Hi, this is Richard Quick.

I am a senior citizen just like many of you.

I’ve been around the block and through the woods more times than I can remember.

My grandfather used to say that “The first 100 years are the worst!”.

Well, I want my first 100+ years to be the best!

I expect to live well past the 100 year mark.  Not only, because I am healthy now, but I intend to stay healthy until the very end.

I want you to feel good and to be as active, and as happy as possible.

Within these pages you will find well documented health information and products for everyone.

Everyone needs good quality sleep.  So, that is where I am going to start focusing my attention first.


Full Stride Health .Com is for anyone with an injury, an illness, or anyone who wants to stay healthy till the very end.

Everyone will have an injury or an illness sometime during their life, and Full Stride Health is here to get your body fixed, and to keep you healthy.

Health And Happiness Go Hand In Hand

You can still be happy even when your body is broken or despite a lifelong illness.  That’s because we can choose to be happy!

You might call it a mental habit to continually look for what makes you happy.  However, we can mentally choose to dwell on things that make us happy.  That is, instead of dwelling on what’s wrong with life

Thinking about things that make you happy…will make you happy!

The opposite is true also.  Thinking about all the terrible things that happen will just make you sad and depressed.  Who wants that?  Don’t you want to be happy?  Then why do you continually think about what you don’t want?

But My Body Hurts!  How Can I be Happy?

When you are injured or sick your mind is naturally going to focus on what you are feeling.  However, when something startling or exciting distracts your mind – you aren’t aware of your discomfort!

That might only last a few seconds or a few minutes, but it shows that what you focus upon is what you experience.

So, focus on being healthy and happy.  You will find more about this topic throughout Full Stride Health.  So, check out all of the content that applies to you!

This website is a work in progress!

My staff writers and I are always adding new products, and more helpful information. Each of us have our own style and personality.  I hope you enjoy the variety.

So, keep coming back to see what’s new.

Please let me know what you think about Full Stride Health – I really want to know!  Thank you!