 18/10 stainless steel. Both of which are also called 304 grade stainless. This type will rust a bit, depending upon how it is used.

The premium grade of stainless steel is called 316 stainless steel.

It is much smoother and brighter looking than the 304 stainless. It is highly resistant to rust, and yes, it is more expensive.

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What Is The pH Of Distilled Water?

The pH of distilled water has been another subject of debate and controversy.

The effects of acidic substances may not be completely beneficial for the organism. That is why there have been doubts about the benefits of distilled water.

The pH of distilled water at the time of obtaining it is 7, this means that it is a neutral pH substance. Which is ideal for the body.

The process of obtaining water distillation ensures that it can preserve its main characteristic, being a neutral substance.

The removal of excess minerals, any toxic or microorganism ensures that the substance can be kept completely neutral.  [5]

However, some have spread the false belief that the pH of distilled water is slightly acidic (5.8) and this can have a very simple explanation.

This decrease in pH is not due to the process of distillation or composition of water. But as a consequence of the exposure of distilled water to the air.

Air exposure being an ideal condition to absorb CO2 from the environment, which can cause changes in its composition (change its pH).

When water absorbs CO2 it creates carbonic acid, which lowers the pH, making the water slightly acidic.

This suggests the correct storage of distilled water to be able to enjoy its benefits. Distilled water should be stored after being distilled, in tightly sealed containers, or otherwise, should be consumed immediately.

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Diet is an important factor that determines the pH of body fluids.

The intake of meat, dairy products, alcohol, pickles, and processed foods can impact the pH of body fluids.

Since water is the essential liquid for life and we must drink it daily, it has also been a focus of concern about how it affects our pH. Dr. Ferreira’s article on alkaline water.

How Is The Taste and Consistency of Distilled Water?

Water by definition has no smell, taste, or color (that is, it is colorless, tasteless and odorless).

To obtain chemically pure water it is necessary to perform various physical purification processes. That is because, water is capable of dissolving a large number of chemical substances, including gases.

Distilled water totally lacks flavor and any consistency unlike tap water, because it does not contain any concentration of minerals.

The sensation when drinking distilled water, is that it has less consistency or feels softer than conventional water.

Conventional water can also be differentiated in taste depending on where it is obtained. Some waters may feel slightly alkaline in taste depending on the concentration of minerals.

Spring water may have a characteristic flavor. Although for some people it may be imperceptible. However, you may well be able to immediately notice the difference when testing the taste of distilled water.

Differences Between Boiled Water and Distilled Water

Boiled water is obtained after a fairly fast and simple process that involves subjecting the liquid to a high temperature until it reaches 100° C (212° F) for 3-5 minutes.

Boiling water is the most used and effective method in emergencies.

Boiling this liquid definitely eliminates bacteria, viruses, protozoa, parasites, and other pathogens; while the water preserves the minerals dissolved in it.

Importance of Domestic Water Distillers

Distillation is not a simple procedure if you do not use the right equipment.

This can be a problem if you need distilled water in case of emergency or when you are away from home.

For that, there is really qualified equipment on the market for water distillation, simply and without much effort.

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Domestic water distillers are an important solution to have distilled water always available. Also, its availability is an effective way to promote distilled water consumption.

The Truth About Distilled Water

Distilled water is suitable for human and pet consumption. Its consumption is beneficial to the body for its purity and reasons already explained above.

Its consumption is directed mainly as a supplement to detoxify the body. So, we highlight the importance of consuming distilled water as part of a detox diet.

Ordinary drinking water consumption should not be stopped. However, we encourage you to learn more about its origin, and its purity. Then make the effort to drink filtered water according to procedures with high-quality standards of purification.


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