Biocera Alkaline Water Filter Jug Review: Alkaline Water Pitcher

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What the heck does the Biocera alkaline water filter jug actually do?

Simply, tap water is made healthy by adding minerals, and changing the structure of water so it acts like an antioxidant that protects your health.

It is often said that minerals are essential for the human body and play a vital role in keeping bones of the human body healthy.

They are also said to keep muscles and nerves ticking.

In the contemporary world, where maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet has become a tedious task, people wonder if adding minerals to the water can keep people healthy.

Well, some of it is undoubtedly true. Which is why one of the newer trends, to have made its way in the wellness and healthy eating world, are the alkaline water filter pitchers.

Medically shown: prevents early aging, GERD, Heart Disease, IBS, Diabetes … [1,2,3,4,5]

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What is Alkaline Water, and How is it Beneficial?

Since everyone is talking about alkaline water these days, you must have heard a word or two about it and its claims.

Scientific studies show that consuming alkaline water can slow down the body’s aging process. That is just one result of properly adjusting the acid/alkaline pH level in the body .

Other studies have shown that alkaline water can prevent chronic diseases like cancer.

For those who are not acquainted with it, the alkaline in alkaline water refers to the pH level of water. The pH level is a means to measure how acidic or alkaline a substance is on a scale of 0 to 14.

For instance, water with pH level 0 will be very acidic, with a pH level of 13, it would be very alkaline.

Alkaline water with its typically 8-9.5 pH level, is quite a bit higher than typical 7.0 pH common drinking water. Because of that, many people are of the view that alkaline water can help to neutralize the acid in the human body.

However, pH by itself is only part of the alkalinity equation that produces truly alkaline water. The water must have higher levels of minerals. Plus the filter must provide a negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP). [5]

The more negative the oxidation reduction potential, the more alkaline the water is. Which means that it has a lot of negative electrical charges that bind with the free radicals that have a positive charge. [5]

Those negative charges are the antioxidant properties of the water, that so vital to your health. [5]

Biocera Alkaline Water Filter Jug

BIOCERA was established in the year 1994 and is widely known for its alkaline hydrogen antioxidant water filters, healthcare application products, and bioceramic agents.

The brand has specialization in manufacturing their, safety certified, water-activated biocera balls.

These biocera balls make use of reverse osmosis to enrich the water with essential minerals and for converting the pH level of water from acidic to alkaline.

With the BIOCERA alkaline antioxidant water filter, you can start enjoying the benefits of alkaline water.

This handy and well designed pitcher uses bioceramics to recreate the water and and in the process the impurities and toxins are removed.

Where once you would have required an expensive and high-end electronic water ionizer to perform this task, alkaline water is reaching new demographics with the advancement in technology.

The BIOCERA antioxidant alkaline water filter easily takes regular city water and ionizes it. Which helps to turn it into highly mineral enriched water and making the water alkaline in nature.

The BIOCERA, alkaline water filter jug, utilizes a newly invented type of natural bioceramic balls that reforms the water as it passes through it.

These balls emit a lot of minerals into the water and claim to increase the pH of the filtered water to 8.5-9 as compared to 7 of unfiltered water.

It is also used to reduce the size of the clusters of water molecules so that the water is easily absorbed by the body, making you feel more hydrated.

Besides increasing the pH level of water, the BIOCERA antioxidant alkaline water filter is used to add minerals.

Particularly, magnesium and calcium, that are essential for healthy bones, and many important body processes that maintain your health. Potassium is also an essential mineral that is added to the water.

It truly improves the quality of tap water, making it safe to be used for tea, coffee, cooking, and drinking.

The BIOCERA antioxidant alkaline water filter has a handy tick indicator that reminds when to replace the filter.

It features an easy-grip that you can hold with one hand and a convenient size which can be easily adjusted into a refrigerator.

Also, with the easy refill option, refilling water is possible even without opening the jug cover.

The filter is 100% BPA free, which means there will be absolutely no interference with hormones, a side effect of bisphenol A (BPA).

The best part is that it comes with two free of cost cartridges, which makes it quite affordable.

What Customers Liked

Ergonomic Design – Customers loved the ergonomic design and non-slip handle, which can be easily held with one hand also.

Certified – The BIOCERA alkaline water filter jug is certified by NSF International, which makes it a reliable product.

Reduced Pollutants – The water pitcher actively reduces toxic metals such as lead, copper, and other components, including chlorine, organic pollution, and pesticides, making it safe for drinking.

What Customers Did Not Like

Fragility – The unit is quite fragile and needs to be handled with care.

The filter is NSF certified. BPA safe.One customer thought the jug was fragile.
Has an ergonomic, non-slip handle.It does not change pH as much as some users would want.
It comes with two free cartridges. Does not remove fluoride.

How Frequently Do You Need To Change The Cartridge?

For an average family, it is recommended that the cartridge is changed every eight weeks. Whereas, some other regular pitcher cartridges need to be changed within four weeks,

The filter in the BIOCERA alkaline water pitcher is antibacterial, which prevents harmful bacterial growth and thus lengthening the lifetime of the cartridge.

One can set the date on the dial at the top of the pitcher to make it easy to remember it.

Cleaning The Biocera Alkaline Water Filter Jug

Simply put about a teaspoonful of baking soda powder in some water and shake to clean the pitcher.

What is the Major Difference Between Other Filters and the Biocera Water Filter?

Other filters are manufactured to remove chlorine, organic contaminants, heavy metals, and hardness from water. But in spite of this, they tend to leave the water acidic post-filtering.

Whereas the BIOCERA antioxidant alkaline water filter removes all these harmful components while the special minerals in the cartridge ionize the water.

Who Should Buy The Biocera Water Filter?

Anyone who wants to develop a healthy habit of drinking filtered and ionized water must buy this filter.

Since it neutralizes the acid in the human body with its alkaline properties, it is a good buy for people with gastroesophageal reflux (GERD). [3]

Also anyone with: diabetes, IBS, stress, kidney stones, cardiovascular disease, a weak immune system, migraines, joint pain, leg cramps…[5]

Since alkaline filters come with so many benefits, it’s worth giving it a try.

The human body secretes a lot of juices that are acidic. Having something which can neutralize this and add healthy minerals to your drinking water can be quite beneficial.

So, take a step towards healthy and safe water and get your [amazon link=”B008TSBFCW” title=”BIOCERA antioxidant alkaline water filter!” /]

Although, if you are still undecided check out my review on this pitcher.


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