APEC Portable Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

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Take it with you to your next home, college dorm, or the cabin. The Apec portable countertop reverse osmosis water filter system is perfect for people on the move.

So, we’ve all heard it; drink more water! Vital to our health, proper hydration makes you feel better, look better, and keeps your internal organs working properly.

Many people find it difficult to get the proper water intake because they think it tastes gross. Others may not realize how many impurities are in their drinking water.

Which is why you need the Apec countertop reverse osmosis water filter.

You can save money and the environment by getting your water from the tap. Using refillable water bottles that are made of safer plastics than buying cases of water, you will truly benefit from the health-related effects of drinking water.

As we’ve seen in Flint Michigan and even Hinkley California, unfiltered tap water can have catastrophic effects on the human body.

Although there are many regulations for water treatments, people still suffer from the harmful molecules and materials that come out of the tap.

While drinking water improves health and drinking water from the tap is more cost-effective than buying bottled water or drinking soda, there are risks to drinking unfiltered water.

With years of industrial waste, farming chemicals, and even issues with older pipes the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) states that of the 50,000 Community Water Systems; 40% of these have at least one violation.

That’s a lot of people affected by pollution in the water that comes out of their faucets. The EPA hopes to reduce this by 20% before 2022.

The Environmental Protection Agency lists a minimum of 76 contaminants that we should be watchful of. With new technology and innovation comes Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems such as the Apec Filtration System.

Reducing the harmful molecules that result from years of industry and the deterioration of aging water pipes, this system allows you to drink water from home without the worry of additional health issues.

What is the Apec Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System?

The APEC Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System sits next to your sink. It’s easy to install; it will work with most standard faucets. Simply remove the aerator and connect the Apec water filtration system.

The APEC Reverse Osmosis Filter System is the perfect solution for those who want a simple option to clean drinking water at home or in the office.

If you don’t have the option to have a reverse osmosis system under the sink or if you live in an apartment or rental, this compact system does not require invasive installation.

Using an Apec water filtration system anywhere there’s tap water means you will have better tasting water with fewer impurities.

Impurities that escape the water treatment facility in your community can have harmful or unhygienic matter and organisms.

The APEC System Removes:

  • Chlorine
  • Dissolved iron and solid iron rust
  • Arsenic
  • Barium
  • Cadmium
  • Chromium (Hex)
  • Chromium (Tri)
  • Copper
  • Fluoride
  • Lead
  • Radium 226/228
  • Selenium

Understanding the risks of drinking tap water and the benefits of avoiding mass-produced bottled water, reverse osmosis systems are a simple and effective solution. The APEC system offers convenience while ensuring that you drink healthy, great-tasting water!


The box comes with everything you need to connect this system to your standard faucet. The standard Diverter Valve connects directly to a 13/16” water faucet. There are two adapters available if needed.

The 13/16” male adapter and 15/16” male adapters allow for connection to various faucets. This makes it easier to install as you won’t have to search for the perfect adapter to sync the system with your existing faucet.

The majority of aerators can be unscrewed by hand. If your faucet is older or is too tight you may need to use pliers to remove it.

Once connected you can turn the faucet on high and open the valve. This will begin the setup process. Run the water through the filtration system for fifteen minutes when first used. This will ensure that water is flowing properly and rid any residue left over after manufacturing.

Who Needs The Apec Portable Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System?

As mentioned previously, 40% of Community Water Systems are in some violation of the Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines. Water filtration systems are not just for those who use well water, they’re necessary to catch the impurities that your local water treatment facility has missed.

Even those with great water treatment plants in the area are at risk of contamination from old water pipes. As the materials these pipes are made of age; they release harmful molecules and chemicals into your drinking water.

For every home, apartment, business, or even your recreational vehicle; the Apec Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System adds another layer of protection against agents that cause disease and harm.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Osmosis allows for minerals to pass through a membrane.

Reverse osmosis blocks the minerals allowing only the solvent (water in this case) to pass through.

Which filters impurities, bacteria, and harmful molecules from drinking water.

As Carbon filters are also prominent, reverse osmosis is a “denser” filtration option that captures and locks more impurities.

reverse osmosis diagram

The majority of carbon filters available have an NSF Class 1 rating, this means they’re capable of capturing only 85% of impurities. Reverse osmosis allows only .001 microns to pass the membrane, a much more effective way to treat your drinking water.

The APEC Countertop filtration system uses a membrane that is capable of removing 99% of impurities. Elements captured by this membrane are not only microscopic, but they also consist of materials that dissolve in water meaning they’re even more difficult to trap.

The Health Risks of Tap Water

The insurmountable health risks of bacteria are a threat that travels in water. Whether treated or untreated everyone is susceptible to these harmful microscopic agents.

Elements such as Lead pose a high-risk, especially to younger people, of health defects and developmental issues.

From aging pipes in the ground to those in your home, there is an increased awareness to lead and drinking water-related issues after the damaging effects that have occurred in Flint Michigan.

Thousands of residents have been unable to drink water from their taps due to an aging infrastructure. Reverse Osmosis aims to remove lead giving you peace-of-mind regarding the health of children and even older people.

Arsenic is another harmful agent often found in drinking water. Levels of arsenic in water vary, but the element itself is a Carcinogen. Carcinogens are known to cause cancer.

If not properly filtered out, Arsenic can cause cancer of the skin, bladder, and lungs. This is also related to other reproductive and developmental issues.

Arsenic has also been linked to Non-Malignant Lung Disease and even skin lesions. The plethora of health risks that come from elements that typically travel in drinking water can be many.

Outside of Arsenic and Lead there is also Chromium which causes many (sometimes fatal) health issues. With the proper filtration system set up, Reverse Osmosis can even filter some bacteria and viruses keeping you healthy.

Reverse Osmosis can remove these elements at a massive level reducing the risk of health-related issues.

The goal of the APEC Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System is to make it easier to drink more water while reducing any harmful side effects and saving you money on bottled water.

The Risks of Bottled Water

Aside from the inconvenience of storing cases of bottled water in your home, there are risks to drinking water that has been processed in manufacturing plants around the globe.

As most water drinkers state that they consume the liquid for health reasons, it’s important to understand where bottled water comes from.

Other drinkers state they prefer bottled water for the taste. As technology with in-home water filtration systems advance, so too does the taste of that water.

Many bottling facilities are located in countries with fewer regulations than the U.S. has on tap water. This means your water may come in contact with more pollutants and viruses or bacteria than drinking water directly from the tap.

For water drinkers, BPA (bisphenol A) regulations may also be a factor that pushes towards drinking water from home.

Water that comes from facilities is stored in plastics. As these plastics heat up and cool down during transportation and shipping; harmful toxins are released into the contents.

There is also the question of plastic waste. The Bottle Water Industry produces 1.5 Million tons of plastic each year that goes into landfills and waterways.

It takes years for plastics to break down, they are not biodegradable and do cause harm to the environment and wildlife.

The responsible option for health-conscious water drinkers is to take advantage of reusable bottles that are BPA free.

Water bottle trash.

How Does it Work?

The APEC countertop system has a four-stage filtration process. For its compact and portable size; it is quite effective. The process that each gallon of water goes through is quite extensive making it more effective at removing the harmful agents we’ve discussed.

Although the fourth stage of the RO-CTOP-PH and RO-CTOP-PHC model slightly differs with added benefits, the process of filtering impurities is relatively similar.

Stage 1:

– Stage one of the process is the Premium Quick-Connect 5 Micron Sediment Filter. This stage removes larger particles such as rust and dust.

The 5 Micron Sediment Filter is what protects the membrane housed further in the system. Creating a long-lasting filtration process, the Sediment Filter is expertly placed within the unit.

Stage 2:

– Stage two uses an activated carbon filter as added protection from nasty contaminants.

This carbon filter is designed to remove odors and impurities that cause cloudy or colored water.

Stage two also removes Volatile Organic Compounds (known as VOCs).

These compounds include Formaldehyde, Benzene, and Ethylene Glycol to name a few. According to NSF standards, this filter can reduce chlorine levels by more than 95%.

Stage 3:

– Stage three is the powerful membrane that captures the most harmful toxins and pollutants from your drinking water. Using the FilmTec® High Rejection TFC membrane, this membrane is highly advanced and engineered by trusted professionals.

It is designed for long-lasting use and removes 99% of materials that are dissolved in water. This includes Lead, Arsenic, Bacteria, and Viruses among many others.

Stage 4:

– The Premium Quick Connect is a 3/8th inch Advanced Coconut Shell that further filters and removes residual tastes left over by the previous three steps.

As a total contamination removal (TCR) filter, the fourth stage of your reverse osmosis filtration process, the water is cleaner and healthier than it was before.

Using a four-stage process to filter impurities and toxins from water is the definition of “thorough” when discussing reverse osmosis for healthier tap water.

The compact and lightweight APEC water filtration device is highly effective and an achievement of expert engineering.

The technology and craftsmanship that goes into building this light and portable water system are impeccable when considering its abilities.

APEC Warranties

Each APEC Countertop RO Filter unit will undergo testing before being sold. Ensuring that there aren’t any imperfections or clogs means your unit will work properly upon arrival.

Each device comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. Should you have trouble with your filtration system in the first 12 months, the company will fix or replace your unit.

Additional Benefits of Apex Countertop Water Filter Solutions

Aside from the many health, convenience, and cost-saving benefits, the APEC Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System offers more.

  • Each unit is manufactured and assembled in the United States with technical support also based in the U.S.
  • This unit is also more efficient than other models. Producing 90 gallons per day (varies depending on water temperature and PSI) the gallons of water lost for cleansing the membrane are much less than other filtration systems.
  • For every one gallon of clean drinking water produced, the Apec Countertop Filtration System only disposes of two gallons. Most filtration systems waste three gallons for every one gallon produced.
  • Conveniently matches under the sink alternatives for output and filtering capabilities.
  • Designed for a household of more than four people. The APEC filtration system is perfect for a larger household than other models.

Things to be Aware of

The 90 Gallon per day output is based on the maximum amount produced. This output may vary slightly depending on the temperature and water pressure during intake. Warmer water does assist the output levels.

Using temperatures that are not too hot or too cold is best for your filtration system and its productivity. It is ideal to keep temperatures between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 100 degrees Fahrenheit for use of this product.

This Apec filtration system does not include a holding tank for water. The water must travel through the four filter stages to rid impurities. This means that it may take a little longer for clean drinking water than using a faucet with no filtration.

There will be a hose attached to the faucet in the sink. Although the options for models that come in a silver compact case make the filtration system more pleasing to look at, you may want to consider the hoses as well.

Buyers must check that their faucet is compatible with this filtration device. Those with custom faucets or sprayers are not compatible with the fittings on this countertop filtration system.

Countertop Filtration Options

There are two options to choose from. Each has an optional Aluminum case as this filtration system will be sitting on the counter, you may want a more esthetically pleasing look for the component.

Although each filtration unit provides ease of use and prevention of contamination, the RO-CTOP-PH unit is compatible with pH+ Inline filters. This filter is designed to add minerals that create Alkaline Water.

The health benefits of Alkaline Water range from boosting the immune system to bone health.

Neither of these options requires electricity to operate. With no outlet needed, the pressure of the water operates the Apec Countertop Filtration System.

This is great for reducing potentially hazardous cords around the sink while also meaning you won’t need an additional power outlet. This also makes the units silent during operation.

  Key Features

4-Stage Filtration Process✓  ✓  
Hassle-Free Setup✓  ✓  
Standard Faucet Compatibility✓  ✓  
Added Calcium Minerals ✓  

RO-CTOP and RO-CTOP-C Replacement Filters

Using the four-stage process, the RO-CTOP unit requires filter changes to ensure bacteria does not build up inside of the component and ensures your filter will continue to run smoothly.

Filter Life

  • Stage 1 and 2 (Pre-Filter) – Change every 6-8 months
  • Stage 3 (Membrane Filter) – Change every 3-5 years
  • Stage 4 (Carbon Filter) – Change every 2-3 years


This countertop unit is small but powerful. All four filters can operate smoothly within the optional case.

  • Height: 6.5”
  • Width: 16”
  • Depth: 6.5”
  • Weight: 11lbs

RO-CTOP-PH & RO-CTOP-PHC (with case)

The RO-CTOP-PH countertop filtration unit has all of the benefits of its counterpart.

This unit has the option for a filter replacement that adds food-grade quality calcium to the filtration process producing alkaline water.

[amazon link=”B01DAKW7IE” title=”RO-CTOP-PH & RO-CTOP-PHC Filters” /]

Although the RO-CTOP filters are compatible with the RO-CTOP-PH unit, the stage 4 pH+ Inline Filter is different. This filter adds minerals back into your drinking water.

Filter Life

  • Stage 1 and 2 (Pre-Filter) – Change every 6-8 months
  • Stage 3 (Membrane Filter) – Change every 3-5 years
  • Stage 4 (pH+ Filter) – Change every 6-12 months

Filters for these units are readily available from various merchandisers.


The RO-CTOP-PH is slightly smaller than its sister unit which may be a more appealing option.

  • Height: 6”
  • Width: 14”
  • Depth: 6.5”
  • Weight: 7lbs

Pros & Cons

Each purchasing option has amazing benefits that will protect your health while producing cleaner more refreshing water.

For those who don’t drink water because of the taste, to those who are concerned about harmful molecules in tap water, countertop filtration units are an excellent solution.

Both units are rated to filter Total Dissolved Solids at 2,000 Parts Per Million. Not only removing microscopic molecules, but also those that escape traditional filters.

The RO-CTOP & RO-CTOP-PH filtration systems both clean 99% of harmful impurities with their four-stage filtration process. A cost-effective option that requires no installation, these units are very similar.

Let’s review the Pros and Cons of each model:

 –          Lower Cost –          Removes most harmful impurities–          Slightly larger –          Does not produce Alkaline Water 
RO-CTOP- PH–          Produces better tasting Alkaline Water –          Slightly smaller–          Higher Cost –          4th Stage Filter requires more frequent changes 

As you see, the main feature benefit of the RO-CTOP-PH occurs in the fourth stage of the filtration process. Using a pH+ Inline filter adds food-grade calcium to your drinking water. This improves the PH levels of your drinking water and adds additional health benefits.

I’ve Got Well Water, Can I Use The Apec Countertop RO Water Filter?

The answer is a qualified – yes. First you will need a sediment filter to trap large to medium sized sediment. Then you will need a water softener to remove most of the calcium and magnesium.

Also, if you have a lot of “clear water” dissolved iron or manganese you’ll need [amazon link=”B01M0U836E” title=”a filter for that” /]. Then the Apec portable countertop reverse osmosis water filter system.

Final Review of the Apec Portable Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Both the RO-CTOP and RO-CTOP-PH line of models have proven to be highly effective for removing impurities and providing fresh drinking water.

From reducing natural pollutants in tap water to protecting yourself from toxins found in plastics, in-home filtration options are a more environmentally conscious and healthy option for water drinkers.

The APEC system provides clean water for cooking and other beverages as well. These water systems are also far less costly than buying bottles of water, which is a $2 Billion-dollar industry.

Among other no-install water filtration systems, the Apec versions have higher output with the added option of producing Alkaline water. The slim silver case provides an esthetically pleasing look to your countertop.

In-home water filtration systems are necessary to reduce the number of toxins and harmful molecules that cause health issues such as cancer and skin lesions.

APEC offers two models of countertop filtration systems and each has the option for an aluminum case.

The more expensive of the two; RO-CTOP-PH (with the pH+ Inline filter) offers more health benefits than the RO-CTOP model .

The fourth stage of the filtration process adds minerals using high-quality food grade calcium creating Alkaline water.

Offering an all-around healthier and more cost-effective solution than bottled or tap water, Reverse Osmosis systems are a fantastic investment that will last for years.

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