4 Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter Dispenser Reviews

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Choose your color from 4 different Apex countertop drinking water filter systems.

We review all 4 of them, and their replacement cartridges:

Made in U.S.A. to NSF and FDA quality and safety standards.

APEX MR-1010 Countertop Drinking Water Filter (White)

Apex mr-1010 comes in 7 colors

See it at Amazon 

APEX EXPRT MR-2050 Dual Countertop Water Filter, Carbon and Mineral pH Alkaline Water Filter, Easy Install Faucet Water Filter - Reduces Heavy Metals, Bad Taste and Up to 99% of Chlorine - Clear

Apex exprt mr-2050 Dual Water Filter

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Getting access to safe and healthy drinking water isn’t easy these days. If you want purified water, more often than not, you have to rack up some gas bills on your way to the store and pay an exorbitant amount for the bottled water.

Countertop water filters can help you get rid of this tiring way of obtaining drinking water.

The filters, along with the electricity bill they cost you in a month, are still more affordable than what you have to spend every day on gas and the bottled water itself.

It’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing the more natural method of purifying tap water and drinking from it. If you are here, we assume you are looking to try some water filter at home as well.

Well, we, fortunately, have some excellent countertop water filters that we can recommend and review for you to decide which one you should opt for.

First, a quick overview:

ModelFilter TypeColorsDimensionsWeightCapacity Certification
Buy on Amazon
Carbon BlockClear, blue, chrome, white, red, green, black6 x 6 x 12 inches4.25 pounds750 gallonsNSF
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Carbon Block(replacement filter)  750 gallonsNSF
Buy on Amazon
GAC, Calcite, KDF-55Clear, cobalt blue, chrome, white, lava red, green, black14 x 6 x 6 inches4.82 pounds750 gallonsNSF
Buy on Amazon
GAC, Calcite, KDF-55(replacement filter)750 gallonsNSF
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KDF-55, GAC, Alkaline Beads, CalciteClear, blue, chrome, white, red, green, black6 x 6 x 14 inches  5 pounds750 gallonsNSF, ANSI
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KDF-55, GAC, Alkaline Beads, Calcite(replacement filter)750 gallonsNSF, ANSI
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Carbon block, KDF-55, GAC, Alkaline Beads, CalciteChrome, black, clear14.7 x 11 x 5.3 inches8.15 pounds750 gallonsNSF, ANSI
EXPRT RF-2050 and RF-1010
Buy on Amazon
Carbon block, KDF-55, GAC, Alkaline Beads, Calcite(set of 2 replacement filters)750 gallonsNSF, ANSI

APEX MR-1010 Countertop Drinking Water Filter (Chrome) 

The Apex MR-1010 countertop drinking water filter rids the water of all kinds of industrial chemicals, sediment, chlorine, and many other impurities. The water filter is quite useful if you live in the city.

The filter is certified by NSF, guaranteeing the safety and functionality of it.

All the parts of the filter have been tested separately to make sure it’s working correctly.

The parts also go through mandatory sanitization. This way, the water purified by the filter stays clear.

The package comes with all the regular hardware needed for the filter. The cartridge of the filter has a 6-months life span and can roughly produce 750 gallons of water in that time. You will have to replace the cartridge after it.

What Customers Really Liked About The Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter

  • Easy of Use – This Apex countertop drinking water filter has a particularly easy installation system. Setting-up the filter isn’t hard, nor is it complicated to use it. The instructions guide is straightforward, so customers were quite happy.
  • NSF certification – Customers were glad to see the NSF certification. It guaranteed the quality of the product.
  • Cartridge Life – The cartridge of the filter is capable of producing 750 gallons in its lifetime. This is quite a good durability for a cartridge, and customers were convinced about this.
  • Compatibility – To get easy access to water that the filter would purify, it needs to be compatible with faucets. Customers liked that no matter what kind of standard faucet they had, the filter could connect to it without any problem. It will connect to some fancier faucets, but not all of them.

What Didn’t The Customers Like?

  • The Housing – The customers would prefer the housing to be made of metal. Though the plastic is a safe one, in this case, most customers feel their water is safer in metal.
  • The lifespan of The Cartridge- Customers have to change it every 6 months. If they don’t, the filtering process slows down significantly. Customers wished the lifespan was just a little longer. 
Certified by NSFThe housing is chrome plated plastic
Every part of the system has been testedHave to change the cartridge every 6 months
Can produce up to 750 gallons 
Compatible with any standard faucet 
Easy installation 

This excellent Apex water filter comes in different colors. The one we reviewed comes in chrome, but if you prefer another color to suit your modest kitchen, we have linked them all.

The colors are White, Green, Red, Black, Clear, Chrome, and Blue.

APEX RF-1010 Carbon Block Filter Cartridge, 9-3/4 

The apex RF-1010 carbon block cartridge has an extremely high-performance rate. It has a coconut shell activated carbon.

The cartridge has been cleared by NSF and is acid-washed to sanitize it completely.

The cartridge does precisely what it is meant to do. It removes the water of fine sediments, the taste of chlorine, and the odor from it after it is done purifying.

It has an excellent ability to absorb all kinds of chemicals, leaving nothing behind in the water.

For the most part, the apex cartridge is compatible with all apex filters and almost all osmosis water filters in general.

What Did The Customers Like?

  • Performance – Customers were impressed with how well the cartridge worked. Once a gallon of water is filtered through the cartridge, no impurity is left behind. At the same time, the cartridge does its job quickly, so customers don’t have to wait a long time for pure drinking water.

Compatibility – The cartridge is compatible with all Apex water filters. Including the model it is made for, which is the Apex Rf-1010, you can also use it if you have other Apex countertop drinking water filter models at home.

In fact, reverse osmosis system, RO systems, and most countertop filters are compatible with it. Customers were happy to know they could make use of the cartridge even if they didn’t have this specific filter at home.

  • Life Span – The cartridge is capable of purifying 750 gallons of water. This usually means it lasts for 6 months. If you use a lesser amount of water in your daily life, you will have an even longer time with the cartridge. Customers who live alone or have a small family found this quite useful.

What Didn’t The Customers Like?

  • The Price – Customers thought the price is a little more than they would have preferred. Although they understand that the cartridge is one of the main factors of a filter, they still would have liked a lower price.
  • Life Time – The cartridge, at most, usually tends to last for 6 months. Otherwise, it runs out of use by the time it has filtered 750 gallons of water. Customers who have a bigger family would have preferred that the cartridge lasted for a longer period.
Has Carbon BlockExpensive
NSF approvedLasts six months
High performance 
Compatible with all apex countertop filter 
Usable for 6 months 

APEX MR-1030 GAC, Calcite & KDF-55 Countertop Water Filter (Clear) 

The apex mr-1030 countertop water filter has a clear, sleek, modern design.

It’s quite small and can fit into any household with ease, no matter how small the room is.

The translucent color also allows it to mingle with the overall aesthetics of the room.

The filter is guaranteed to remove all kinds of impurities that make the water unhealthy and tasteless.

Heavy metals and chloramines are easily filtered out.

APEX MR-1030 Countertop Water Filter, 3 Stage GAC Calcite KDF-55 Water Filter for Sink, Easy Install Faucet Water Filter - Reduces Heavy Metals, Bad Taste and Up to 99% of Chlorine (Clear)

Adds calcium to make your water more alkaline, which is healthier than acid water. Get it now at Amazon 

The filter is guaranteed to remove all kinds of impurities that make the water unhealthy and tasteless. Heavy metals and chloramines are easily filtered out.

Along with this, KDF-55 takes care of the microorganisms in the water. After it has rid the water of impurities, the water’s alkalinity is increased by adding calcite to the water. It takes care of the taste and keeps you hydrated.

What Did The Customers Like?

  • The Design – The customers were particularly pleased with the design. They noted it’s a compact water filter with a modern and sleek design. They could fit the filter anywhere in the kitchen or any other room, no matter how small.
  • Portability – Along with a modern design, the filter is portable. The customers could set it up anywhere and any time they wished. The size and weight of the filter is definitely appreciated by the customers.
  • Alkaline Water – After purifying the tap water, the apex MR-1030 countertop water filter also adds a bit of alkalinity to it. This makes the water taste great, which the customers definitely liked.
  • Plumbing Code – The customer noted that the filter is compatible with all plumbing codes. In case any of the parts stopped working, finding a replacement wasn’t a problem. As long as it is standard 10 inches, the filter can be replaced with another.

What didn’t the customers like?

  • Dripping – Some noted that the valve control isn’t great. Water starts dripping from the filter and sprays a little after the purification is done. Customers didn’t like that the water flow could ruin their wooden and carpeted floor. It’s also a little annoying to clean up.
  • Taste Of The Water – While a lot of people were definitely in love with the taste of the water, some complained the taste is a bit weird. It has been registered that the taste can be partially due to the extra calcite added along with the alkaline.
Compact DesignDrips a little, which is common for all countertop filters
PortableCalcite can make the taste a little weird for some
Adds Alkalinity 
Uses KDF -55 
Easy to install 

Apex RF-1030 Filter Cartridge 

The Apex RF-1030 filter cartridge has a GAC or granular activated carbon filter media.

It gets rid of chemicals and odors such as chlorine and hydrogen sulfide from the water.

The KDF-55 in the filter media keeps the microorganisms at a minimum level.

The performance is high and the absorption capacity is excellent. It’s easy to install as well.

APEX RF-1030 Countertop Water Filter Replacement Cartridge, for MR-1030, 3 Stage GAC Calcite KDF-55 Water Filter for Sink, Easy Install Water Filter - Reduces Heavy Metals, Bad Taste and Chlorine

Apex RF-1030 Replacement Filter Cartridge fits all Apex filter systems. Get One Today – See it at Amazon 

What Did The Customers Like?

  • Alkaline Taste – Customers liked that the RF-1030 filter cartridge added calcite to water. This gave the water an alkaline taste, which the customers have a taste for.
  • Taste of the water – As the cartridge does an excellent job of purifying the water, the final taste of the water is beyond amazing. Customers were really satisfied with how the water tasted when they drank it.
  • Customer service – Customers reported that the customer service is excellent. When they faced a problem with the cartridge, the service center was more than willing to take a look at it. They also replaced the cartridge if it didn’t work well within the warranty period.
  • KDF-55 – The filter cartridge works on KDF-55 media. Customers were happy to learn of this detail and noted that it removed chlorine effectively as well as controlled the microorganism count.

What Didn’t The Customers Like?

  • The Price –  The customers only expressed one notable dissatisfaction with the filter. They wished the price of the filter was a little lower as it has to be replaced every 6 months.
  • Lasts 6 months – Cartridges like this lasts only for six months. Customers who use purified water a lot wished the cartridge had a longer run time. They noted it would also help with the expense problem.
Controls MicroorganismsHigher priced
Fits for most countertop filter brandsLife Span
Gives water alkalinity 
High absorption capacity of chemicals 
Water tastes amazing 

Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter, Alkaline, White (MR-1050) 

The Apex countertop drinking water filter of the MR-1050 gets rid of all sediments that you find in tap water, such as chlorine and radon.

It also removes the harmful pesticides and mercury, and so on.

The installation is very straightforward. It is also compatible with all of the normal (standard) faucets, and some of the pull-down and sprayer faucets. The hardware is included so you can install it yourself.

APEX Countertop Drinking Water Filter - Alkaline (White)

7 Different colors to match your kitchen decorSee it at Amazon 

The company follows the guidelines laid down by the NSF and FDA to provide properly purified water to you.

What Did The Customers Like?

  • The design – Customers  liked how compact the filter is. It is made to sit in any corner of your kitchen and looks absolutely in-place. The filter also comes with different color options, so you have a choice in which one you want to fit into your kitchen aesthetics.
  • The Capacity – The water filter has a capacity of 750 gallons in its lifetime. It’s more than most water filters in the market. Customers were really pleased with this.
  • The Taste – The water has a slightly alkaline taste. Customers really liked it and could tell the water was completely purified.
  • Customer Service – Customers were also impressed with how effectively the company communicated with them. Any displeasure on the customer’s side was immediately taken care of.

What The Customers Didn’t Like?

  • Life Span – The Apex MR 1050 countertop drinking water filter lasts for 6 months or about 750 gallons of water, whichever comes fast. Customers wished they didn’t have to replace the cartridge two times a year.
  • Replacement – A number of customers faced problems while replacing the cartridge. This is mostly just a matter of using the right technique.

How To Easily Replace The Filter

Some customers were trying to turn the wrench the wrong direction.

Others were trying to do this while the filter was standing upright like normal. However, that doesn’t provide the most amount of leverage. So, here is how to do it:

Simply slide the supplied wrench over the filter housing. Lay the filter down on its side with the base facing your body and your left hand on the metal faucet where it is connected to the base. With your right hand on the wrench, push downward (to the right).

To make this even easier, put some Teflon tape on the threads when you install the filter. This will prevent any calcium deposits from building up on the threads, which makes things more difficult.

Capacity of 750 gallonLasts for 6 months
Water tastes greatReplacing the filter is a bit hard for some people. See my easy instructions above.
Excellent customer service 
Good warranty period 
Compact size 

APEX EXPRT MR-2050 Quality Dual Countertop Drinking Water Filter (Black) 

The Apex MR-2050 countertop water filter does an excellent job of removing all harmful substances from water.

It gets rid of chlorine, which is primarily responsible for the bad smell in water as well as radon, heavy metals, chloramine, and benzene.

It also deters microorganisms from building up.

APEX EXPRT MR-2050 Dual Countertop Water Filter, Carbon and Mineral pH Alkaline Water Filter, Easy Install Faucet Water Filter - Reduces Heavy Metals, Bad Taste and Up to 99% of Chlorine - Black

The Best Apex Countertop Filter. Choose Clear, Chrome, or Black – Get it now at Amazon 

Once the filtering is complete, it adds magnesium, calcium, and potassium to the water, raising the alkalinity level and making it healthier for consumption.

The water filter is in compliance with all NSF and ANSI standards. You can be assured of the safety of the product. It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a 1-year warranty.

The hardware is shipped along with the products. Customers should have no problem assembling them.

What Customers Liked About The Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter

  • Easy to install – Customers liked that the Apex MR-2050 countertop water filter was easy to install. The small household countertop filter only needs to be screwed onto the faucet for it to function.

All the hardware comes in the package, allowing the customer to do the installation on their own. The adapters are made so that they fit any standard domestic faucet.

  • Functionality –  Customers were really pleased with the overall functionality of the purifier. Customers were glad they could tell the water was  purified correctly when they drank it. They loved the taste as well as the slight alkaline flavor.
  • Guarantee – Customers were happy that the water filter came with a 30-days guarantee. In these 30 days, if the water filter doesn’t work properly, the money will be returned with no questions asked. It assured the customers of the quality of the filter.
  • Warranty – The customers were happy with the warranty as well. It has a one year warranty. This means any functional problem will be fixed by the company free of cost for the year. Again, this told the customer that the water filter was of the highest quality.

What The Customers Didn’t Like?

  • The Price – The Apex MR-2050 countertop water filter is slightly higher in price than other countertop water filters in the market or even the ones from the same company.

However, this is because the filter has additional benefits, is solid built and has a reliable design that provides the best water possible.

So, while the customers understand the cause of the cost of the price, they wish the expense was lower. You can’t please everybody, but quality, safety and value are worth buying.

5 stage mineral cartridgeHigher priced
5 micron carbon block 
Raises alkalinity level of the purified water 
Easy to install 
Connects to most domestic  faucets 

APEX EXPRT RF-2050 and RF-1010 Quality Dual Countertop Replacement Cartridges 

The dual countertop replacement cartridge removes lead, pesticide, herbicide, and other harmful chemicals from the water.

Once the cartridge is done purifying, 99 percent of the water is pure.

The cartridge is compatible with most apex countertop water filters.

However, it is specifically made for the RF-2050 filter system.

It is certified by NSF and ANSI, assuring us of the safety of the water filter.

APEX EXPRT RF-2050 and RF-1010 Dual Countertop Water Filter Replacement Cartridges, for MR-2050, 5 Stage Mineral pH Alkaline and Carbon Block Water Filter - Reduces up to 99% of Chlorine

Extra purity and extra healthy. Get the best replacement filters – See it at Amazon 

What Did The Customers Like?

  • Warranty – The cartridge comes with a one year warranty. Customers liked that they could rely on the cartridge to do its job because one year warranty is the norm for these filters.
  • Compatibility – customers liked that they could use the filter for both, the RF-2050 and RF-1010. They could replace the previous cartridge with this one if they have either of the filters at home.
  • Carbon block – The cartridge has 5 micron carbon blocks. Customers were satisfied with how effectively it worked. They noticed a lot of impurities were filtered out easily, as obvious from eyesight alone.
  • The taste – Customers really liked the taste of the water once it was purified. Customers who live in cities and have to frequently deal with the odor from the water were happy it wasn’t present after the filter does its job.

What The Customers Didn’t Like?

  • The price – As the cartridge has to be replaced every six months or so, or after 750 gallons, customers wished the price was a little lower.
5 micron carbon blockHigher priced
Cartridge is for both RF-2050 and RF-1010 model 
5 stage mineral filter 
Makes the water more alkaline, which is healthier 
Good warranty 

Final Verdict On The Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter Systems

You will always save more when you are using countertop drinking water filters. In fact, even with the little problem of having to replace the cartridge every 6 months, it still doesn’t come close to the money you spend on bottled water every day.

Not to mention, with the current state of the environment, the less plastic you use, the better it is for the environment. When you switch to using a water filter at home, you won’t have to spend money on expensive purified water, nor will you be responsible for one more plastic water bottle in this world every day.

If chlorine smells and the chlorine taste are your problem, or if sediment is in your drinks and ice cubes, buy the Apex MR-1010.

The MR-1030 does everything the MR 1010 does, plus it is better at preventing the growth of microorganisms with the KDF -55 filter media. Also, it increases the water’s alkalinity with the calcite media.

Better still than the MR-1030, is the MR-1050 that not only has the calcite media, but also the calcium, magnesium, and potassium beads to add even more alkalinity and beneficial minerals.

The MR-2050 is for anyone that wants the best possible purity, at the lowest overall cost, from a countertop filter system.

Don’t wait any longer to buy the perfect water filter for you. Here’s to a healthier lifestyle with an Apex countertop drinking water filter!

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