Aleko Barrel Sauna Kits Review: Indoor or Outdoor Luxury

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Aah…relief at last. Let the stress, blood pressure, and arthritis pain melt away in this Aleko barrel sauna.

Did you know barrel saunas have been around for nearly 30 years?

Before they were invented in Canada, traditional saunas were made popular by Finnish people.

The practice of basking in a hot sauna dates back thousands of years.

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The Fins first used to transport their portable sweat lodges around until they began settling and creating permanent structures. The Finnish people would create dugout smoke lodges, or savusaunas.

Over time, savusaunas transformed into the modern day sauna, and now we have alternate versions like the barrel sauna.

Saunas haven’t been used for thousands of years just for relaxation purposes. Besides their stress-relieving, therapeutic properties, saunas are also used to provide relief to a number of ailments including cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, neurocognitive diseases, arthritis, headaches, flu, weak immune systems, and more. [1]

ALEKO is one of the top barrel sauna companies on the market that will ship a partially-assembled sauna kit right to your door, similar to an IKEA furniture set up.

Simply open the crate, assemble the pieces, and your barrel sauna is ready to use.

In this article, we’ll review all 5 of ALEKO’s premium barrel saunas to help you in your search for the perfect barrel sauna.

Why You Should Use an ALEKO Barrel Sauna

Do you suffer from high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, headaches, stress, or muscle pain?

Are you searching for a natural health alternative that can help you relax right at home after a long day, providing a number of health benefits?

Whether you’ve said ‘yes’ to any of the above, or you simply just want an easy way to unwind right from the comfort of your home, then picking up an ALEKO Barrel Sauna might be the right choice for you.

The ALEKO Barrel saunas offer a unique, cylindrical, barrel design that isn’t just pretty: its design also serves practical purposes.

The barrel saunas round shape saves on the volume of the room, making them 23% smaller than traditional cubed saunas.

The smaller room volume means 2 things: the sauna can heat up much quicker, and the round walls allow for smoother heat flow to provide even more relief, and allowing you to breathe easily.

Since the sauna heats up quicker than other traditional saunas, you’ll save on energy costs since you can spend more time inside reaping the health benefits and less time waiting while it uses power.

Who Benefits Most From Using Outdoor/Indoor ALEKO Barrel Saunas?

Before you dive into the individual model reviews, you should check to see if the ALEKO Barrel Sauna will be a good fit. An Aleko barrel sauna may be right for you if:

  • You’re short on time and don’t want to build your own sauna from scratch. If you don’t have a ton of time, or you’re not the most experienced handiworker, then it can be a real challenge trying to craft your own barrel sauna from scratch, especially if you want to make sure it lasts.

The ALEKO barrel sauna comes as a partially-assembled kit. It will still require a bit of skill to put it together, but will be much easier and quicker than building one from scratch.

  • You prefer electric saunas over wood fire saunas. When choosing the right sauna for your home, you can either pick up an electric sauna or a wood fire sauna. ALEKO’s models are all electric, which means your sauna will heat up much quicker, and you’ll have easy temperature control.
  • You want your sauna to heat up quickly. Since traditional ‘square’ saunas have sharp, 90-degree edges, heating them up takes longer than barrel saunas. Barrel saunas are 23% smaller which means they can quickly heat up. If time is a factor to you, then you’ll want to consider getting an ALEKO barrel sauna.

ALEKO Outdoor/Indoor Barrel Sauna Specifications

Choosing the right barrel sauna can be difficult, especially with so many different types. You’ll need to make a few considerations in features,, including size capacity, materials, whether or not there’s outdoor seating, and price range.

Even though many sauna companies only offer a single sauna model to their customers, ALEKO has 5 different barrel sauna models to choose from, making it easy to pick the one that’s right for you.

Model #DimensionsHow Many People FitElectric HeaterOutside Seating
SB4CEDAR Home Depot
Buy on Amazon
83” x 72” x 75”4 Adults4.5 kWNo
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93” x 72” x 75”8 Adults4.5 kWYes

Now, let’s get a closer look at each model by diving into their specifications and features.

ALEKO Outdoor/Indoor Barrel Sauna Reviews

These ALEKO barrel saunas are cozy, minimalistic saunas that can be used almost anywhere, indoors and outdoors.

Aleko Barrel Saunas are some of the best barrel saunas on the market.

Their barrel saunas come shipped as a kit that you assemble, including two circular walls and Rustic Red Cedar wooden staves, among many other features.

ALEKO offers 5 different barrel sauna models with different sizing, function, and pricing, however, there are a few common traits that every model wields.

Every ALEKO Barrel Sauna model will arrive as pre-designed, partially-assembled setup kit that includes:

  • ETL-approved Toule sauna heater (different power levels)
  • Thick Rustic Red Cedar wooden staves and 2 circular walls
  • 2 support cradles to elevate the sauna
  • Instruction manual
  • 44 pounds of sauna stones
  • hygrothermograph (to record temperature and humidity)
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Anti-explosive lamp
  • Tempered glass door with wooden handle
  • Wooden bucket with scoop

The kit must be assembled and can be set up in 1-3 days. Each barrel sauna also has the option to purchase a shingled roof add-on for extra durability.

1. ALEKO SB4CEDAR 4 Person Rustic Red Cedar Barrel Sauna  

ALEKO SB4CEDAR Rustic Red Cedar Indoor Outdoor Wet Dry Barrel Sauna and Steam Room 4.5 kW ETL Certified Heater 4 Person

The first ALEKO sauna on our list is the ALEKO SB4CEDAR Rustic Red Cedar Barrel Sauna.

Even though this isn’t the smallest barrel sauna on our list, it does have the smallest capacity, fitting 4 adults comfortably.

This model has a basic barrel shape, and doesn’t have outdoor seating.

It includes a mid-tier Toule 4.5 kW electric heater and can heat up the sauna in about 10 minutes.

This model has a basic barrel shape, and doesn’t have outdoor seating. It includes a mid-tier Toule 4.5 kW electric heater and can heat up the sauna in about 10 minutes.

  • Fits: 4 People
  • Dimensions: 83” x 72” x 75”
  • Heater: 4.5 kW Electric
  • Outside Seating: No
  • Glass Viewing Dome: No


It’s relatively small compared to the other models, and can only fit in 4 people, but it’s also the most affordable.

Check the price at Amazon. 

2. ALEKO SB8CEDARCP 8 Person Rustic Red Cedar Barrel Sauna with Front Porch Canopy 

ALEKO SB8CEDARCP 8 Person Rustic Red Cedar Barrel Sauna with Front Porch Canopy

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The final ALEKO Barrel Sauna on our list is the ALEKO SB8CEDARCP 8 Person Rustic Red Cedar Barrel Sauna with Front Porch Canopy.

This is the biggest model available and can comfortably fit 8 adults.

This model is similar to the previous one in that it has outside seating except it doesn’t include the glass viewing dome.

It comes with a Toule 4.5 kW electric heater, and can heat up the sauna, in about 10 minutes.

  • Fits: 8 People
  • Dimensions: 93” x 72” x 75”
  • Heater: 4.5 kW Electric
  • Outside Seating: No
  • Glass Viewing Dome: No


If size matters the most to you and you simply want to fit in as many people as possible, this the best model for you. If you have a big family or like to have friends or neighbors over, you’ll love the space this one offers.

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What Buyers Love Most About Aleko Saunas

  • Save Time with a simple set up. ALEKO Barrel Saunas save you time (and energy) by offering a ready to assemble kit. Rather than designing and building your own sauna, which could take a few months, you can have an ALEKO barrel sauna ready to go in 1-3 days.
  • Lights make it easy to see. Some saunas don’t come with lighting. As simple as this may seem, having a light in your sauna makes a whole world of difference. You’ll most likely use the sauna after a long day when you’re tired and your muscles are sore, which means it will start to get dark. This seemingly small feature comes in very handy.
  • Glass viewing dome. While the glass viewing dome is only available on one model, ALEKO really stands out with their glass viewing dome model (SB7ABCE7). When you’re in a sauna, it can start to feel a bit cramped if you’re maxing it out with people. However, the dome makes it feel a bit roomier and provides an excellent view of your surroundings outside, adding to the sauna experience.
  • They heat up fast. All of ALEKO’s barrel saunas are electric, which means they can heat up much quicker than typical fire heater saunas. Plus, they require 23% less space than cubed saunas, meaning an even faster heating.

What Some Buyers Didn’t Like

  • A bit more expensive. Some people find ALEKO’s models a bit too expensive. You’ll be able to find traditional saunas at a lower price, however, these saunas offer a unique design and faster heat up, creating a more luxurious experience overall.
  • There’s no dressing room. One key selling point of alternative saunas is that some offer a dressing room. A dressing room allows you a place to change, but even more importantly, creates a heat barrier that allows heat to stay in when someone enters or exits the sauna, creating a better experience.

Our Verdict

If you struggle with any health ailments like cardiovascular issues, muscle pain, arthritis, or headaches, or you simply just want an easy way to relax at the end of the day, then ALEKO Barrel Saunas are an incredible tool.

Not only are they designed beautifully, adding an impressive touch to your yard, but they are also very practical in allowing for quick heating in your sauna so you can get quick relief.

On the downside, ALEKO saunas are quite expensive, and can be pricier than regular saunas. Plus, it’s unfortunate they don’t offer a model with a dressing room, as some competitors do.

However, overall, these saunas are a great choice if you’re looking for quick relief. Our favorite is the 7 person SB7ABCE7 glass dome model which has a natural “cool factor” and provides a great viewing experience while you’re in the sauna.

Indoor sauna or outdoor sauna? It’s your choice, because the electric heaters can be used indoors, and the saunas are made to be used outdoors.

Would you rather have an indoor infrared sauna? Read this.


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