Aquasana Shower Filter Stops Toxic Skin & Hair Problems Fast

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Stop breathing in chlorine gas and absorbing chlorine through the skin by using the Aquasana shower filter when you shower

By now, you probably understand how vital drinking and cooking with filtered water is to your internal health. Chlorine and other harmful chemicals are absorbed into the body through the skin.

Chlorine dries the skin and makes the hair feel brittle. If you are using conditioners, moisturizers, and other beauty products to no avail, you may want to install the Aquasana shower head filter.

Aquasana Shower Filter Selection

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Why Do I Need The Aquasana Shower Filter?

For beautiful and healthy hair to thrive, it needs less contact with the harmful chemicals, and disinfectants that are often found in tap water.

If you’re seeking skincare and hair care treatments, don’t neglect the one thing it comes in contact with more than anything; water.

Harmful contaminants such as pesticides, disinfectants, and chemicals can lead to issues with the skin and hair, including dry-scalp, damaged hair, and dryness. It can even exacerbate Eczema.

While researching better skin and hair care products, start with your tap water. Your skin comes into contact with harmful pollutants in the air, such as smog every day. You’ll need to ensure all of those contaminants are washed off rather than adding to them in the process.

That’s where shower filters come in. A cost-effective and straightforward solution to skin and hair troubles; Aquasana shower filters are perfect for reducing contaminants and taking care of your external health.

What are Aquasana Shower Filters?

With four showerhead options and one replacement filter option available, these effective shower filters capture harmful chemicals such as Chlorine. Providing refreshing naturally cleansed water, they aim to ensure it’s a shower head that filters water, providing clean, fresh, and healthy water for bathing.

A two-stage filtration process, water is forced into the tank where it runs through the filter, coming out of the showerhead with less odor and discoloration than most tap water.

The Aquasana shower head filters come with the optional chrome wand, white wand, adjustable shower head, or no showerhead so that you can use your existing showerhead. A light-weight and highly compatible design mean that you can have healthier showers with no hassle or unsightly tank.

The component screws onto shower pipes, making installation and replacement easy. Eliminating the need for a plumber, anyone can add this to their shower without additional costs.

The AQ-4100 products are cross-compatible, meaning you can choose from any of the showerhead or replacement filter options with ease. Check out the feature’s comparison chart below:

 ChromeWhiteMassaging HeadNo-Head
Removes chlorine, lead, chromium, mercury, nickel, bacteria and algae
Simple Installation
KDF 55 Copper/Zinc, and Carbon Filter Media
10,000 Gallons
Two-Stage Filter
Filter Replacement Options

Local Water Purity Grades Aren’t What You Expect

It may surprise you to know that even in the U.S. under the watchful eye of the Environmental Protection Agency, many harmful pollutants are coming from your faucet.

Whether poor management of your local water system or naturally occurring water-borne contaminants, you’re likely susceptible to many unhealthy agents in your current tap water.

Water treatment facilities use chlorine to kill bacteria. Unfortunately, this results in damage to skin and hair cells. Your local water may also cause calcium and scum build-up in your shower. The showerhead filters will reduce the appearance of unsightly bathtub grime.

These shower head filters are rated to remove most of the contaminants that make drinking water unsafe. So, they do remove the common ones: lead, bacteria, mercury, hard water scale, chromium, nickel and more.

Also, they are designed to ensure that your skin and hair are not exposed to common additives that reduce shine, moisture, and overall health and appearance.

What Does a Shower Filter Do?

The Aquasana shower filters are another step towards prevention in your home. You are protecting your family and yourself from absorbing contaminants through the skin.

A simple and cost-effective solution to cleaner and healthier water; these shower filters do not require plumbing or any intrusive work.

Perfect for renters, homeowners, and long-term guests, the Aquasana shower head filters can be used in temporary housing without causing damage to the existing structure.

Things to Beware of

The Aquasana shower head filters, like most in its category, are not rated for drinking water. The goal of these filters is to remove chemicals, substances, and organic materials that harm the skin and hair. Although some of the toxic stuff can be absorbed through the skin, this type of water filter does not aim to provide drinking water as other Aquasana filters do.

Depending on your local water grades, this may not reduce all of the Lead, Iron, or other harmful chemicals. Understanding your specific water needs and the grades of your local water treatment center is an excellent option for choosing the perfect water filtration for your home and family.

Aquasana shower head filters are NSF certified 42 and 61; this means that they may not be effective at filtering certain chemicals such as chloramine, arsenic, and copper. While rated to reduce harmful additives and enhance the pH balance of your water, these filters do not remove every particle.

It’s important to understand that shower head filters are designed to provide cleaner and healthier water, but they do not eliminate all pollutants, making them safe for drinking water.

Certain pollutants, such as chloramine, arsenic, and copper, require reverse osmosis or other specialized filters for reduction. The Aquasana shower head filters use a unique up-flow filtration process that prevents clogging and is not a reverse osmosis filter. With the safe addition of zinc and copper to the filter’s design, these filters will enhance the pH balance of your water.

These filters may or may not work with well water. Depending on the particular contaminants in a local water source, this can be another layer of protection for the reduction of pollutants as listed.

What’s the Filter Process?

As with any filter, understanding the capabilities, design, and effectiveness of trapping contaminants is essential. The Aquasana shower filters are NSF certified 42 & 61. This means that the cleaners have been tested by the third-party watchdog that rigorously tests water filters.

The NSF 42 rating means that these filters can remove Chlorine and odors from the water in your bathtub.

Also, the NSF 61 rating refers to the environmental ability and manufacturer’s materials. Meaning that the Aquasana shower filters will not add harmful substances to your water.

The NSF performs these tests yearly to ensure consistent manufacturing of water filters. When you see the NSF certified stamp, you are purchasing a water filter that has been tested by an independent company that aims to provide consumers with an accurate assessment of the manufacturer’s claims.

The Aquasana shower filter is effective because of the Coconut Shell design. The Copper and Zinc is used to remove Chlorine, Lead, Iron, and other substances while providing safe water that is clearer and odorless.

The Aquasana shower filter uses the up-flow design as opposed to a backflow design. The filtering component is consistently fluffed, eliminating the wait for water while keeping the device working properly.

As water enters the filter, it travels down the filter tank, through the coconut shell filter, once it reaches the bottom, the water activates a swirling motion and comes out of your shower head.

With a 2.5-gallon flow rate, you won’t compromise between healthy water and water pressure. The Aquasana shower filter is attached directly to the shower pipe in your bathroom, making it a simple and effective solution to many skin and hair issues.

Installation Of The Aquasana Shower Filter

You don’t have to be a handyman to change your showerhead or the Aquasana filter for that matter. Installation is impeccably simple. Following the instructions included in the package, you simply unscrew your existing showerhead. Then you can screw your new Aquasana shower filter onto the shower pipe.

Run the water through the filter for a few minutes, and it’s ready to use. With no plumbing tools or experience needed, anyone can have access to fresh, pollutant-free water in the shower.

How to Maintain Your Aquasana Shower Filter

Maintenance is easy because the shower filters last for six months while remaining useful for 10,000 gallons of water. Once you’ve installed the replacement or showerhead, simply set a calendar reminder and forget it.

Aquasana filters are incredibly popular, meaning your replacement filter will be easy to find. As the filters are compatible with various showerheads, there is no guesswork to replacing your shower filter.

Changing Your Filter

Changing your filter every six months is as easy as the initial installation. Some households with only one person may see that they’re filter lasts longer than six months.

The productivity estimate is 10,000 gallons of clean, pure water before replacement is needed. This productivity level equals to 400 10-minute showers or 267 15-minute showers. Depending on your family’s needs determines how long this filter will last overall.

You’ll see a noticeable difference in the way your skin and hair feel immediately after installation. When it’s time to change the filter, you may notice decreased water flow, or your hair and skin will start to feel like it did before you installed the shower head filter.

To change the filter, all you need to do is unscrew the attached shower head from the tank, remove the container from your shower pipe, reattach the replacement filter, then reattach the showerhead.

Aquasana Shower Filter Options

Depending on your needs, there is a shower filter for you. From the aesthetic appearance to the practicality of a showerhead, we’ll review each option.

If you’d like to continue using the nozzle you already have with the Aquasana filter you can, ensuring that your current fitting has a ½ inch connector, the replacement options will work great for you. Using the right nozzles will help to avoid any damage that may occur, use showerheads rated for a 2.5-gallon per minute flow.

Most homes have a ½ inch connector on the shower pipe. This means that the Aquasana line of shower filters will fit most homes.

The Coconut shell design removes 90% of pollutants and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) commonly found in tap water in the United States. Filtering Chlorine that dries skin and even changes hair color and shine, the Aquasana shower filters also remove odors leaving you with clean and clear water.

These filters also remove Lead and Iron from your shower water. The Aquasana shower filters are BPA free, so they do not add pollutants to water. As NSF certified filters, these showerhead options have been tested and certified to reduce multiple contaminants, including:

  • PFOS
  • PFAS
  • Chlorine
  • Lead
  • Iron
  • Synthetic Chemicals
  • Total Dissolved Organics
  • Total Organic Compounds

The two-stage filtration process reduces chemical vapors from the water. It will also prevent soap scum build-up in the shower and enhance pH levels in your water.

Although this filter line does not filter enough contaminants for drinking water, it as a great addition to your home’s water filtration setup, providing cleaner, safer water is the goal of the Aquasana filtration lineup.

Shower Filter and Chrome Wand

The shower filter with a chrome wand is for those who enjoy having an extendable showerhead that shines.

Each Aquasana Shower filter offers an effective filtering process and high-quality water with different purposes and aesthetics.

You can reuse this chrome wand with the filter replacements or get a new one every time for a beautiful shine that matches modern bathroom décor.

Shower Filter and White Wand

The white wand option will fit any bathroom color scheme.

With the same filtration process as the other available filter options, this NSF certified showerhead comes with a white shower wand, making bathing more accessible and more comfortable.

The white wand can be replaced as an entire unit when needed, but it is also compatible with the stand-alone replacement shower filter.

Shower Filter with Adjustable Shower Head

No need for a long hose in your shower? This model comes with an adjustable showerhead for those with multiple family members and varying water pressures and sprays.

A standard white shower head, this model is perfect for those who prefer a stationary unit. It can be adjusted up or down to a forty-five-degree angle.

The Aquasana line fits almost any shower, this option is the perfect solution providing shinier and healthier hair and skin as it reduces chlorine and other contaminants.

Shower Filter No-Head

If you’d like to keep your existing showerhead, this is the option for you as long as the showerhead you already have has a ½ inch connector and rated for 2.5 gallons per minute water flow.

It is essential to mention that this is not compatible with a constant pressure application. So, be sure to shut the water off when not in use.

To avoid damaging the unit, ensure that your existing showerhead meets the above-listed qualifications.

Although the Aquasana shower filters offer a one-year warranty, this is limited for those who use the filter with a shower head that is not compatible with proper use.

Aquasana Replacement Water Filter For Shower Water Filters (AQ-4125)

The replacement to all of the models in the Aquasana shower head options, these are simple and affordable replacement filters. Keep the Aquasana shower head or your existing showerhead and simply screw the new filter in place.

A perfect addition to keep your home and family safer from contaminants, these shower filters are NSF certified to remove harmful chemicals that damage skin and hair.

The AQ-4100 products are cross-compatible, meaning you can choose from any of the showerhead or replacement filter options with ease. Check out the feature’s comparison chart below:

As you can see, each option effectively removes harmful contaminants with a long-lasting filtration time frame. The available options make the Aquasana shower head filters customizable to fit your individual needs and wants.

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