Get Healthy – Stay Healthy – Be Happy!  Enjoy your body and your life from birth to eternity.

Everybody wants to be happy.  There is no bigger goal in life than to be happy.  It’s hard to be happy if you’re not healthy.  So, health should be your second biggest goal in life.

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Full Stride Health is all about how you can be healthy and happy – despite what life throws at you.  Probably the most important thing we can do, to be climbing out of bed with enthusiasm and excitement, is to to sleep well.  Poor sleep can ruin your health, your marriage, and your life.  So, lets start snoozing our way to happiness.

Then we will explore everything related to health and happiness.  You’re gonna love your body and your life again!

In Full Stride

I walk fast. Always have. Faster than most people. When I’m in a rush or just want to get past a crowd of people, I stretch my legs into a full stride. Being in full stride is a happy feeling of being focused, making good progress towards my objective, being physically healthy, and in control of my body and my life.

Definition of Stride  from Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

“The most effective natural pace: maximum competence or capability —often used in the phrase hit one’s stride”

Yes, that is also a good way to live all aspects of your life – in full stride.

Humans are insatiable. We always want a better experience of some sort. Call that continuous goal setting. As soon as we have obtained whatever it is that we desire, we realize that our life could still be better, and a new desire is created.

Many people, if not most people, think that obtaining their desire will make them happy, and it might for a few moments. However, there is that new desire that now beckons. Happiness is not in the having so much, but in the journey that you take to obtain that next desire.

If you really want to be happy, enjoy the journey. The desired goal is just the excuse to make the journey.
Sure, there will be obstacles, problems, disappointments and any number of things that we wouldn’t call happy events. That’s to be expected, and it doesn’t detract from the overall happiness you derive from the journey.

In fact, without those events that you would prefer not to experience, you wouldn’t know what your next goal should be. You need the comparison of the un-happy events and the happy events to spur you to realizing what your next goal should be.
What I just said, if you caught it, is that you live in the present moment. 

You can’t enjoy the past or the future, because you are in the present moment. That doesn’t mean that thinking about the past or the future won’t make you happy right now – in the present moment.

Most people think about their past experiences way too much. Particularly the unhappy stuff. If you think about unhappy experiences, you won’t feel happy. Dwelling on unhappy events will make you unhappy. So, don’t do it.

Dwell on happy events – either from the past or preferably what your happy future goal is. That is the only way to be as continuously happy as possible.

IMHO, people who are depressed or have anxiety, are primarily focused on what doesn’t make them happy. You simply can’t be happy in the present moment if you are thinking about some awful past event, or the possibility of some awful event happening.

You simply can’t be happy and unhappy at the same time. You can switch from one to the other pretty fast, but you can’t do both in the same present moment.

Yes, this is pretty simplistic. I realize that many people have terrible living conditions and situations that they face every day. However, we have the power to set a goal that makes us happy, and we can achieve that which we focus upon.

Having a goal presents us with opportunities we can select from to make that journey towards that desired goal.

It isn’t likely that you will see more than one or two steps ahead during the journey. So, take those steps, and a new desire will emerge that will present new opportunities for you to step forward again in full stride.

Full Stride Health wants you living every day  in full stride health.